Wave Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Wave Tattoo Designs For Men – An Ocean Of Manly Ideas

It’s easy to surf across the perfect wave, yet even easier to get lost in it staring far from the beach shore. The constant motion of the ocean, though, breaking off at the shore, still manages to appear calm and quite tranquil.

However, when the storms brew, the once peaceful waves turn into terror.

The idea is beautifully captured in the famous The Grave Wave woodblock print by the renowned Japanese artist Hokusai. It’s believed t be crafted back in 1830, though some others claim 1833.

In this drawing, Hokusai featured vivid details of the deep blue in the wave’s curve. Yet, his inspiration truly stemmed from the fact that his own country was completely surrounded by ocean water. It’s a good reason why his artwork captured the wave so precisely.

On the other hand for others, waves aren’t interrupted out of terror, rather their appreciated for being symbols of life’s constant motion. It’s an unstoppable force of nature that continues on and on over the course of time.

In another light, waves can represent how even with all the strength in the world, water can still manage to work its way free. Just like life itself, many things refused to be grasped and remain elusive to us.

Of course, water itself can also symbolize purity or purification too, like holy water for instance. Yet no matter your inspiration, I’d like to share with you a collection of the top 60 best wave tattoo designs for men. You’ll discover an ocean of masculine ideas featuring all sorts of unique and creative ink styles.


Anchor And Wave Tattoo Men's Ideas

Arm Kanagawa Wave Male Tattoo

Asian Wave Tattoo For Men On Hand

Atlantic Ocean Wave Tattoo Designs On Men

Atomic Wave Tattoo For Men On Legs

Bicep Guy's Chinese Wave Tattoo

Bicep Wave Tattoo For Men

Blue Guy's Hokusai Wave Tattoo On Ribs

Blue Surfing Wave Tattoo For Men On Arm

Blue Tattoo Waves For Men With Flower

Chest And Shoulder Men's Water Wave Tattoo

Chest Japanese River Wave Tattoo On Man

Sunset Color Guy's Water Waves Tattoo On Arm

Cool Blue Arm Wave Tattoo For Men

Full Sleeve Tattoo Of Waves Men

Gentleman With Japanese Wave Tattoo Sleeve On Arm

Guy's Tattoos Of Ocean Waves On Back

Half Sleeve Light Wave Men's Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo Waves For Males With Eagle On Chest

Monster Japanese Wave Tattoo For Males

Lighthouse Ocean Waves Tattoo For Men

Male Tattoos Of Wave On Foot

Male Wave Sleeve Tattoo

Manly Wave Armband Tattoo On Wrist

Man With Chest And Shoulder Wave Tattoos

Man With Wave Tattoo Sleeve In Black Ink

Masculine Back Wave Tattoo Designs For Men

Masculine Sun And Wave Tattoo On Arm

Men's Great Wave Tattoo Half Sleeve

Men's Hawaiian Wave Tattoo

Men's Japanese Waves Bicep Tattoos

Men's Japanese Waves Tattoo Full Sleeve

Men's Japanese Wave Tattoo On Arm

Men's Ocean Wave Tattoo On Legs

Men's Waves Tattoo

Men's Wave Tattoo Sleeve On Legs

Ocean Waves Male Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Wave Tattoo For Males

Ship Sailing In Waves Tattoo For Males

Simple Creative Men's Wave Tattoo Design Night Time Theme

Skull Wave Tattoo For Men

Sleeve Tattoos For Men With Waves

Small Chinese Waves Tattoo Ideas For Men

Small Men's Wave Tattoos

Surfer Ocean Wave Tattoos For Males

Surfing Ocean Waves Guy's Tattoo Designs

Tattoos Waves Ideas For Men

Tattoo Wave On Man Leg And Foot

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Tattoo For Guys

The Great Wave Tattoo For Guys

The Wave Tattoo For Men

Thigh Wave Band Tattoo For Men

Tidal Wave Tattoo For Men

Cool Koi Fish Wave Tattoos Men

Water Wave Men's Tattoos

Wave Curl Bicep Tattoo Men

Waves Tattoos For Guys

Wave Tattoo Meaning For Men

Wave Tattoos Men's Designs

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