Jesus Chest Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Jesus Chest Tattoo Designs For Men – Chris Ink Ideas

In today’s times, it’s not uncommon to spot a Jesus piece adorned on the chest of gentlemen across the globe. The connection to God lends itself to all men of faith, both young and old.

Sure, one immediately recognizes the icon of Christ and assumes that this particular person is of the Christian faith.

However, while that may be true, it is important to understand the diversity of these tattoos and the true meaning that each embraces, specifically when placed on the chest.

Most tend to get these tattoos of Jesus with one of two expressions. From the pain he suffered during crucifixion to the sadness in his eyes that represents his compassion for his people, those getting tattooed rarely portray the man in any other way and artists often pay the most detail to his eyes and the emotion inside of them.

Sometimes, these tattoos can be fairly graphic by being covered in blood and bruises to depict Jesus’ struggle and sacrifice for his people. When placed on the chest, this signifies that Jesus is close to the heart and that they are in his as well. Additionally, people use this as a symbol of their life with Jesus and that they follow his teachings.

Above all else, Jesus tattoos tend to symbolize hope, inspiration, honor, forever love, and even forgiveness.


3d Guys Jesus Face Tattoo On Upper Chest

3d Jesus On Wood Corss Guys Upper Chest Tattoo

3d Reakustuc Stake Through Hand Guys Jesus Christian Upper Chest Tattoo

Abstract Jesus And Mary Guys Chest Tattoos

Amazing Mens White And Grey Ink 3d Realistic Jesus Chest Tattoos

Amazing Radiant Doves With Jesus Portrait Male Chest Tattoo

Angel With Wings Guys Jesus Upper Chest Tattoo

Awesome Guys Jesus Christ On Cross With Wings And Sun Rays Chest Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Male Jesus Face With Flowers Upper Chest Tattoo

Cross In Middle Of Chest Guys Jesus Tattoo Ideas

Flying Dove Jesus With Mother Mary Male Chest Tattoos

Gates Of Heaven Mother Mary With Jesus Mens Chest Tattoos

Guys Jesus Sacred Heart Shaded Chest Tattoo

Guy With Jesus On Wood Cross 3d Full Chest Tattoo

Heavily Shaded Male Jesus Portrait Tattoo On Upper Chest

Jesus Christ Shepherd Male Upper Chest Tattoos

Jesus With Crown Of Throns And Flying Dove Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Lower Chest Male Jesus 3d Realistic Black And Grey Tattoo Design

Male With Jesus Rose Flower And Negative Space Crown Of Thorns Upper Chest Tattoo

Male With Memorial Jesus Christ Tattoo On Upper Chest

Masculine Guys Jesus Shaded Upper Chest Portrait Tattoo

Mens Betrayal Jesus Last Supper Chest Tattoo

Mens Jesus Head Christian Upper Chest Tattoo

Mens Red Poppy Flower Jesus Chest Tattoos

Mens Traditional Old School Jesus Chest Tattoo Ideas

Middle Of Chest Guys Old School Traditional Jesus Tattoo

Mother Mary With Baby Jesus Guys Amazing Religious Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Portait Of Shaded Jesus Christ Male Upper Chest Tattoos

Portrait Of Jesus Mens Religious Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Retro Guys Jesus Spear And Cross Chest Tattoo

Rose Flower With Jesus Guys Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Sacred Heart With Jesus And Angel Male Chest Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Male 3d Jesus Chest Tattoo Ideas

Shaded Christian Guys Jesus Tattoos On Chest

Shaded Unique Male Lower Chest Jesus Tattoo Ideas

Skull With Glowing Jesus Male Tattoo Designs On Chest

Stomach And Chest Male Traditional Jesus Tattoo

Ultra Realistic 3d Guys Jesus With Mother Mary Chest Tattoos

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