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70 Viking Tattoos For Men – Manly Germanic Norse Seafarer Designs

Aside from rowing boats and beheading enemies, you might be surprised to know the Vikings lived with quite numerous positive principles.

For instance, they believed writing gave a man his power.

While bathing and grooming weekly were essential to respecting one’s body. In comparison, this was far from the norm back in European times.

For memorials, the dead were sent out to sea with all of their belongings. Not an article of clothing or jewelry was to be missing; even their animals rode along!

They also believed in bravery, though it was considered to the only for a fallen warrior way to reach the Norse afterlife, the Valhalla.

Even though the term Vikings meant “a pirate raid” in Old Norse, they still led ships across the sea to trade precious metals for timber. To them, wood was everything. By everything I mean the fabric of the universe that was kept intact by the World Ash, Yggdrasil. You could find light oak and heavy pine mast in throughout the long ships. From the deck and oars to the longbows too. Though, arrows were more commonly made of birch.

From AD 800 to 1066 the Germanic Norse seafarers had traveled from Scandinavia all the way to northern and central Europe. During travel they placed their fate in the three Norns, which ruled over the future, present and past. To maintain a good health out on the seas, observance of religion was critical while medicine meant death. In other words, medicine angered the gods like Thor and Loki.

Without going into too much detail, I’d going to show you the top 70 best Viking tattoos for men. From cool wooden ships to the single bladed seax, aka knife, worn by all on deck. You’ll discover manly designs capturing the essence of bravery.


Back Celtic Viking Men's Tattoos

Bicep Manly Viking Tribal TAttoo

Bicep Traditional Viking Tattoos For Men

Cool Men's Viking Tattoo Forarm

Cool Vikings Tattoos For Men On Back

Cool Viking Tattoos For Gentlemen On Back

Creative Men's Back Viking Warrior Tattoo

Elbow Men's Viking Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Men's Viking Dragon Tattoo

Forearm Viking Ship Tattoo For Men

Full Sleeve Men's Tattoos Of Vikings

Guy's Viking Ship Tattoo Designs Sleeve

Realistic Lower Leg Viking Men's Arm Tattoos

Male Viking Dragon Tattoos Sleeve Tribal

Man With Viking Sword Tattoo Full Sleeve

Masculine Viking Ship Tattoos

Men's Ancient Viking Tattoos On Upper Arm

Men's Viking Back Of Leg Calf Tattoos

Men's Viking Tribal Tattoo Ideas

Men's Viking Skull Tattoos Sleeve

Men's Vikings Tattoo Bicep Arm Skull

Men's Viking Tattoo Sleeve

Men's Viking Tattoo Sleeves

Men's Viking Tattoos On Upper Arm

Dragon Norwegian Viking Tattoos For Males

Rib Cage Side Male Norse Viking Tattoos

Shoulder Male Viking Boat Tattoos

Shoulder Masculine Viking Helmet Tattoo

Sleeve Danish Viking Men's Tattoos

Sleeve Manly Men's Nordic Viking Tattoos

Small Chest Viking Warrior Tattoos For Men

Swedish Viking Men's Tattoos On Back Side

Tattoo Viking Men Sleeve

War Helmet Eyes Viking Tattoos For Males On Bicep

Upper Arm Ship Viking Style Tattoo On Men

Viking Compass Tattoo For Men On Ribs

Viking Cross Men's Tattoos

Viking God Men's Tattoos

Viking Head Tattoo For Men

Viking Helmet Men's Tattoos On Chest

Viking Knotwork Male Tattoos

Viking Longship Tattoo For Men

Viking Men's Celtic Tattoos On Arm

Viking Mythology Tattoos For Men On Outer Forearm

Viking Norse Tattoo Designs For Men On Back

Viking Runes Tattoo Men Half Sleeve

Viking Rune Tattoo On Man On Back

Viking Rune Tattoos For Men On Arm

Viking Shoulder Blade Men's Tattoos

Vikings Tattoo Designs Men On Bicep Of Ships

Viking Tattoos Designs Ideas On Man

Viking Style Tattoos For Guys

Viking Symbols Tattoo For Men

Viking Symbols Tattoos For Guys

Viking Symbol Tattoos For Men

Viking Tattoo Art For Guys On Right Chest

Viking Tattoo Design Ideas For Guys

Viking Tattoo Designs For Men

Viking Tattoo Meaning For Men

Viking Tattoo Omaha For Men

Viking Tattoos Designs For Men Of War Ship

Viking Tattoo Symbols On Men On Back Shoulder Blade

Viking Tribal Tattoos For Men

Wrist Men's Viking Symbol Tattoo

Wrist Viking Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

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