Libra Tattoos For Men

60 Libra Tattoos For Men – Balanced Scale Ink Design Ideas

Astrological pizzazz is boldly enhanced by horoscope ink, and Libra tattoos rank among the finest forms of body art in the galaxy. Cosmic bliss is immediately unlocked with depictions of this striking sign.

Libra represents an uncompromised notion of justice, so the symbol that is most commonly affiliated with Librans happens to be a scale.

According to astrologists, individuals under this sign are gifted with an uncanny ability to see both sides of every issue, and fairness is always a crucial factor in their decision-making. Thus, the definitive icon for equalized measurement makes complete sense for men of this disposition. Based on this background, these enchanting schemes are also popular among lawyers and legal workers.

To amplify this pursuit of balance even further, the Greek goddess known as Themis is regularly shown holding the scales. She was the original purveyor of unbiased counsel, so her inclusion is always supremely seamless. As the planet that watches over Libra, Venus is another common element to showcase.

As with all 12 signs, there is also a simplified version of the logo that allows for a swift reproduction in ink. For a serene perspective on Libra tattoos, all you have to do is continue browsing our page of amazing ideas.


3d Male Libra Balance Scale Tattoo Sleeve

Abstract Male Libra Neck Tattoos

Anchor Libra Mens Lower Leg Tattoos

Anubis Libra Mens Upper Arm Egyptian Themed Tattoos

Awesome Libra Astrological Sign Paint Brush Stroke Tattoos For Males

Awesome Libra Dotwork Mens Small Simple Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Black Ink Astrological Sign Libra Zodiac Male Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Circle With White Ink Libra Constellation Male Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Colorful Libra With Owl Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Cool Astrological Sign Mens Libra Upper Back Tattoos

Cool Guys Shaded Back Libra Dagger Scale Tattoo

Cool Mens Libra Themed Chest Tattoo With Shaded Black And Grey Designs

Cool Zodiac Libra Mens Chest Tattoos With Black Ink Outline Design

Diamond Scale Libra Mens Inner Arm Tattoo

Dotwork Guys Libra Back Tattoos

Dotwork Guys Libra Geometric Forearm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Dragon With Scale Guys Libra Upper Back Tattoos

Eye Libra Mens Bicep Inner Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Female Holding Scale Mens Inner Arm Bicep Libra Tattoo Designs

Fire And Ice Libra Scale Balance Guys Bicep Tattoos

Geometric Mens Libra Scale Chest Tattoos

Guys Old School Ibra Inner Forearm Tattoos

Hourglass Libra Mens Thigh Tattoo

Inner Forearm Libra Geometric Inner Forearm Tattoos For Men

Libra All Seeing Eye Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo Designs

Line Work Upper Arm Black Ink Guys Libra Upper Arm Tattoos

Man Holding Balanced Scale Shoulder Libra Tattoo For Guys

Man With Black Ink Libra Symbol Wrist Tattoos

Man With Cool Libra Forearm Tattoos

Man With Full Sleeve Libra Tattoo

Man With Libra Hand Tattoo

Man With Sun And Moon Libra Tattoo On Upper Arms

Masculine Libra Mens Abstract Upper Back Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Outline Libra Chest Tattoos

Mens Full Back Scale Libra Tattoos

Mens Shaded Tree Of Life Libra Back Tattoos

Mens Spartan Libra Scale Upper Arm Tattoo

Paint Brush Stroke Libra Tattoo On Male

Ram With Libra Scale Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Lady Justice Guys Libra Half Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Scale Libra Tattoos For Men On Upper Arm

Rib Cage Side Zodiac Astrological Sign Libra Tattoos For Males

Roman Numeral Clock Mens Libra Scale Tattoos On Upper Arms

Scale With Angel Wings Mens Libra Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Skull With Cross Bones Guys Stomach Libra Tattoos

Small Simple Guys Minimalist Libra Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Simple Guys Upper Back Libra Scale Tattoos

Small Simple Mens Libra Side Of Neck Tattoos

Solid Black Ink Guys Libra Sign Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Stone 3d Astrological Sign Libra Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Stone Libra Wrist Tattoo On Male

Sun And Moon Guys Libra Back Tattoos

Sun And Moon Guys Rib Cage Side Libra Scale Tattoo Ideas

Tiny Small Guys Libra Finger Tattoo

Tribal Libra Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Wrist Libra Mens Tattoo Ideas

Yin Yang Libra Small Mens Paint Brush Stoke Tattoos

Zodiac Libra Astrological Sign Mens Finger Tattoo With Black Ink

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