Traditional Owl Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Traditional Owl Tattoo Designs For Men – Wise Ink Ideas

The owl has long been considered one of the most beautiful flying creatures in the world. Most people associate the avian creature with wisdom, as they were once believed to possess a spirit known to guide human beings into the various wonders and mysteries found throughout life. A lot of people consider the owl to be their spirit animal.

There are a lot of different styles for an owl tattoo, including focusing on the creature itself.

Some take a different path and decide to create a little story around their artwork. For example, an owl sitting atop a stack of books symbolizes the wisdom these creatures are so known for. While an owl wearing a hat could simply be a tattoo designed with fun in mind.

The owl can fit perfectly as a tattoo in a variety of places on the body. You tend to see an owl on forearms, calves, and adorning the chest of a man. The owl on the chest is generally caught with its wings spread wide, covering the heart and soaring off into a space we cannot see. Those on the arms and legs tend to be perched elegantly.


Amazing Mens Full Chest Traditional Owl Tattoos

Artistic Traditional Colorful Male Owl Arm Tattoos

Awesome Traditional Male Chest Owl Tattoos

Back Male Black Ink Traditional Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

Big Eyed Owl Male Traditional Chest Tattoos

Black Ink Forearm Male Tattoo Of Traditional Owl

Black Owl Male Traditional Thigh Tattoo Designs

Blue Owl Male Traditional Back Tattoos

Colorful Detailed Male Traditional Owl Leg Tattoo

Cool Guys Flying Owl Traditional Chest Tattoo Ideas

Cool Traditional Owl Leg Calf Tattoo On Man

Day Of The Dead Skull Male Owl Traditional Forearm Tattoos

Detailed Owl Traditional Male Tricep Tattoo Designs

Flying Owl With Wings Spread Guys Traditional Chest Tattoos

Full Back Skull With Owl Guys Amazing Traditional Tattoo Deisgns

Full Chest Awesome Guys Nautical Themed Traditional Tattoos

Gentleman With Traditional Owl And Skull Bone Arm Tattoo

Gentleman With Upper Chest Traditional Black Ink Outline Owl Tattoo

Guys Owl Rose Flowers Stomach Traditional Tattoos

Guys Traditional Colorful Owl Chest Tattoos

Guy With Traditional Owl And Skull Arm Shaded Tattoo

Inner Arm Bicep Traditional Male Barn Owl Tattoos

Inner Forearm Male Tattoo Of Traditional Owl And Red Flowers

Lantern Male Traditional Owl Chest Tattoos With Rose Flower Deisgn

Leg Calf All Seeing Eye Owl Male Traditional Tattoos

Leg Male Traditional Owl Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male With Tattoo Of Owl And Chain Traditional Design On Outer Forearm

Manly Traditional Owl Guys Arm Tattoo Ideas

Man With All Seeing Eye Owl Traditional Tattoo Design

Masculine Traditional Owl With Dagger Back Tattoos For Men

Mens Black Ink Outline Traditional Tattoo Design Ideas With Owl

Mens Black Ink Owl Traditional Upper Chest Tattoos

Mens Cool Shaded Black And Grey Ink Owl With Skull Traditional Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Front Of Neck Traditional Owl Tattoos

Mens Hand Traditional Owl Tattoos

Mens Head Traditional Owl Tattoos

Mens Owl With Skull Traditional Chest Tattoo Ideas

Mens Traditional Owl Sitting On Tree Branch Arm Tattoos

Mens Traditional Tattoo On Chest With Owl Flying With Hourglass

Owl Clock Traditional Male Leg Tattoos

Owl Dagger With Eye Male Inner Forearm Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Owl Flying With Torch Mens Traditional Black Ink Outlien Chest Tattoos

Owl Snake Traditional Male Back Tattoos

Owl Wearing Top Hat Mens Traditional Arm Tattoos

Owl With Moon On Branch Guys Traditional Leg Tattoos

Red Sun Owl Male Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo

Rose Flower Eyes Skull With Owl Male Traditional Arm Tattoo

Rose Flower Owl Sleeve Male Traditional Tattoos

Rose Flower Owl With Hourglass Mens Traditional Upper Chest Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Traditional Owl Upper Back Tattoo On Guy

Sketched Style Traditional Male Owl With Rose Arm Tattoos

Skull And Crossbones Owl Traditional Guys Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Skull Owl Male Traditional Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Mens Traditional Owl Upper Chest Tattoos

Stomach Gold And Brown Traditional Owl Guys Tattoos

Traditional Guys Flying Owl Upper Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional Owl Flying With Arrows And Book Mens Stomach Tattoos

Traditional Owl With Skull Guys Black Ink Outlien Chest Tattoos

Unique Male Traditional Owl And Skull Inner Forearm Tattoos

Upper Chest Classic Traditional Owl Mens Tattoos

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