Seattle Skyline Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Seattle Skyline Tattoo Designs For Men – City Ink Ideas

Seattle: coffee-fueled birthplace of grunge, where citizens move under a seemingly perpetual cloud cover of rain, indie music, and caffeine. A city of hard rock and Seahawks, what better way to display your Seattle allegiance than a skyline tattoo?

Ranked as one of America’s most beautiful skylines, don’t be deterred by the quaint Seattle outline in the opening credits of hit television series “Frasier.”

The artist who inscribes this tattoo on your flesh understands your hardcore Emerald City pride, be it sports-related or in homage to the city that gave your favorite band their start. Whether it’s your fondness for the seemingly extraterrestrial Space Needle or nostalgic sea-and-sky architecture, carrying the skyline on your bicep, forearm, or back is the mark of a man who, like the city itself, carries himself with quiet strength, unwavering dignity, and a penchant for the alternative way of life.

Many who wear the Seattle skyline ink opt for a streamlined black and white design, while others have chosen carefully selected color schemes. A few have gone the stand-out UV ink route, allowing their skyline to literally light up the dark.

Regardless of what style you settle on, your Seattle skyline tattoo is sure to become as familiar as your favorite flannel shirt, as timeless as a Nirvana hit, and twice as bold as the blackest cup of coffee.


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