Mens Sunski Manresa Polarized Sunglasses Review

Men’s Sunski Manresa Polarized Sunglasses Review – Recycled Scrap Plastic Shades

Being from the startup world when someone mentions sunglasses I usually want to walk away; given how many brands there are. Then I discovered Sunski, and the concept was unlike anything I had heard before.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good while protecting their only pair of eyes?

Well, what if you could do just that and save the planet at the same time?

And no, I’m not just talking about using earth-friendly boxing and packing, or a company with employees who know how to sort recyclables from things that are trash.

Instead, Sunski has managed to do something rather remarkable here. The resin frames are being made from post-industrial scrap plastic that’s being diverted from Illinois landfills. Of course, they donate 1% of sales to environmental non-profits which is cool too.

Even if the above doesn’t impress you, you might like the fact that their polarized sunglasses are affordable without sacrificing any bit of style. To add to that, Sunski also offers their forever warranty.

For my first pair, I picked up the Sunski Manresa polarized sunglasses in black tortoise slate. The same model also comes in another color called black tortoise aqua. The lenses feature an aqua mirror-grey tint solid polarization. (TAC 15% VLT, Base 6 curve). Looking through the lens delivers a beautiful, crisp scene and I couldn’t ask for a better way to view the world. In terms of comfort, these shades feel snug yet, they still flex in all the right spots for the perfect fit.

Overall, I like them!


Quick Highlights:

Made From Recycled Plastic Sunski Manrsea Sunglasses Black Tortoise Slate

– 1% of sales donated to environmental non-profits
– Post-industrial scrap plastic diverted from Illinois landfill turned into recycled resin frames
– Forever warranty
– Available Black tortoise slate and black tortoise aqua color choices
– Lens – Aqua Mirror/ Grey Tint Solid polarization TAC 15% VLT, Base 6 curve
– 140mm temple width, 11mm nose bridge and 49mm lens width.


Men’s Sunski Manresa Polarized Sunglasses Review

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