Traditional Rose Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Traditional Rose Tattoo Designs For Men – Flower Ink Ideas

The rose has long been a popular tattoo for both men and women alike ever since the 1930’s. Most tend to believe the rose, a beautiful, bright flower, symbolizes beauty or is a representation of our love lives.

While depicting love, the rose is often tattooed onto the body without any thorns, like the actual flower.

The thorns do have their own meaning, emphasizing the person wearing the tattoo does not put a lot of emphasis on outer beauty.

Sailors would often receive the rose tattoo to honor their loved ones, including a girlfriend they had to leave behind while on a trip out to sea. For these brave individuals, the rose symbolized the peace they so longed for but had to abandon for the greater good for the time being.

Most who receive a traditional rose tattoo opt for the general color red. Some, however, decide for a darker color, such as blue, purple, or even a black rose. Most of these decisions are purely aesthetic – the person’s favorite color, for example – while some have a deeper meaning that can symbolize happiness, pureness, or true love.

The yellow rose means happiness and safety from envious lovers. The white rose means pureness, youth, and a secret admirer. The red rose, the most popular, symbolizes true love.


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– Jace Laface

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