Jesus Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Jesus Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men – Religious Ink Ideas

Highlight your connection to a higher authority with a Jesus sleeve tattoo. Like an ecclesiastical edict, the Jesus design full arm sleeve sheaths your body in a work of art.

A powerful but renegade design of religious royalty, this tattoo can emphasize the central aspects of Christ, from Great King to Good Shepherd.

Your arm can be the grand reveal of powerful gospel with this Jesus arm sleeve.

More than any other tattoo type, arm sleeves can naturally from top to bottom reveal a story from start to finish. As the quintessential tale of renewal, rebirth, and resurrection, the Jesus sleeve tattoo represents your own regeneration as a man. With disciples and devotees, Jesus the messiah was a man’s man. Simply put, men followed him. Follow this lead with the symbol of your own journey as a foremost fisher of men.

In addition to its symbolism as the quintessential quest, the Jesus sleeve is a fantastic slate for customization. Use the fish symbol or cross as the classic centerpiece to achieving your manly goals. Rise above the rest with supernatural angels, or speak words of wisdom with the Mother Mary.

Whether you emphasize the lion and the lamb or miraculous inner strength, highlight your heritage as a man of faith and knowledge of the Prince of Peace.


3d Mens Jesus With Crown Of Thorns Male Half Sleeve Tattoos

Amazing Guys Mother Mary And Jesus Christian Sleeve Tattoos

Amazing Mens 3d Realistic Jesus Portrait With Cross Half Sleeve Tattoos

Amazing Rose Flower Jesus Shaded Black And Grey Forearm Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Angel Carrying Cross With Jesus Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Angel Wing With Crown Of Thorns Mens Jesus Half Sleeve Tattoo

Angel With Sun Rays And Jesus Guys Sleeve Tattoo

Awesome Mens Full Sleeve Jesus Tattoo Designs

Black And Grey Heavily Shaded Angel With Jesus Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Color Sleeve Mens Spike Through Jesus Hand Tattoo

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Dove Flying With Portrait Of Jesus Christ Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Full Sleeve Mens Jesus And Mother Mary Tattoo Inspiration

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Guys Full Arm Christian Jesus Tattoo Sleeve Inspiration

Guys Mother Mary Holding Baby Jesus Full Sleeve Tattoos

Guys Religious Themed Jesus Mother May Full Sleeve Tattoos

Guys Shaded Black Ink Full Arm Jesus With Angel Tattoo Sleeve

Guy With Full Sleeve Shaded Black And Grey Jesus Religious Themed Tattoos

Guy With Half Sleeve Shaded Jesus Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Guys Jesus Angel Tattoo Designs

Heaven Clouds With Jesus Guys Sleeve Tattoos

Incredible Mens Jesus Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Jesus Carrying Cross On Street Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Jesus With Existence Banner Guys 3d Realistic Half Sleeve Tattoo

Jesus With Wood Cross Mens 3d Half Sleeve Tattoos

Male With Mother Mary And Jesus Themed Sleeve Tattoo

Manly Guys Full Sleeve Jesus Sacred Heart Tattoos

Masculine Guys 3d Full Arm Jesus And Mary Sleeve Tattoos

Masculine Guys Full Arm Jesus Sleeve Tattoo

Mens 3d Realistic Jesus Walking Up Stairs Half Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Jesus With Anatomical Heart Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Religious Christian Themed Jesus Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Mens Thigh And Leg Jesus Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Mother Mary With Sacred Heart And Jesus Male Christian Sleeve Tattoos

Optical Illusion Ripped Skin Guys Jesus Cross Sleeve Tattoo

Ornate Guys Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo With Jesus Religious Theme Design

Ornate Intricate Mens Finely Detailed Jesus Angel Full Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic 3d Mother Mary Holding Baby Jesus Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

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Religious Themed Mens Full Sleeve Jesus Tatoos

Roman Numeral Clock With Jesus Guys Sleeve Tattoo

Rosary With Jesus Portrait Male Full Sleeve Tattoos

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Shaded Black And Grey Jesus Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

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Shaded Portrait Of Jesus Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

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