Medium Beard Styles For Men

50 Medium Beard Styles For Men – Masculine Facial Hair Ideas

Maybe you don’t want the shortness of something like what Robert Downey, Jr. sports but you’re not quite ready just yet for a full lumberjack beard. That’s exactly when it comes time to try out something like a medium beard style.

These give you all the benefits of a long and full beard while emphasizing the strengths of a short beard as well.

With a cool medium beard style, you can make it that much likely to land the girl of your dreams. Women love the look of a good beard that’s trimmed and neat, so you can’t go wrong with a medium beard style. Maybe you don’t know exactly what your first step should be toward getting that medium beard you seek.

Your first step on the journey will be to resist the urge to shave. Your beard might come in patchy at first, but we insist that when it comes in, it’ll look great. You can always let the beard grow long before cutting it shorter, but you can’t grow a beard if you keep incessantly trimming. It’s a catch-22, we know, but it’s something you have to do if you want to have that super cool medium beard.

The next step will be to check out a number of bearded men who have come before you. If they’ve done it right, chances are you can too. It’s by looking at our bearded forefathers that we can figure out just which beard is right for us. With that said, read on to see some of the coolest medium beards you can find.


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