Catholic Tattoos For Men

60 Catholic Tattoos For Men – Religious Design Ideas

While there was a time not long ago when the Catholic faith frowned upon tattoos, now they are widely accepted and celebrated among devoted followers, as well as admirers of the religion’s poignant symbolism.

The cross is among the most widely recognized symbols in the world, and there are countless tattoo renditions of every size and style.

Some opt for an ornate cross of Medieval detail, while others prefer a cruder rendering more in line with the original cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on. In many designs Christ himself is incorporated, either directly or in profile. 3D crosses are also becoming a popular and eye-catching way to proudly show one’s spiritual pride in a creatively nuanced fashion.

The Virgin Mary is one of the most sacred figures in the world, a protector and vessel of hope in the Catholic faith and for casual believers alike, and her portrait has made its way into numerous tattoo homages. Her image a welcome sight in treasured icons, cathedral art, and courtly paintings, the serene and loving mother of Christ has long been a subject of pride for skilled tattoo artists, as well as those who adorn themselves with their masterpieces.

You needn’t be a fervent Catholic to enjoy the rich and varied tattoo artwork available, with elegant symbols such as the sacred heart or white dove serving as simple reminders of the faith that enables each of us to pursue our lives with courage and kindness.

Perhaps you prefer a tattooed depiction of your own guardian angel, gracing your forearm or shoulder in gentle protection? Regardless of your tattoo preferences, there is an abundance of inspiration from which to draw.


3d Catholic Mother Mary With Cross And Candles Guys Half Sleeve Tattoo

3d Jesus On The Cross Decorative Mens Forearm Catholic Tattoo

3d Jesus Portrait Guys Catholic Forearm Tattoo

Amazing Mens Catholic Mother Mary Full Back Tattoo

Amazing Realistic 3d Catholic Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Angel Catholic Mens Amazing Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Angel Catholic Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Inspiration

Angel Wings Mother Mary Guys Catholic 3d Upper Chest Tattoo

Catholic 3d Jesus Bearing Cross Mens Full Back Tattoo

Catholic Jesus On The Cross Mens 3d Back Tattoo Designs

Catholic Jesus Portrait With Heart Mens 3d Chest Tattoo

Colorful Mens Catholic Themed Full Back Tattoos

Cool Catholic Last Supper Guys Religious Full Chest Tattoos

Creative Saint Catholic Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Catholic Jesus Crown Of Thorn Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Full Leg Ornate Mens Catholic Religious Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Jesus Carrying Cross Catholic Arm Tattoo

Guys Angel Catholic Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Hand With Mother Mary Design Guys Catholic Tattoo Ideas

Heaven Angels Catholic Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Heavily Shaded Catholic Guys Jesus Portrait Tattoo On Arm

Inner Arm Bicep Catholic Last Supper Mens Tattoo Designs

Jesus Face Catholic Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Jesus On The Cross Catholic Upper Chest Tattoo For Gentlemen

Jesus With Lamb Guys Catholic Religious Arm Tattoo

Last Supper Catholic Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Male With Catholic Jesus Arm Tattoo

Mens Angel With Devil Catholic Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Mens Catholic 3d Spike Through Hand Of Jesus Forearm Tattoo

Mens Catholic Flying Dove With Jesus Shaded Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Catholic Mother Mary With Baby Jesus Full Back Tattoos

Mens Heart With Proverbs 16 9 Banner Catholic Chest Tattoo

Mens Heavily Shaded Catholic Three Crosses Jesus Forearm Tattoo

Mens Inner Arm Bicep Jesus Portrait Inside Cross Catholic Tattoo

Mens Jesus Crown Of Thorns Catholic Tattoo On Hand

Mens Mother Mary With Baby Jesus Catholic Arm Tattoo

Mens Shaded Jesus With Heart Catholic Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Old School Traditional Catholic Jesus Heart Mens Stomach Tattoo

Ornate Detailed Guys Catholic Sleeve Tattoo Design

Ornate Fallen Jesus Catholic Guys Shaded Back Tattoo

Praying Hands With Catholic Rosary Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Religious Male Catholic Rose Flower With Jesus Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Religious Mens Catholic Jesus And Mary Back Tattoo

Ripped Skin 3d Catholic Cross With Bible Quote Mens Arm Tattoo

Saint Gerard Script Mens Catholic Small Upper Chest Tattoo

Saint Monica Catholic Mens Arm Tattoo

Saint Peters Cross Mens Catholic Inner Forearm Tattoo

Shaded Jesus Catholic Black And Grey Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Sketched Mens Jesus Catholic Forearm Tattoo

Sleeve Forearm Male Catholic Jesus Tattoo

Sleeve Guys Shaded Black And Grey Catholic Themed Tattoo Ideas

Spike Through Hand Guys 3d Realistic Catholic Arm Tattoo

Unique Catholic Mother Mary Guys Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Upper Back Cross Catholic Mens Tattoo Designs

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