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70 Snake Tattoos For Men – A Venomous Bite Of Design Idea Inspiration

You might be surprised to know that there are over 2,900 snakes which can be found across every single continent, except for Antarctica. Plus, if you look in the Maya and Aztec calendars you’ll find Snake day on the fifth of the week!

From pit vipers to cobras, vipers, pythons, boas and more, there are countless snakes to explore. Some of which, will kill you of course, if you get too close.

However, what’s interesting about these long reptiles isn’t just their venomous jaw bite, or ability to shed their scaly skin, there’s actually quite more to it.

Take for instance, the deep grooves on pit vipers and pythons, which enables them to visualize any radiated heat from warm-blooded mammals nearby.

Now, when it comes to the meaning of snake tattoos, you’ll need to take a trip back in time. Ancient Egyptians crowned their pharaoh with the Nile cobra; worshiping it as one of the gods. But it wasn’t just all glory, in fact, in a darker light it the snake was associated with suicidal rituals and of course, murder too.

For Greek mythology, snakes aren’t exactly evil in nature, more or less they are earthbound. However, some interrupt this to be a symbol of deadly and dangerous.

On the other hand, today’s representation of the snake is often associated with modern medical and pharmaceutical medicine meanings. For example, the Bowl of Hygeia, Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius.

To give you a deadly dose of inspiration and ideas, I’m going to share with you the top 70 best snake tattoos for men. From realistic designs to the more abstract artwork that truly captures the essence of this natural creature.


Aztec Snake Black Men's Tattoo

Black Forearm Asian Snake Male Tattoo

Chest 3D Snake Men's Tattoos

Chest Gentleman With Realistic Snake Tattoo

Coiled Snake Men's Tattoo On Leg

Cool Men's Cobra Snake Tattoo On Arm

Cool Snake Tattoos For Men On Chest

Coral Snake Men's Tattoo

Eagle And Snake Male Tattoo On Chest

Forearm Aztec Snake Tattoo For Men

Forearm Snake Sleeve Men's Tattoos

Full Back Cobra Snake Men's Tattoos

Gentlemen With Snake Skin Tattoos Full Sleeve

Viper Guy's Chinese Snake Tattoo On Back Of Leg Calf

Guy's Snakes Tattoo On Rib Cage Side

Guy's Snake Tattoo Ideas

Guy's Snake Tribal Tattoo On Hand

Guy's Traditional Japanese Snake Tattoo

Half Sleeve Men's Snake Skin Tattoo

Japanese Snake Tattoos For Men

Male Old School Snake Tattoo Forearm Sleeve

Man With Snake Tattoo Full Back

Man With Traditional Snake Tattoos On Hands

Men's 3D Snake Tattoo

Men's Japanese Snake Tattoo

Men's Skull And Snake Tattoo

Tropical Men's Snake And Dagger Tattoo

Men's Snake Head Tattoo Small

Men's Snake Tattoo Designs On Head

Men's Snake Tattoo Half Sleeve

Men's Snake Tattoo Meaning

Men's Snake Tattoos

Men's Traditional Snake Tattoo

Men's Tribal Snake Tattoo On Hands

Rattle Snake Tattoo For Guys

Rattle Snake Tattoos For Men

Realistic Snake Guy's Tattoos Leg Sleeve

Realistic Snake Tattoo For Men

Rib Cage Side Snake Tattoo Wrapped Around Guy's Arm

Shoulder Japanese Snake Tattoo For Men

Simple Snake Tattoo For Guys

Small Male Curled Snake Tattoo

Small Men's Snake Eyes Tattoo On Wrist

Small Snake Tattoo For Men

Chest Shoulder Snake Tattoos For Guys

Snake And Skull Tattoo For Men

Snake Bite Tattoo For Men

Snake Eye And Skull Tattoo For Males

Snake Eye Arm Tattoo For Men

Snake Man Tattoo For Males

Snake Rose Tattoo Designs For Men

Snake Skull Tattoo For Men On Chest

Snake Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Snakes Tattoo For Men

Snake Tattoo Design For Men

Snake Tattoo Guy's Arm Sleeve

Snake Tattoo On Man's Arm Bicep

Shoulder Snake Tattoos Male Designs

Snake Tattoos On Arm For Males

Eagle Tattoo Snake For Men

Tattoos Of Snakes For Men On Leg

Tattoos Snake Ideas For Men

Wrist Blue Skull Snake Tattoo For Guys

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