Horse Tattoos For Men

70 Horse Tattoos For Men – Noble Animal Design Ideas

The contribution given to the world by the existence of the horse often goes unnoticed. On the contrary, there are some men that are fully aware and will never look a gift horse in the mouth.

As a man recalls major events in history, it is almost guaranteed that a horse was a part of it.

These noble animals carried men through battles as well as journeys. Exclusive to no one, the horse fulfilled the need of every man, of every race, in every part of the world. As a result, the horse tattoo embodies a vast amount of meanings. The most popular are freedom, endurance, nobility, speed, companionship, and of course beauty. This animal’s physique thoroughly exudes robust strength with exquisite elegance.

This tattoo may take some time in regards to deciding on that perfect design. Sometimes displaying a horse’s wild, untamed side leads to captivating creativity when creating a design. This is usually displayed with flames, the standing on hind leg stance, or a bucking action pose. Once tamed, this beautiful animal provides so many services to mankind. Besides its physical capabilities, the horse holds spiritual significance among tribal cultures.

Hence, many men often choose a tribal design for the tattoo. A man may prefer the mythical horse Pegasus, who found favor with the Greek god Zeus. Perhaps showcasing the horse’s beauty and strength through detailed artwork that flaunts the muscular structure is the preferred option.

Whatever the choice, this tattoo tends to highlight a similar characteristic trait that both the man and the magnificent horse share.


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