Should You Wear A Belt With Suspenders

Should You Wear A Belt With Suspenders? – Minor Men’s Fashion Mistakes

A fairly common question I get asked from time to time is, “Should you wear a belt with suspenders?” To put things in perspective, it’s a lot like wearing two baseball gloves to the ball game.

You’re hoping to catch a foul ball and while one glove would work just fine, you still want to play it cautious with two.

Is it unnecessary? Yes. A little foolish looking? Sure.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get away with doing it.

The truth is, when it comes to wearing a belt with suspenders you won’t look overly unfashionable or stylishly miserable. Just not as polished, considering it is a minor fashion mistake. Though, in reality, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing both if that’s what you personally want to do.

Yet, doing so will not look as sharp when it comes to overall presentation. Like all things related to accessories, it’s important to understand one word: Moderation.

Don’t wear more than you have to.


Wear one at time

Wearing A Belt With Suspenders For Men

When it comes to wearing men’s accessories to right way, the second key to know is fairly simple: Ensure everything blends into your attire effortlessly without overdoing it.

In reality, it’s tough to ruin an entire outfit based on what accessories you wear unless of course, you break those two cardinal rules above. The best way to think about it is like this: Does it draw in too much unwanted attention? Does it make others question why?

Consider wearing all of these items at once: A black belt, black suspenders, and black dress shoes. Regardless if you’re wearing both a belt and suspenders at the same time, you’re look is still going to pull together just fine. The reason why is that everything neatly blends in; or in other words, it’s much harder to notice you’re wearing one too many accessories.

Just like the baseball glove example I mentioned above. People are expecting to see someone wearing a glove at the game in the first place. While wearing two does look odd, it’s not upsetting in taste or even out of place.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you can wear both, though, you should really always avoid doing so. In reality, you’ll look far dapper with a more polished presentation by just going with one or the other.

Not to mention, there’s really no reason to wear both, unless of course, you’re participating in some extreme activity that warrants it. Even though, a belt or suspenders alone ninety-nine percent of the time would be enough support.


Suspenders can be intimidating at first, don’t worry.

Wearing Mens Suspenders With Belt

If you’ve never worn them before, chances are you’re going to feel weird with them on. Almost every man does, if they say they’re not their lying. Let’s face it, most gentlemen wear a belt for the majority of their lives before branching into new accessories like suspenders.

It’s a lot like wearing a suit that only comes out of the closet once in a great moon. It feels odd at first but over time you get super comfortable wearing it, not to mention, more confident too.

I could have easily told you a flat out no to wearing both, however, there’s something important to take away from all of this. To wear any great outfit well, you must feel one-hundred percent confident in it. There’s and old saying, if it doesn’t feel or fit right, it’s not your style and it’s true.

With that said, don’t be ashamed or even remotely embarrassed to wear both at first. (Just don’t make it a habit!) Go ahead and slowly make a transition over time to suspenders alone. The truth is, you won’t look goofy as long as you take the proper steps to ensure everything matches and blends in correctly.

Sure, you could skip this step completely, and by all means if you feel comfortable enough, do so. Just remember, if you feel awkward in suspenders, your overall presentation will show it.

In closing, know that you about this minor men’s fashion mistake, aim to avoid wearing both.

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