Smoke Tattoos For Men

50 Smoke Tattoos For Men – Manly Matter To Spirit Designs

Throw another log in the campfire and watch the smoke drift upwards into the sky. The symbolism behind smoke goes far beyond classic pipes and fine cigars.

Just about every man knows what smoke is when it comes down to the science: A suspension of carbon particles ascending in the air. Yet that still doesn’t stop us from being drawn to the awe-inspiring beauty of a good roaring bonfire.

When it comes to smoke, many have said it’s a symbolism of matter transitioning into spirit. During ascension it vanishes leaving behind ash, similar to how the invisible soul leaves behind a mortal body.

It’s a good reason why the Vikings placed the dead on boats, allowing them to drift away before setting them ablaze. Even the Navajo burned the dead, including their houses too. While mourning, they believed the smoke from the fire would cleanse their bodies and minds of death’s energy.

While it may seem a bit bizarre, the truth is even the King of Persia could be found burning sandalwood to protect himself from disease and evil. For others, like those in Christian religions, a sweet-smelling incense is burned to represent prayers rising up to God in the heavens.

However, what’s interesting is some cultures believe different herbs symbolize different meanings. For instance, burning rose meant strengthen courage and producing vivid dreams. While sage was deemed for protection against evil and clove for eliminating gossip, gab and rumors.

Aside from historical beliefs, smoke has long had a more realistic purpose: To send messages and communicate. From tribe to community or just to person, smoke signals were a simple way to send a scared message across the sky.

With that said, I’ve put together the top 50 best smoke tattoos for men featuring all sorts of masculine design ideas. From smoke with skulls to incredible sleeves that are sure to ignite about inspiration.


Back Japanese Tattoo Smoke Men

Vintage Pipe Smoke Tattoo Designs For Guys

Train Smoke Stack Men's Tattoo

Tattoos With Smoke For Men On Arms

Tattoo Of Smoke On Man

Flower Smoking Tattoo For Men

Smoking Skull Tattoo For Men

Smoking Pipe Tattoo For Men

Smoke Tattoo Leg Sleeve For Men Of Skull

Smoke Skull Tattoos For Men

Smoke Shading Tattoos For Guys

Smoke Effect Men's Tattoos On Wrist

Smoke And Skull Tattoos For Men

Small Pipe Smoke Tattoo For Men

Skull Tattoos With Smoke Men

Skulls With Smoke Men's Tattoos On Back

Skull Smoke Men's Tattoos On Wrist

Skulls And Smoke Tattoos For Men

Detective Pipe Smoke Tattoo On Men

Shoulder Smoke And Skulls Tattoos For Guys

Red Smoke Skulls Tattoo For Guys

Wolf Men's Tattoo Smoke

Men's Smoking Tattoos

Men's Smoking Gun Tattoos On Arm

Men's Smoking Gun Tattoo

Men's Smoke Tattoo Shading

Men's Smoke Tattoos With Clock

Men's Smoke Tattoo Of Skull On Legs

Men's Smoke Tattoo Designs

Men's Smoke Skull Tattoo On Legs

Men's Japanese Smoke Tattoo Designs On Hands

Masculine Male Smoked Tattoos On Chest

Man With Smoking Skull Tattoo Designs

Man With Chest Tattoo Smoke Background

Manly Men's Light Bulb Smoke Tattoos

Male Smoke Rose Tattoo Designs

Male Smoke Design Tattoos On Chest

Male Bearded Man With Smoke Tattoo

Japanese Smoke Tattoo Eye For Men

Half Sleeve Arm Tattoos Of Smoke For Men

Guy's Smoking Eye Tattoos

Guy's Smoke Tattoos Designs

Guy's Smoke Sleeve Tattoo Of Flying Bird

Guy's Smoke Cloud Tattoos On Rib Cage Side

Guy's Skull And Smoke Tattoo Designs

Forearm Tattoo Smoke Shading For Men

Forearm Men's Smoke Effect Tattoo

Cool Men's Skull Sword Smoke Tattoo

Chest Tattoos Smoke Men

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