Traditional Swallow Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Traditional Swallow Tattoo Designs For Men – Old School Bird Ideas

Old school swallow tattoos done in a traditional style have long been an incredibly popular choice for sailors and tattoo enthusiasts alike.

For better or worse, gone are the days where one had to earn their nautical tattoos at sea.

Back in the day, a sailor had to cross 5000 miles of ocean to earn a swallow tattoo. Wearing tattoos seen by other sailors as badges of honor without having earned that honor could result in scorn or even a brawl. Now, these tattoos are as accessible as the nearest ink shop.

Though a far more commonplace sight today, and no longer restricted to decorating the skin of gritty mariners, the meaning behind a swallow tattoo is no less special to those who wear them for their decorative appeal. The image of a swallow still stands for loyalty, protection, seeking home, and ultimately, it symbolizes love. Old-school sailors will tell you that seafaring lore promises a swallow tattoo would even help lift a sailor to the heavens should he perish at sea. This was a sure comfort to those working this perilous trade.

Today, the swallow is a common feature of nautical themed sleeves and back pieces, as well as being a strong standalone tattoo. While any style can be applied, there is something timeless and beautiful about a boldly outlined traditional swallow tattoo inked in simple colors or shaded in black and gray.


Amazing Flaming Heart With Swallow Birds Guys Traditional Chest Tattoo

Amazing Mens Swallow Japanese Sleeve Traditional Tattoos

Anchor With Swallows Small Guys Traditional Hand Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Traditional Swallow Dagger Mens Leg Tattoo

Banner Memorial Mens Swallow Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo

Banner Swallow Mens Traditional Hand Tattoo Ideas

Banners With Family And Loyaly Mens Traditional Swallow Upper Chest Tattoos

Behind The Ear Mens Traditional Swallow Tattoos

Black And Red Ink Traditional Flying Swallow Bird Male Hand Tattoos

Black And White Ink Swallows Traditional Mens Bird Collarbone Tattoo

Blue Swallow Traditional Mens Neck Tattoos

Collarbone Guys Traditional Swallow Tattoos

Compass With Swallow Shaded Mens Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo Designs

Cool Traditional Swallow Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Cool Traditional Swallow With Ship Wheel Mens Outer Elbow Tattoos

Cross With Heart Anchor And Swallow Traditional Male Arm Tattoos

Dagger Through Swallow Bird Male Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo

Gentleman With Nautical Swallows Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo

Guys Sailing Ship With Swallow Traditional Black Ink Arm Tattoo Designs

Guys Traditional Red And Black Ink Swallow Tattoo Designs On Upper Chest

Guys Traditional Swallow Shaded Upper Chest Tattoos

Guy With Two Swallow Birds Flying Traditional Tattoo On Neck

Hand With Swallows Male Traditional Chest Tattoos

Heart With Swallow Mens Traditional Tribute Upper Chest Tattoo

Hip Swallow Mens Traditional Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Traditional Mens Blue Swallow Bird Tattoos

Japanese Clouds With Swallow Mens Shoulder And Chest Traditional Tattoos

Lower Leg Vintage Swallow Mens Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Male Shaded Traditional Swallow Hand Tattoo Ideas

Man With Traditional Swallow Tattoos On Hands

Masculine Traditional Swallows Mens Chest Tattoos

Mens Lighthouse Traditional Swallows Leg Tattoo

Mens Retro Traditional Swallow Tattoo Designs On Hand

Mens Swallow Traditional Anchor Tattoo On Arm

Mens Teal And Black Traditional Flying Swallow Upper Shoulder Tattoo

Mens Traditional Chest Tattoo With Flying Swallows And Key Design

Mens Traditional Swallow Bird Shaded Black And Grey Upper Chest Tattoo

Mens Upper Chest Old School Swallow With Compass Traditional Tattoo

Mom Banner With Flying Swallow Old School Mens Traditional Memorial Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Mom Heart With Swallow Guys Traditional Chest Tattoo

Nautical Themed Traditional Swallow Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Ocean Landscape Swallow Male Traditional Arm Tattoos

Old School Mens Traditional Horseshoe And Swallow Tattoo On Arm

Old School Mens Traditional Retro Swallow Dagger Forearm Tattoo

Old School Swallow Mens Traditional Hand Tattoo Inspiration

Red Sun With Swallow Traditional Small Mens Forearm Tattoo

Sailor Swallow Guys Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo

Ship In A Bottle Swallow Traditional Guys Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Ship Wheel With Swallow Traditional Male Chest Tattoos

Simple Traditional Swallow Male Upper Chest Tattoo

Single Swallow Mens Traditional Chest Tattoo

Small Manly Swallow Traditional Mens Hand Tattoos

Small Simple Mens Flying Swallow Traditional Neck Tattoo

Swallows Flying With Banner Guys Traditional Shaded Upper Chest Tattoo

Thigh Black Ink Traditional Swallow Tattoos For Gentlemen

Traditional Classic Mens Upper Chest Swallow Tattoo Design Ideas

Traditional Memorial Mom Swallow Chest Tattoos For Guys

Traditional Mens Swallow Hand Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Swallow With Rose Flower Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Traditional Tattoo Of Swallow For Men On Lower Leg With Small Design

Upper Chest Traditional Guys Swallow Tattoo Deisgns

White And Black Ink Flying Swallow Mens Traditional Chest Tattoos

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