Pirate Tattoos For Men

50 Pirate Tattoos For Men – Arrr, Ships And Eye Patches

Ahoy matey! Get ready to set sail on the ship of ink inspiration, Rrrr you’ll be walking the plank! From manly eye patches to tasty rum, cool ships and more, discover the world of pirates out at sea.

When it comes to pirates, perhaps the most famous of them all is the notorious Blackbeard.

However, it wasn’t just his ship stealing lifestyle that garnished him so much attention.

The truth is, it’s been said he would light his beard on fire to intimidate his foes as a demonic scare tactic. He also hobbled around on a pegged leg, though it wasn’t lost in combat, it was actually due to diabetes.

However, what’s interesting to know is that while pirates like Blackbeard may have lived without any laws, they still adhered to a set of morals, rules and codes.

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen the Jolly Roger at some point, you know, the popular skull and crossbones flag at the top of a pirate ship, though in reality not all used them.

Yet, among almost all pirates there was a common belief that women on board the ship meant only one thing: bad luck! Not to mention, it’s been said that whistling would instigate stormy weather, as in literally “whistling up a storm.”

Perhaps one of my favorite stories I’d like to share with you aside from this collection of this the top 50 best pirate tattoos for men, begins with a Frenchwoman called Jenne de Clisson. A female, yes, however her pirate days all began back in the 1300’s after his husband’s death. After he was beheaded and left for dead she sought revenge at any cost.

So, she unloaded her land and purchased three new ships to set sail; all of which were coated in black and red paint. After tracking the nobles across French ships and unleashing an act of war, she proceeded to finish the mission. To do so, Jenne de Clisson would chop off the heads of her enemies with an axe and deliver a swift of justice.


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