Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men

100 Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men – Think Big

Think big with your next tattoo, and get a full-blown elephant. This kind of manly adornment will let you stand tall above your rivals, and it carries deep Eastern significance.

If you want to establish a gargantuan presence with just a little ink, then it may be the day for you to receive an elephant tattoo. There are a variety of welcomed connotations attached to this distinguished mammal.

In Hindu society, elephants are worshiped as a top class of reincarnation. They are also connected with Ganesh, who is an Eastern god known for a promiscuous lifestyle. Yoga is directly linked into this likeness and awareness as well.

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, some American conservative fellows also use their elephant tattoos to indicate an affiliation with the Republican Party. As the most noticeable logo for the GOP, this trend is witnessing a never-ending uptick. This occurrence is only more prominent during election years like 2016.

For once, it’s a good thing to be the elephant in the room. Just make sure it’s your tattoo that we’re talking about here. To see some ostentatiously austere elephant ink jobs, just peruse this convenient collection of enormous tusked designs.


3D Brown Elephant Tattoo Males Back

Asian Elephant In Temple Tattoo Guys Arm

Awesome Tiger And Elephant With Sharp Tusks Tattoo Mens Full Back

Baby Elephant And Pretty Sky Tattoo Male Forearms

Beautiful Elephants Tattoo Mens Side Ribs

Beautiful Hindu Elephant Headed God Tattoo For Guys

Bird Sitting On Elephant Tattoo Guys Torso

Brilliantly Designed Elephant Tattoo And Flowers Tattoo Mens Chest

Cool Tribal Elephant Tattoo Male Chest

Elephant And Dung Tattoo Mens Arms

Elephant During Sunset Tattoo Mens Arms

Elephant On Wheels In A Circus Tattoo Males Torso

Elephants Nudging Each Other Tattoo Males Thighs

Elephant Splashing Water And Crocodile Tattoo Males Forearms

Elephants With Angry Lion Image On Sky Tattoo Guys Arms

Elephant Tattoo With Yellow Mandala On Ears Male Forearms

Elephant Trunk On Arms Tattoo For Men

Elephant With Curved Tusk Tattoo Male Forearms

Elephant With Long Trunk Tattoo Mens Arms

Ethnic Designed Elephant Tattoo Males Chest

Ethnic Geometric Designed Elephant Tattoo Males Back

Fabulous Henna Patterned Elephant Tattoo Males Chest

Gigantic Grey Elephant Males Arms

Gorgeous Elephant With Decorative Jewels Tattoo

Graphic Art Elephant Tattoo Males Forearms

Great Beautiful Elephants Tattoo On Back

Green Marbled Elephant Tatoo Mens Forearms

Grey Elephant Head And OM Tattoo Male Hands

Grey Pencil Shaded Elephant With Green Smudge Tattoo Males Arms

Guys Arms Elephant Baby Love Tattoo

Guys Arms Elephant On A Cloudy Night Tattoo

Guys Arms Realistic Elephant Tattoo

Guys Back Cartoon Art Elephant Tattoo

Guys Calves Copper Shaded Elephant Tattoo

Guys Forearms Mother And Child Elephant Tattoo

Guys Full Back

Guy With Elephant And Leaves Tattoo On Arms

Guy With Hindu Elephant God Tattoo On Forearm

Half Sleeve 3d Elephant Arm Tattoo For Men

Henna Patterned Grey Elephant Tattoo Males Chest

Huge Grey Elephant Tattoo Males Back

Impressive Forest Tattoo With Lion Birds And Elephants Guys Full Back

Impressive Grey Elephant Tatoo Mens Forearms

Innovative Long Legged Elephant And Mans Face Tattoo On Mens Sleeves

Intricately Designed Elephant Tattoo Mens Upper Arms

Large Eared Elephant Tattoo Male Forearms

Large Horned Elephant With Dried Twigs Tattoo Guys Back

Magnificient Elephant Tattoo Males Full Back

Majestic Elephant Head Tattoo Guys Torso

Male Ankles Elephant In A Field Tattoo

Male Arms Elephant And Squids Tattoo

Male Arms Elephant Holding Baby With Trunk Tattoo

Male Forearms Elephant With Shadow Tattoo

Male Forearms Grim Elephant Tattoo

Male Upper Arms Mother And Child Elephant Tattoo

Man With Forest Elephant Tattoo On Calves

Mens Arms Elephant With Eastern Design Tattoo

Mens Arms Majestic Elephant Tattoo

Mens Awesome Grey Elephant Tattoo On Arms

Mens Black Grey Shaded Elephant Tattoo Calves

Mens Chest Elephant With Florals Tattoo

Mens Elephant Head Tattoo On Hands

Mens Forearms Cute Baby Elephant Clutching Tail Of Mother Tattoo

Mens Forearms Elephant With Shiny Tusk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Geometric Designed Elephant Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Elephant With Huge Tusk And Hound Tattoo

Mens Grey Elephant Tattoo On Hands

Mens Grey Shaded Elephant Tattoo Forearms

Mens Impressive Indian Elephant Tattoo Thighs

Mens Mighty Elephant Tattoo On Ankles

Mens Sleeve Roaring Beast And Elephant Tattoo

Mens Thighs Baby Elephant Tattoo

Mens Torso Black Pencilled Elephant Tattoo

Mens Upper Arms Crimson Shaded Elephant Tattoo

Mens Upper Arms Shiny Grey Elephant Tattoo

Orange And Black Ink Owl Elephants Upper Arm Male Tattoo

Original Wild Animal Tattoos On Full Stomach

Pair Of Elephants In Embrace Tattoo Males Back

Pencil Art Elephant With Classy Crown Tattoo Males Hands

Phenomenal Elephant Tattoo Male Calves

Pretty Elephant Design Tattoo Mens Thighs

Realistic Elephant Tattoo Guys Arms

Shiny Black Elephant Tattoo With Short Tusk Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Sleeve Leg Calf Male Elephant Tattoo Design Ideas

Three Eyed Green Elephant Tattoo Mens Arms

Triangular Patterned Elephant Tattoo Male Forearms

Trio Of Elephants On A Sunset Evening Tattoo Males Forearms

Ultimate Elephant In A Fight Tattoo Males Back

Unique Black Pattern Elephant Tattoo Males Torso

Well Decorated Asian Elephant Tattoo Male Calves

Wild Animals Tiger Head And Elephant Tattoos On Chest

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