Eagle Tattoos For Men

75 Eagle Tattoos For Men – A Soaring Flight Of Traditional Designs

In the Avian world, eagles rank at the top of the food chain as apex predators and for a good reason. To put things in perspective take the martial eagle which as eyes that are 3.6 times more powerful than humans.

Yet, what’s truly impressive is that the bald eagle is capable of carrying 15lb mule deer fawns in upwards into the sky. To top that, Golden and crowned eagles have been spotted killing ugulates that weigh up to 66 pounds. And remarkably, the martial eagle surpasses them all by having flown with a 82lb duiker.

That’s around seven to eight times the eagle’s own body weight!

Now, I mentioned only a few species above, the reality is there are sixty of them. Most of which belong to Eurasia and Africa, with the rest in North America, Australia and Central and South America.

When it comes to symbolism of the eagles, they have a long standing importance in ancient times and cultures.

The Moche of Peru worshiped them, while in ancient Greek mythology they were the patron animal of the God Zeus. In terms of Angelica tradition, you’ll often find representations of the eagle in numerous Bible verses like Exodus 19:4, Isaiah 40:31, amount others. Take for instance Psalm 103 which compares a renewal of youth to that of the eagle.

In Germany eagles hold special ties to the Holy Roman Empire, you’ll often see them as two-headed birds. Each side represents the old Roman Empire’s East and West. In heraldry, their noted as the “king of birds” too.

With that said, I’d like to share with you a collection of the top 75 best eagle tattoos for men. These masculine designs will inspire you to literally fly higher! From feathers to realistic artwork, you’ll see a blend of just about everything.


American Eagle Tattoo For Men On Hands

American Eagle Tattoos For Guys On Back Of Neck

American Flag Eagle Tattoo For Men On Arm

Aztec Eagle Tattoo For Men On Lower Leg

Back Traditional Eagle Tattoo For Men

Back War Eagle Tattoo For Men

Bald Eagle Tattoos For Men

Bicep American Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Blue Guy's Eagle Tattoo On Shoulder

Chest American Traditional Eagle Tattoos For Men

Chest Bald Eagle Tattoo For Men

Chest Blood Eagle Tattoo For Men With Arrow

Chest Eagle Men's Color Tattoos

Chest Tattoos Of Eagles For Men

Chest Tribal Eagle Tattoos For Men

Color Eagle Arrows Leg Tattoos For Gentlemen

Cool Eagle Tattoos For Men With Eyeball

Cool Men's Eagle Upper Arm Tattoo

Cool Men's Roman Eagle Tattoo

Double Eagle Tattoo For Men

Eagle American Flag Men's Tattoo

Eagle And American Flag Tattoo For Men

Eagle And Flag Male Tattoos On Knuckles

Eagle Arm Tattoo For Men

Black Eagle Wrist Tattoo For Men

Eagle Cover Up Tattoo For Men

Eagle Feather Tattoos For Men On Arms

Black Eagle Full Chest Tattoo For Men

Eagle Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Color Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Eagle Tattoo Ideas For Men

Eagle Tattoo Meaning For Men

Eagle Tattoos Designs For Men On Chest

Eagle Tattoos Pictures For Men

Eagle Wings Tattoo For Men

Eagle Wing Tattoo For Men

Eagle Wing Tattoos For Men

Forearm Bald Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Forearm Eagle Men's Tattoo Design

German Eagle Tattoos For Men

Guy's Eagle Flag Tattoo With Ship

Half Sleeve Cool Eagle Tattoo On Man

Hands Eagle Tattoos For Guys

Hand Tattoo Eagle For Guys

Iron Eagle Tattoo For Men

Male Aztec Eagle Tattoos

Male Eagle Head Tattoo On Back

Male German Eagle Tattoo

Manly Eagles Tattoos For Men With Ocean Waves

Man With Mexican Eagle Tattoos

Masculine Eagle Cross Tattoos On Back

Masculine Eagle Tattoos For Men's Sleeves

Men's American Flag And Eagle Tattoo On Chest

Men's Black Eagle Tattoo On Back

Men's Eagle And Flag Tattoo

Men's Eagle Chest Tattoos With Pyramid

Men's Eagle Feather Tattoo Across Chest

Men's Golden Eagle Tattoo

Men's Old School Eagle Tattoo

Men's Realistic Eagle Tattoo

Men's Screaming Eagle Tattoo

Men's Traditional Eagle Tattoos

Native American Eagle Tattoo For Men

Polish Eagle Tattoo For MEn

Small Black Ink Men's Eagles Tattoo

Small Eagle Tattoo For Males On Rib Cage Side

Small Manly Eagle Scout Tattoos For Men

Small Simple Eagle Men's Tattoo

Tribal Soaring Eagle Tattoo On Back For Men

Red Flower Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Upper Arm Flying Eagle Tattoo For Men

Wrist Eagle Scout Tattoo For Men On Forearm

Wrist Eagle Tattoo For Men

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