Heartbeat Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Heartbeat Tattoo Designs For Men – Electronic Pulse Ink Ideas

For ink fans, one of the most clever designs in recent years was definitely the advent of heartbeat tattoos. By donning the electronic patterns of a pulse monitor, gentlemen can show off a crafty combination of science and emotion.

According to cutting-edge ink enthusiasts, the electrocardiogram is electrifying for onlookers of all backgrounds.

The jagged lines are not only ruggedly chic, but they are also easy to remake on skin. Only one color is needed too, and black ink typically works just fine. With this in mind, your chic emblazonment can be unbelievably affordable.

To instill a little more meaning and fun, unabashed fellows are going the extra mile by integrating unexpected imagery into their heartbeat tattoo. The most common one is an actual heart, but pop culture icons and emoticons are enjoying tremendous popularity among the current generation too.

Because electrocardiograms are indicative of a patient’s vital signs, changes between patterns reveal completely different states of being. Therefore, you can slyly replicate the rhythm of a rapid adrenaline rush or the gentle pace of relaxation.

To gleam the extraordinary ink possibilities that lie up ahead, simply take the time to peruse this engaging collection of top-notch heartbeat tattoos for men below.


Almost Straight Hearbeat Tattoo Mens Forearms

Azure Blue Paint Splashed Heartbeat With Anchor Tattoo On Male Chest

Black Clear Heartbeat Tattoo Male Biceps

Black Shaded Heartbeat Tattoo Mens Forarms

Cute Black Heartbeat Tattoo With Tiny Birds On Guys Forearms

Dark Black Shaded Mens Upper Arms Heartbeat Tattoo

Guys Chest Red Heartbeat Tattoo On Stormy Backdrop

Guys Shoulder Heartbeat Tattoo

Guy With Black Heartbeat Tattoo On Forearms

Guy With Heartbeat Making A Hill Tattoo On Forearm

Heartbeat And American Flag Tattoo Male Forearm

Heartbeat And Building Tattoo Mens Chest

Heartbeat And Heart With Headphones Tattoo Guys Forearms

Heartbeat Hill Tattoo With Spashy Green Paint On Mens Forearms

Heartbeat Injection Tattoo Male Forearm

Heartbeat Tattoo With Blue Waves Tattoo On Forearm

Hexagonal And Pentagonal Heartbeat Tattoo Guys Forearms

Male Forearms Musical Heartbeat And Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Male Forearms Puppy Love Heartbeat Tattoo

Male Upper Arm Grey Skull And Red Heartbeat Tattoo

Male With 3D Anatomical Heart And Heartbeat Tattoo On Forearms

Men Forearms Red Heartbeat With Roman Number Tatoo

Mens Ankles Colorful Heart And Hearbeat Tattoo

Mens Back Heartbeat With Ribboned Heart Tattoo

Mens Chest Black Ink Heartbeat Tattoo

Mens Chest Heartbeat Tattoo

Mens Family Heartbeat Tattoo On Hands

Mens Forearms Heartbeat And Grey Quilled Feather Tattoo

Mens Forearms Heartbeat Tattoo With Circles

Mens Forearms Jet Black Arrowed Heartbeat Tattoo

Mens Forearms Neat Straight Heartbeat Tattoo

Mens Forearms Red And Blue Heartbeat Combining To Form Infinity Tattoo

Mens Jesus And Heartbeat Tattoo On Chest

Mens Life Is An Experiment Heartbeat Tattoo On Forearms

Mens Torso Beast Made Out Of Heartbeats Tattoo

Romantic Heartbeat Across Mountains Tattoo Mens Forearms

Simple Heartbeat Tattoo Mens Chest

Simply Tiny Heartbeat Tattoo Male Hands

Stylish Curved Heartbeat Tattoo Mens Forearm

Unique Mens Forearms Heartbeat And Dragon Tattoo

Weird Bird Tree Fish Heartbeat Tattoo Male Forearms

Wonderful Grey Compass And Fox Heartbeat Tattoo Male Full Sleeves

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