Top 40 Best Neck Tattoos For Men

Top 40 Best Neck Tattoos For Men – Small To Heavily Inked Heads

Not too long ago a grouchy female blogger walked in a tattoo shop trying to get a neck tattoo.

When she was refused by the gentlemen at the shop, she went absolutely insane online. In an attempt to destroy his business and cry wolf, it sparked up quite the conversation.

But the truth is, she learned a valuable lesson from the man known as Dan Bythewood. (New York Adorned)

What she had failed to realize is that getting a neck or hand tattoo is a big commitment. One that more than often comes with potential future regret. It requires confronting society and acceptance of being judged negatively on daily basis by your peers. Not to mention, it’s a “job stopper” too. Which is why neck tattoos are traditionally reserved for those who are already covered in tattoos when they walk in the door.

Dan’s as a professional, had an ethical line for himself as a professional, and took the ancient art form seriously. He did the right thing by telling her no, plus after all it was his business and his choice. But the key take away here was how quick she was to place judgment on others, but couldn’t handle it being dished back to her. It takes sense why after all the dust has settled, Dan’s response would still be “no”.

If you are thinking about getting a neck tattoo consider what I’ve mentioned above. It might look cool or have a significant meaning but they can also come with a lot of stigma from society afterwards.

Yet no matter if you want a small or heavily inked piece around your head, you can still find inspiration from these top 40 best neck tattoos for men. Perhaps they will give you new ideas and designs to go with, or a better perception of just how visible they are.


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