Lion Tattoos For Men

85 Lion Tattoos For Men – A Jungle Of Big Cat Designs

Second to the tiger, the lion is among the largest living five cats in the world. To put this in perspective, most male lions weigh an astonishing 550 lbs!

Their majesty and awe has been widely recognized across Europe, Asia and Africa for thousands of years.

In fact, 32,000 years ago they could be seen in paleolithic human cave art in Southern France. Back then hunting these wild animals in nature was an immense symbol of pride.

Even Ancient Egypt carved the stone of the sphinx with a lioness body to protect the pharaohs.

Over this period it has rightfully taken claim to the title as “king of beats” and “king of the jungle”.

However, when it comes to the symbolism and meaning of the lion, just turn to the Greek 6th century BC fables from Aesop. You’ll discover the lion showcases bravery quite exceptionally. In mythology, there’s the Nemean lion too, which stood for the constellation and zodiac sign Leo. It’s often been said that the lion’s skin was worn by the popular hero Heracles.

In English heraldry and symbolism, the lion has significant historical presence. The Three Lions for the English King Richard the Lionheart can be seen on coats of arms and the shields of warriors. In fact, many noble warriors took up the nickname of Lion as a testament to having a fine reputation for bravery.

Not to mention, there’s also metaphors which depict this animal as humans who rebel against conventional wisdom and ancient knowledge. It away for a new mortality to emerge, like the Übermensch, or overman in German.

With that said, I’ve put together a collection of the top 85 best lion tattoos for men. As you venture through the guide you’ll discover a jungle of masculine design ideas to work with. From the popular stripes to realistic figures of the lion showcasing exemplary acts of bravery.


Rib Cage Side Lion Male Tattoo

3D Leo Lion Tattoo For Men

Wrist Lions Den Tattoo For Guys

Upper Arm Lion Tattoo Designs For Men

Upper Arm Lion King Tattoo For Males With Crown

Tribal Lion Men's Tattoo Design

Thunderbolt Men's Lion Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo Of A Lion On A Man

Tattoo Lion Men

Small Triangle Lions Men's Tattoos

Small Men's Lion Tattoo With Arrows

Sleeve Lion Tattoo Ideas For Men

Sleeve Lions Head Men's Tattoo

Simple Ribs Lion Tattoo On Man

Simple Men's Lion Arm Tattoo

Simple Lion Tattoo For Guys

Shoulder Lion Tattoo For Men

Roaring Men's 3D Lion Tattoo

Red Arm Lion Roaring Tattoo For Gentlemen

Red And Black Men's Lions Tattoo

Outline Lion Face Tattoo Men

Mountain Lion Tattoo For Men

Mountain Lion Men's Tattoos

Men's Realistic Lion Tattoos

Men's Traditional Lion Tattoo

Men's Tattoos Lion Running On Forearm

Men's Roaring Lion Tattoo

Men's Lion With Crown Tattoo

Men's Lion Sleeve Tattoo

Men's Lion Bicep Arm Tattoos

Men's Heart Of A Lion Tattoo

Men's Hand Young Lion Tattoos

Men's Abstract Lion Tattoos On Back Of Shoulder

Masculine Men's Lion Tattoos

Masculine Lion Forearm Tattoos

Masculine And Realistic Lion Tattoo

Man With Lion Paw Tattoo

Man With Lion Chest Tattoos

Males Aztec Lion Tattoo

Male Lion Tattoo On Right Chest

Lion With A Crown Tattoo Men

Lion Tribal Tattoo For Men Sleeve

Lion Tattoos On Wrist For Man

Lion Tattoos For Guys On Forearm

Lion Tattoos For Back Of Gentlemen

Lion Tattoos Chest Designs For Males

Lion Tattoo On Shoulder For Guys

Lion Tattoo For Men On Arm

Lion Scratch Tattoo For Men With Stars

Lion Roar Tattoo For Men With 3D Scratch

Lion On Chest Men's Tattoo

Lion Of Judah Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Lion Men's Tattoo On Hands

Lion Men's Left Chest Tattoo

Lion Head Men's Tattoos Half Sleeve

Lion Face Tattoo For Men On Chest

Lion Eyes Men's Tattoo On Back

Lion Crown Tattoo For Guys

Lion And The Lamb Tattoo For Men On Upper Arm

Lion And Cub Tattoo For Guys Half Leg Sleeve

Leg Lion Tattoos For Men

Knee Cap Manly Lion Tattoos

King Lion Tattoo For Men On Center Of Back

Iron Lion Male Tattoo Half Sleeve

Inner Forearm Lion Tattoos For Males

Guy's Lion Inner Forearm Tattoo

Guy's Leo Lion Tattoos

Guy's Japanese Lion Tattoo Sleeve

Guy's Chinese Lion Tattoo On Lower Leg

Detailed Awesome Lion Tattoos For Men

Crown Lion Men's Tattoo Designs

Cool Men's Lion Tattoos On Shoulder

Cool Lion Tattoos On Arm On Male

Color Modern Men's Mall Lion Tattoo

Color Manly Male Lion Tattoos

Blue And Purple Modern Men's Tattoos Of Lions

Bicep Lion King Tattoos For Men

Bicep Lion Head Tattoo For Men

Bad Lion Tattoo For Men On Arm

Back Blue And Black Lion Men's Tattoo

Arm Lion Tribal Tattoos For Men

Arm Lion Cub Tattoo For Men

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