Dodge Tattoo Ideas For Men

40 Dodge Tattoo Ideas For Men – Automotive Designs

America and Dodge are all but synonymous, and no other automobile save for the Ford is so closely linked to the spirit of the nation.

Founded by the Dodge Brothers in 1900, the brand has been on the the front lines of American history for over a century, enduring and triumphing over multiple wars, social evolutions, and financial crises.

The Dodge represents all that the American man stands for–and what he’ll never back down to.

The Dodge tattoo is more than just a symbol of your brand loyalty, but the core values that accompany you throughout your life’s journey. Like the mighty Ram truck, you too can endure the best and worst of what fate throws your way. You stick by your word and your loved ones, and value dependability before any other trait.

You can’t be slowed down or hindered with malfunctions and lackluster performance; you have to keep moving, and pushing onward. The Dodge tattoo eschews the shallow flash of popular car bling, opting instead for a deeper, more enduring message. This is no fly by night trend or passing fad; the Dodge devotee remains so for life, and adopts a similar ethic in his own.

Whether you’re honoring your first car/truck or favorite model in general, your Dodge tattoo tells a story that can only be your own. This is an automobile for the man who goes the distance, and its tattoo companion will be there every mile of the way.


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Awesome Dodge Tattoos For Men

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Dodge Mens Tattoos

Dodge Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Dodge Tattoo Designs For Men

Dodge Tattoo Ideas For Men

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Dodge Tattoos For Men

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