Traditional Bear Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Traditional Bear Tattoo Designs For Men – Old School Ideas

The resurgence of interest in traditional style tattoos has started to focus on depictions of wild animals. Bears are a particularly common subject, and they are frequently depicted in the middle of a ferocious roar.

The thick coat and wide teeth of a bear work well the traditional style, and the contrast between dark fur and a red mouth is very striking.

They definitely look cool, but a traditional bear tattoo does more than just show off your animalistic side. Tattoos of these creatures actually contain a lot of symbolism in traditional artwork.
Many ancient cultures had legends that bears were connected to the spiritual world, and they are often linked to strength, ferocity in battle, healing, and bravery. Norse mythology believed that Odin, the god of healing, knowledge, battle, sorcery, and death, often wandered the world while accompanied by a bear.

The Sioux people had legends about a bear who traveled around the world teaching the healing arts. Though bears are often seen as wise sages, they also have the ability to be ferocious warriors. Many traditional tattoos attempt to capture the dual aspects of the bear by pairing with other symbols of wisdom, savagery, and courageousness.


Angry Traditional Bear Male Shin Tattoo Design

Awesome Shaded Black Male Traditional Bear Chest And Stomach Tattoo Designs

Banner Some Are Dead And Some Are Living Mens Brown Bear Traditional Arm Tattoos

Bear With Crown And Red Rose Flowers Male Traditional Upper Chest Tattoos

Black Bear Guys Growling Traditional Upper Chest Tattoos

Black Bear Mens Traditional Tattoo Design On Upper Chest

Black Bear With Arrows Male Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Design Ideas

Black Ink Old School Traditional Bear Head Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Agressive Bear Guys Traditional Stomach Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Male Traditional Bear With Crown And Rose Flowers Upper Chest Tattoo

Black Traditional Bear Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Black Yellow And Red Ink Male Traditional Bear Forearm Tattoos

Colorful Male Traditional Bear Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Claw Traditional Bear Mens Forearm Tattoos

Cool Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Of Traditional Bear For Males

Cool Lower Leg Male Bear Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Dagger Through Bear Head Mens Traditional Leg Tattoos

Detailed Dagger Traditional Bear Mens Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Foot Black Bear Guys Old School Traditional Inspired Tattoo Design Ideas

Full Chest Mens Traditional Bear Themed Tattoo Designs

Guys Back Of Leg Calf Traditional Tattoo Of Bear And Wolf

Guys Stomach Traditional Bear Tattoos

Guys Traditional Bear Knee Cap Tattoos

Guy With Traditional Bear Thigh Tattoo Design

Indian Head Mens Traditional Bear Arm Tattoo Designs

Manly Guys Growling Traditional Bear Arm Tattoos

Manly Upper Chest Traditional Arrows And Rose Flowers Tattoo Ideas For Men

Man With Black Ink Outline Traditional Bear Chest Tattoo Design

Masculine Guys Traditional Bear With Arrows Hand Tattoos

Mens Angry Traditional Bear Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Arm Traditional Tattoo Design With Bear

Mens California Republic Traditional Bear Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Mens Mounted Bear Head With Arrows Traditional Chest Tattoos

Mens Neck Traditional Tattoo Of Bear

Mens Thigh Traditional Bear Tattoo Designs

Mens Traditional Bear With Arrows Chest Tattoo Design

Mens Traditional Hand Tattoo Of Bear

Old School Retro Traditional Bear Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Red Moon With Black Traditional Bear Mens Stomach Tattoos

Red Mooon With Clouds Traditional Bear Arrow Male Arm Tattoos

Retro Male Camping Themed Traditional Bear Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Roaring Traditional Bear Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Shoulder Blade Male Traditional Bear With Rose Flower Tattoos

Small Outer Forearm Traditional Tattoos For Guys With Bear Design

Stand Your Ground Banner Guys Traditional Bear Leg Tattoos

Swords With Traditional Bear Head Mens Chest Tattoos

Thigh Traditional Bear With Black Rose Flowers Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Three Eyed Bear Mens Traditional Hand Tattoos

Traditional Bear In Woods Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Upper Arm Floral Male Traditional Bear Tattoo

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