Scorpion Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Scorpion Tattoo Designs For Men – Ideas That Sting

To strike the perfect accord between devising devilishness and coy sensitivity, today’s striking men overwhelmingly opt for the venomous flair of a scorpion tattoo.

Scorpion ink imbues a capacity to embark on the sexiest path towards masculinity that is even plausible. These decadently fatal creatures translate into viciously poignant masterpieces on flesh. They are loaded with male symbolism, especially since their brutal energy is coupled with excessively agile swiftness.

A lot of astrology buffs get scorpion tattoos, particularly those who identify with the sign of Scorpio. Since this applies to one out of twelve individuals, there are a lot of guys eligible for tattoos that are meaningful to their horoscope. Unsurprisingly, tons of other dudes simply relate to the bug’s poisonous personality.

Some “Mortal Kombat” fans also get Scorpion tattoos of a different sort. These caricatures are often combined with the star character’s tag-line, “Get over here!” Meanwhile, the insect’s likeness is also featured favorably among gang communities and goth kids alike.

With such widespread appeal, it’s a shock that more people don’t have scorpion tattoos yet. After perusing our guide of the best scorpion designs out there, you will certainly decide to join the club too!


Awesome Green Scorpion Tattoo On Feet For Men

Battle Of Scorpions Tattoo On Upper Chest Male

Bold Scorpion With Red Roses Tattoo On Legs For Men

Brilliant Red Scorpio Tattoo On Forearms Guys

Caramel Colored Scorpion Tattoo On Arms For Guys

Chest Box Designed Scorpion Tattoo For Men

Chest Fierce Black Scorpion Tattoo For Men

Coral Blue Scorpion Tattoo On Hands For Males

Dark Violent Scorpions Tattoo On Arms Guys

Dusty Grey Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms Men

Eagle And Scorpion Tattoo On Neck For Guys

Elaborate Swan And Scorpion Tattoo On Lower Legs Male

Ethnic Designed Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms Men

Fabulous Scorpion Tattoo On Biceps For Men

Fantastic Comic Scorpion Tattoo On Legs Men

Fatal Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms Male

Forearm Dangerous Scorpion Tattoo For Men

Gigantic Black Scorpion Tattoo On Arms For Men

Graphic Black Scorpion Tattoo On Chest For Men

Grey Ink Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms Men

Guys Defensive Dark Scorpion Tattoo On Arms

Guys Monstrous Grey Scorpion Tattoo Full Back

Guys Stinging Black Tattoo On Arms

Guy With Lifelike Scorpion Tattoo On Side Rib

Guy With Merciless Scorpion Tattoo On Chest

Illustrated Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms Guys

Marvellous Bright Scorpion Tattoo Full Body For Guys

Masculine Guys Forearm Scorpion Tattoos

Mens Enormous Black Scorpion Tattoo On Torso

Mens Fatal Scorpion Tattoo On Calves

Mens Giant Grey Scorpion Tattoo Forearms

Mens Grey Ink Scorpion Tattoo On Chest

Mens Impressive Red Green Scorpion Tattoo On Hands

Mens Large 3D Scorpion Tattoo On Rib Cage

Mens Nice Big Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms

Mens Realistic Black Tattoo On Forearms

Mens Scorpion With Lightening Bolt Tattoo On Feet

Mens Shoulder 3d Deadly Scorpion Tattoos

Mens Tangerine Scorpion Tattoo On Calf

Mens Threatening Black Scorpion Tattoo Torso

Mens Tribal Scorpion Tattoo Design Forearms

Pitiless Dark Scorpio With Bleeding Heart Tattoo Arms Male

Poisonous 3D Inkjet Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms For Guys

Red And Grey Nocturnal Scorpion Tattoo For Males Forearms

Rib Cage Bloody Scorpion Tattoo Male

Scorpion And Serpent War Tattoo On Legs Male

Scorpion Tattoo With Pointed Claws On Thighs For Men

Scorpion Tattoo With Shadow Effect Male Torso

Scorpion With Grey Scales Tattoo On Forearms For Men

Scorpion With Hanging Rope Tattoo On Calves For Guys

Segmented Pink Scorpion Tattoo On Forearms Guys

Shiny Black Shaded Scorpion Tattoo On Legs Guys

Shoulder Male Stunning Scorpion Tattoo

Skull Headed Scorpion Tattoo On Thighs For Men

Stinging Scorpio Tail Tattoo On Back For Male

Stylish Dark Scoprion Tattoo On Hands Guys

Unforgiving Scorpion Tattoo With Arrows On Torso Male

Unique House On Scorpio Design Tattoo On Arms For Male

Venomous Black Scorpion Tattoo On Arms For Males

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