Skeleton Tattoos For Men

50 Skeleton Tattoos For Men – Spine-Tingling After Life Designs

Chances are you pull out the old skeleton on Halloween night to spoke and scare those who pass by. However, with holidays aside, have you ever thought about what this spine-tingling symbol truly means?

If you work in any industrial field you’re bound to discover the skull and cross bones plastered on anything poisonous.

Sure, it’s a warning to stay away from deadly chemicals, but consider how well this simple design introduces so much fear and danger to the equation.

It’s a symbol of death, however in comparison to the full skeleton the meaning extends much further and deeper.

For instance, after life these remaining bones can represent all sorts of things like strength, power, fearless or even surviving through a difficult time. In some religions their a symbol of eternal life and immortality too.

If you look at the death card in the Tarot for example, you’ll find out they symbolize the transformation of life after death.

However, while the design may seem quite dark at times, there are some meanings that are more positive. Take for instance ancient cultures who believed the bones of skeletons were good look charms that warded off evil spirits and illness. In a sense they were symbols of health, well-being and protection.

In Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival, their used to celebrate the memory of the dead.

No matter how you interrupt them, you can surely appreciate these top 50 best skeleton tattoos for men. You’ll find all sorts of masculine ideas from flags to bones in spooky situations!


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