Police Tattoos For Men

50 Police Tattoos For Men – Law Enforcement Officer Design Ideas

For those who work in law enforcement, tattoos related to this profession may serve as a sort of armor they can wear into the battle of their daily grinds. For ink addicts across professional and cultural lines, the permanence and display of strength embodied in a tattoo often holds deep meaning.

For law enforcement officers and agents, police tattoos may afford a sort of symbolic protection or represent a figurative badge of honor.

Police tattoos may also be inked as a way to commemorate the sacrifices made by fallen comrades, or perhaps to speak to the enduring pride the wearer takes in their association with the field.

Common police tattoos include badges, handcuffs, the scales of justice, and myriad artistic interpretations of the “thin blue line” known to symbolize the brotherhood between those who consider police work their calling.

The style choices are completely up to the client, as so many things can be done to develop this subject matter into a visually appealing scene. Likewise, placement on the body is also incredibly flexible. Because this is an overall theme and not one specific piece with specific parameters, the possibilities are endless.

Police tattoos work equally well as small, discreet tributes or as large back or chest pieces. Real dedication can be shown with an intricate set of full sleeves.


Amazing Mens Badge Police Upper Chest Tattoo

American Flag With Gold Star Police Sheriff Tattoo Half Sleeve

American Flag With Thin Blue Line Police Tattoos For Guys

Armor Plate Mens Ripped Skin Police Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Back Of Leg Calf Old School Cheif Police Badge Guys Tattoos

Blessed Are The Peacemakers Mens Deputy Police Tattoo

Classic Police Doughnut Tattoo On Inner Arm Bicep

Crime Scene Police Dog Mens Leg Tattoo

Detailed Guys Police Patch Tattoo On Arms

Detective Chicago Police Badge Guys Shaded Back Tattoos

Forearm Large Mens Detriot Police Lieutenant Badge Tattoos

Full Sleeve Mens Police Themed Tattoo Design Ideas

Gentleman With Old School Vintage Hartford Police Badge Tattoo On Leg

Gold Police Badge Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Guys Police Officer With Wings With Child Arm Tattoo

Guys Police Torn Skin American Flag Patch And Badge Tattoo On Arm

In Valor There Is Hope Mens Statue 3d Police Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Investigator Mens East Chicago Police Badge Tattoo On Arm

Memorial Police Service Mens Religious Back Of Arm Tattoo

Memorial Tribute Mens Police Officer Portrait Tattoo On Outer Forearm

Mens Metallic Realistic Police Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Mens Police Officer Badge With Black And Blue Line Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Mens Police Sheriff Badge With Bullet Holes Realistic 3d Tattoo

Mens Quarter Sleeve Police Car And Children Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Rose Flower With Bullets Police Themed Tattoo On Arm

Mens Shield Police 3d Upper Arm Tattoos

Mens Spartan Helmet With Police Thin Blue Line Design Tattoo On Lower Leg

Mens Ultra Realistic Police Badge 3d Arm Tattoos

Police Dog Portrait Mens Back Of Leg Tattoos

Quick Response Team Means Police Arm Old School Eagle And Sword Tattoos

Realistic 3d Police Detective Badge With Papers And Magnifying Glass Mens Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Realistic Police Officer Scene Mens Thigh Tattoo

Realistic Police Sargent Patch Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Retro Badge Male Police Tattoo On Upper Chest

Retro Police Officer Mens Small Cartoon Style Arm Tattoo

Rib Cage Side Guys Connecticut Police Badge Shaded Black And Grey Ink Tattoo

Ripped Skin Mens Newark Police Badge Bicep Tattoo

Sergeant Police Badge Ripped Skin Upper Chest Tattoo For Guys

Shaded American Flag With Police Badge Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Shaded Soccer Ball With Police Detective Badge Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Small Guys Detailed Police Badge Back Tattoo

Sun Rays With Hands Holding Police Badge Mens Arm Tattoos

Thin Blue Line Fallen Law Enforcement Office Mens Police Eagle And Badge Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Unique Police Badge With Spartan Helmet And Thin Blue Line Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Upper Chest Mens Torn Skin Police Tattoo

We All Go Home Thin Blue Line Male Police Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

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