Cool Chest Tattoos For Men

70 Cool Chest Tattoos For Men – Masculine Ink Design Ideas

The chest is certainly one of the most intimate regions of the body and most readily celebrated in terms of physique; housing the heart but also acting as a kind of barrier against the outside world.

It makes sense to want to etch something equally complex and eye-catching, and fortunately there is a treasure trove’s worth of awesome tattoos designed with the chest in mind.

From scripture calligraphy to 3D renderings of Superman’s emblem blazing beneath one’s shredded shirt of flesh, the tattoo wearer can be as traditional or unique as he wishes. Celtic scales and tribal patterns are a perfect choice for the man who views his chest as body armor, with additional crosses and animal symbols representing the powerful talismans of our ancestors.

Dramatic black and white Gorey-esque ravens swooping and diving their way down to the navel give a nod to our Gothic forefather Edgar Allan Poe, while Steampunk upper armor designs evoke a particularly cool futuristic allure.

Sometimes the design doesn’t have to be grand in scale; outlines of one’s home state inked above the heart make an equally significant impression.


3d Gears Mens Cool Realistic Chest Tattoo

3d Geometric Cubes Modern Mens Cool Chest And Half Sleeve Tattoo

3d Mens Cool Roman Numeral Clock With Gears Tattoo On Chest

3d Realistic Battle Armor Plate Guys Cool Chest Tattoo Designs

Amazing Mens Cool Castle Old School Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Anchor With Map And Waves Cool Chest Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Arrows Mens Cool Upper Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Banner With Sailing Ship Guys Retro Old School Cool Chest Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Cool Eagle Snake Chest Tattoos For Men

Chest Mens Two Wolf Heads Tattoo

Colorful Cool Outerspace Night Sky Male Chest Tattoo Designs

Colorful Small Skull Guys Cool Chest Tattoo

Cool 3d Mens Medusa Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool Chest Guys Watercolor Tree Tattoo Ideas

Cool Creative Mens Chest 3d Blue Ink Tattoo

Cool Guys Chest Atomic Bomb Tattoos With 3d Design

Cool Mens Skull Angel Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool Retro Guys Old School Anchor With Ship Full Chest Tattoo Designs

Demon Mask With Snake Guys Cool Japanese Chest Tattoo Ideas

Flowers With Female Portrait Cool Male Chest Tattoo

Geometrical Flying Eagle Cool Guys Half Chest Tattoo

Geometric Circles Guys Cool Chest Tattoos

Geometric Star With Cool Black Ink Outline Design Mens Chest Tattoo

Geometric Triangles Within Circle Guys Cool Chest Tattoo Ideas

Gorilla With Empire State Building Mens Cool Chest Tattoos

Guys Cool Chest Faces Abstract Tattoo Designs

Guys Cool Chest Tattoo Of Agressive Wolf With Shaded Black And Grey Design

Guys Cool Realistic 3d Hula Dancer Chest Tattoo

Guy With Cool Lion And Warrior Chest Tattoo

Heart With Thorns Guys Cool Chest 3d Tattoo Designs

Horses In Picture Frame Mens Old School 3d Cool Chest Tattoos

Indian Feather Head With Skull Guys Cool Chest Tattoos

Male With Cool Bald Eagle Shaded Black And Grey Chest Tattoo

Manly Guys Cool Angel With Church Window Shaded Chest Tattoo

Man With Cool 3d Vulture Heart Chest Tattoo

Man With Cool Chest Old School Bald Eagle Tattoo

Mens Chest Boar Tattoo With Cool Old School Traditional Black Ink Design

Mens Cool Chest Bear Claw Tattoos

Mens Cool Church Window With Wings Chest Tattoo

Mens Cool Word Chest Tattoo With Ambition Script Design

Mens Geometric Optical Illusion Dotwork Cool Chest Tattoo Designs

Mens Neo Traditional Chest Chains With All Seeing Eye Cool Tattoos

Mens Watercolor Cool Full Chest Elephant Tattoo Designs

Mermaid Mens Cool Chest Tattoo Designs

Old School Traditional Bear With Arrows Guys Cool Full Chest Tattoo

Outer Space With Moon And Forest Guys Cool Watercolor Chest Tattoo Ideas

Rail Car With Bridge Mens Cool Realistic Tattoo On Chest

Realistic 3d Cool Tattoo Of Angel On Mans Chest

Realistic Greek God Guys Cool Chest Tattoo With Shaded Black And Grey Ink

Realistic Wolf Head With Viking Ship Guys Cool Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Roman Numeral Clock With All Seeing Eye And Skull Guys Cool Watercolor Chest Tattoo

Shaded Lion Male Cool Chest Tattoos

Ship Sailing Through Storm Mens Cool Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Skeleton Bones With Skull Guys Cool Arm And Chest Tattoos

Skull In Knights Helmet Guys Cool Chest Tattoo

Small Simple Guys Portrait Tattoo On Chest With Cool Design

Snake Eating Tail Cool Chest Tattoos For Males

Train With Barb Wire And Child Portrait Guys Amazingly Cool Chest Tattoo

Unique Guys Cool Chest Tattoo Of Female Portrait

Upper Chest Guys Cool Indian Feather Skull Head Tattoos

Upper Chest Train Mens Realistic Chest Cool Tattoo Ideas

Viking Warrior With Flying Owl Mens Cool Chest Tattoo Designs

Wolf Skull Cool Watercolor Mens Small Upper Chest Tattoos

Wolf With Dagger And Rose Flowers Guys Cool Neo Traditional Chest Tattoos

Wolves Howling At The Moon With Quote Guys Cool Chest Tattoo

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