Traditional Boxer Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Traditional Boxer Tattoo Designs For Men – Retro Boxing Ideas

For centuries professional boxers have stepped into the (physical and metaphorical) bearing a number of tattoos pronouncing their strength, tenactiy, culture, and familial loyalties.

For many, their tattoos were their badges of victory.

While the popularity of boxing has not waned with the years, the height of our adoration seems suspended in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when many men made their way by their bare-knuckled strength. Breath-snatching renderings of antiquated boxer symbols have taken on a style legacy of their own, worn by the bespoke gentleman who, underneath his exquisite attire, is a fighter to the end.

A particularly memorable boxing motif features a fighting figure accompanied by a banner on which words of encouragement are scrawled, such as “Begone sadness, begone woe, and come hither my friend, hope.” Those bearing a proud Irish heritage may select a line of Celtic poetry or popular verse.

From top-hatted mustachioed boxers to a symbolic pair of gloves, to even a more lighthearted kangaroo boxing depiction, traditional boxer tattoos mark an undefeated spirit, no matter how many fights life brings your way. Whoever throws the punches, it’s important to never stay down; we must rise stronger and wiser and more assured than before we hit the ground.

Wear your boxer tattoo on your shoulder, forearm, or chest to let the world know that while your fists may not be up, they’re still at the ready.


Amazing Mens Traditional Boxer With Kanagroo Tattoo Design On Leg Calf

Back Of Leg Mens Traditional Boxer Tattoo

Boxing Match Mens Traditional Leg Tattoos

Bruised But Not Beaten Banner Traditional Boxer Male Chest Tattoos

Cool Traditional Boxer Tattoo Inspiration For Gentlemen

Creative Inner Forearm Bruised Boxer Traditional Male Tattoo

Flower With Traditional Boxer Guys Lower Chest Ribs Tattoo

Flower With Traditional Boxer Guys Lower Chest Tattoo

Frame Boxer With Blue Flower Traditional Mens Back Tattoos

Gentleman With Awesome Traditional Boxer Inner Forearm Tattoos

Geometric Traditional Boxer Male Arm Tattoo

Guys Traditional Boxer With Cant Keep Me Down Banner Leg Tattoo

Guy With Inner Forearm Horseshoe Traditional Boxer Tattoo

Inner Forearm Traditional Boxer Guys Tattoo Ideas

Manly Boxer Traditional Guys Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Man With Red White And Blue Traditional Boxer Tattoo On Forearm

Masculine Traditional Boxer And Kangaroo Mens Born To Fight Stomach Tattoo

Mens Arm Traditional Tattoo Of Red Sun With Boxer And Flower

Mens Fight Boxing Glove Traditional Hand Tattoos

Mens Rib Cage Side Manly Traditional Boxer Tattoo

Mens Thigh Traditional Boxer With Kangaroo Tattoo Design

Mens Traditional Boxer Battle Tested Banner Foot Tattoo

Mens Traditional Red Boxing Gloves Small Tattoo On Arm

Olive Branch With Boxer Mens Arm Traditional Tattoos

Orange Flower With Boxer Traditional Forearm Tattoos For Males

Outer Forearm Masculine Shaded Boxer Flower Guys Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Quote With Boxer Guys Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Red Rose Flower With Boxer Mens Traditional Thigh Tattoos

Red Sun With Boxer Traditional Mens Small Arm Tattoos

Retro Old School Boxer Forearm Tattoo For Men With Traditional Design

Retro Olds Chool Traditional Mens Leg Boxer Tattoo Ideas

Rose Flowers With Boxer Guys Traditional Lower Leg Tattoo

Shaded Black And Grey Mens Traditional Boxer Banner Tattoo On Arm

Shaded Old School Black And Grey Guys Arm Traditional Boxer Tattoo

Shaded Traditional Boxer Guys Thigh Tattoos

Simple Traditional Small Black Ink Outline Boxer Guys Arm Tattoo

Tattooed Boxer Traditional Guys Arm Tattoo

The Good Fight Traditional Boxer Leg Tattoo Designs For Guys

Traditional Mens Boxer Back Of Leg Rose Flower Tattoo

Traditional Upper Arm Boxer Tattoo Ideas For Men

Unique Traditional Guys Rib Cage Side Boxer Tattoo Designs

Yellow And White Flower Boxer Traditional Mens Arm Tattoo

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