Dragon Back Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Dragon Back Tattoo Designs For Men – Breath Of Power

The flight of the monster, the wings of the ancient, and the breath of power are wrapped up in one single entity: the dragon. The dragon has several meanings that you can derive from depending on the purpose of the tattoo and your unique vision.

For one, the dragon’s name could be traced back to its Latin word: draconem. Draconem means huge serpent.

Full-winged dragons are usually more gothic and associated with Western culture. These types of dragons have been depicted as evil and sometimes associated with the Devil. It could signify that you have conquered a symbolic demon in your life, and now you wear it like a hunter who displays his kill.

Other cultures like the Asian culture interpret the dragon as a wise creature and symbol of power, though the dragons usually do not have wings. The dragon represents deep spirituality, longevity, desire, passion, creation and destruction.

There is much that a dragon can reveal about your life or personality, but one thing that is for sure is it will look badass.


3d Angry Dragon Male Realistic Back Tattoo Inspiration

3d Realistic Mens Full Back Tattoo Of Dragon

Agressive Dragon Male Full Back Shaded Tattoo Designs

Amazing Back Dragon Tattoos For Gentlemen

Amazing Male Dragon Tattoo On Back

Angry Dragon Mens Back Tattoo

Awesome Dragon Mens Full Back Smoking Tattoo Design

Awesome Dragon With Red Eyes Male Back Tattoo

Black And Grey Dark Male Dragon Back Tatoto Inspiration

Black Ink Outline Dragon Back Tattoos For Men

Colorful Mens Dragon Back Tattoos

Cool Unique Dragon Full Back Male Tattoo Design Ideas

Crazy Guys Full Back Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas Inspiration

Curled Dragon Male Full Back Tattoos

Detailed Realistic Glowing White Eyes Mens Dragon Back Tattoos

Dragon Breathing Flames Male Shaded Back Tattoo Designs

Dragon With Clouds Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Dragon With Sphere Mens Full Back Tattoos

Fire Breathing Dragon Guys Full Back Tattoos

Flaming Dragon Male Full Back Tatoto Inspiration

Flying Dragon Mens Upper Back 3d Tattoo With Shadow Design

Gentleman With Shaded Incredible Back Tattoo Of Dragon

Green And Red Japanese Full Back Mens Dragon Tattoo

Green And Red Japanese Traditional Male Tattoo Designs On Back

Green Dragon With Tiger Full Back Guys Tattoos

Guys Dragon Black Ink Outline Tattoo Designs On Back

Guys Green Japanese Dragon Back Tattoos

Guy With Black Ink Outline Tattoo Of Dragon On Full Back

Guy With Cool Full Back Tattoo Of Dragon

Half Of Back Male Dragon Tattoo Inspiration

Half Side Of Back Guys Dragon Tattoos

Incredible Full Back Dragon Tattoo Designs For Guys

Japanese Orange Leaf Dragon Mens Back Tattoo

Japanese Traditional Dragon Male Back Tattoos With Sun Design

Male Chinese Dragon Tattoo On Back Of Body

Male With Tattoo Of Samuari And Dragon On Back

Manly Mens Blue Back Dragon Tattoos

Masculine Guys Dragon Back Tattoo With Ocean Waves Design

Mens Back Tattoo Of Smoking Dragon

Mens Half Side Of Back Red And Grey Dragon Flames Tattoo Ideas

Mens Masculine Shaded Back Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Mens Shaded Dragon Black And Grey Dragon On Back Tattoo

Mens Warrior Fighting Dragon Full Back Japanese Tattoo

Nice Mens Dragon Full Back Tattoo With 3d Design

Pink Floral Male Full Back Dragon Tattoos

Playing Cards With Dragon Mens Full Back Tattoos

Realistic Male Dragon Back Tattoo Ideas

Red And Black Male Tiger And Dragon Full Back Tattoo Inspiration

Red And Yellow Dragon Guys Full Back Tattoos

Shaded Back Dragon Blowing Flames Mens Tattoo Ideas

Shaded Black And Grey Awesome Male Back Tattoos

Shaded Dark Black Dragon Tattoo On Back For Males

Shaded Dragon Fallen Angel Mens Full Back Tattoos

Shaded Dragon Male Black And Grey Back Tattoos

Sick Mens Dragon Full Back Tattoo Design Inspiration

Skull With Dragon Guys Full Back Tattoos

Tiger Fighting Dragon Guys Back Tatoto

Traditional Dragon Full Back Male Black Ink Outline Tattoos

Tribal Male Dragon Back Tattoos

Yin Yang Mens Full Back Detailed Dragon Stone Tattoo Designs

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