Iceberg Tattoos For Men

50 Iceberg Tattoos For Men – Floating Ice Design Ideas

Your ink may be only skin deep, but a more profound meaning always lurks below the surface.

The hidden dangers and fathomless depths of iceberg imagery make for a tattoo choice that shows there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Enormous chunks of ice that have broken away from glaciers to roam freely in the frigid waters of the northern oceans, icebergs are both a miracle of nature and a deadly threat to sailors. The one that famously tore the hull out of the mighty Titanic and claimed over 1500 lives established icebergs permanently in the minds of mankind as dangerous symbols of destruction and lurking mystery. Like cold, heartless and mindless sea monsters, icebergs just don’t care.

Geometric but freely structured, icebergs are ideal for unique and unconventional sacred geometry and emblematic tattoo designs alike. The frozen roots of an ice mountain extend far below the surface of the ocean, with only a tiny portion peeking above the water to suggest its hidden potential. Up to 90% of an iceberg remains hidden quietly beneath the waves until it is too late. The literal and metaphorical tip of the iceberg gives your tattoo connotations of hidden depths, indifference, travelling under the radar and being in touch with your subconscious mind.

Not everything is as it appears and if there’s more to you than meets the eye a taciturn, frigid and fathomless symbol like the silent and mighty iceberg might be a perfect tattoo choice for your next inked piece.


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