Crawfish Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Crawfish Tattoo Designs For Men – Crayfish Ink Ideas

Diversity abounds when it comes to tattoos of the diminutive lobster known as a crawfish, crayfish, crawdad or mudbug.

Fierce arguments over what to call them only scratches the surface of the myriad of complexities associated with these deliciously diverse decapod crustaceans.

Playing an important role in Earth’s creation, crawfish are the Earthdivers in Osage mythology. Something small achieves great significance in the same way these tenacious creatures retrieved mud from the bottom of the primordial ocean to form the world.

Most commonly representing cyclical growth and maturity, the crawfish is a comparative reminder of profound changes between the past and present. Shedding the confinements and limitations of one’s old shell and emerging victoriously or with new perspective.

Those seeking regeneration or having already achieved it revel in the seemingly miraculous ability of crayfish to regrow a lost leg or claw. With wonderment comes the realization of the possibility of renewal. Sloughing off destructive habits to regain control or severing a poisonous relationship to enable positivity brings that miraculous, regenerative power to life.

“Old things have passed away. Behold, all things are becoming new.” Crawfish symbolize spiritual renewal. Insidious sins of the past are purged as the new creation of a better man emerges.

Because of their prolific presence in clearwater creeks, crawfish bring to mind childhood joys of growing up and mastering the challenge to catch them.

Hundreds of species in a rainbow of colors result in a magnificent myriad of tattoo variations.


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