Small Neck Tattoos For Men

40 Small Neck Tattoos For Men – Masculine Ink Design Ideas

A neck tattoo is no joke, but before your mind runs to those large tattoos that you see wrapping around the necks of gangsters in movies, think for a moment of a well placed, artfully designed, minimal tattoo.

This kind of tattoo can really show off a man’s bravery and individuality.

It’s something that could be hidden under a collar to be revealed as an intrigue at just the right time, or something that is always visible and gives a clue to what a man’s passions and interests might be.

It’s a chance for a man to really put himself out there as a free thinker and edgy creator. Anyone brave enough for a neck tattoo probably has the balls to accomplish many amazing things in the course of his life, starting with enduring a painful tattoo in a very conspicuous spot.

With color and highlights, a small neck tattoo might take on a realistic form. Other men may choose to highlight a simple silhouette or design a row of letters. Regardless of the style, having a tattoo there is both a conversation starter and a way to set himself apart from the crowd.

Our gallery of excellently designed and curated neck tattoos will give you a taste of a daring world that begins when you choose to take the leap to a neck tattoo.


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