Top Best Tactical Stockings For Men

Top 12 Best Tactical Stockings For Men – Manly Christmas Decor

The holidays season is all about honoring traditions we looked forward to all year when we were children, and hanging one’s personalized stocking over the fireplace is far from a kiddy pastime.

In fact, some could say the tradition gets even better with age.

The modern holiday man’s stocking–and its contents–are an upgrade from childhood Christmas morning windfalls, and he deserves a stocking that will hold his newfound treasures with masculine style and a wink of good cheer.

From military straps to secret pockets to bi-directional zippers, and even quick-release toe clips (all the better to spill the goodies even faster), the best tactical Christmas stockings are all about savoring the holidays like a pro. Whether you prefer nylon or knit, leather or canvas, or just good old-fashioned red fleece, your stocking is sure to make Santa grin–and maybe even add a few more treats, regardless of whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Some things should only get better with time, and the joys of Christmas are one of them. Why should the kids get all the fun when you work twice as hard and can finally reap the gifts you’ve earned? Treat yourself or the men that make your holidays shine to a stocking that is sure to steal the spotlight on Christmas Eve.

Best Tactical Stockings For Men

1. Garud Multicam Christmas Tactical Stocking With Molle Gear

Garud Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear (Multicam)


Are you looking out for a high utility stocking that offers everything that you need? Then the Tactical Christmas Stocking is the perfect option for you. With multiple pockets, you can hide multiple goodies in these with absolute ease.

2. Lazer Designs Tactical Christmas Stocking

Lazer Designs Personalized Tactical Christmas Stocking Hanging Christmas Stockings Ready to be Stuffed in Camo


For a stocking that you can easily personalize, this Tactical Christmas Stocking by Lazer Designs is the perfect one to go in for. The stocking comes in a variety of colors and textures, so you have a good number of options to choose from.

3. Osage River Ruck Up Canine Tactical Stocking

OSAGE RIVER Ruck Up Dog Christmas Stocking for Pets, Tactical Black


For a man who loves dogs more than anything else, this dog Christmas stocking is the perfect option. The stocking is available in three colors and has fabric holders throughout to hang candy canes, or dog treats if you may!

4. La Police Gear Tactical Vest Christmas Stocking

LA Police Gear LAPG-AC-TCS4 Tactical Vest Christmas Miniature Pouches Central Zipper Stocking-Coyote


Breaking away from the camouflage trend, these solid brown stockings are made of an extremely durable material, and are perfect decorating with a tactical touch. The stocking has multiple pockets and adjustable straps to fit everything that you need to in it.

5. Kurt Adler Camouflage Tactical Stocking

Kurt Adler Camouflage Stocking with Faux Fur Cuff, 18.5-Inch


A slightly bigger stocking than the other options on our list, the Kurt Adler Camouflage Stocking is a good mix of camouflage and Christmas cheer with the faux fur part at the top. The stocking also comes with a side pocket for extra stuffing.

6. Blue Force Gear Santa Socks Tactical Stocking

Blue Force Gear Santa Socks Tactical Stocking
If you are looking for something that is made from sturdy utility material, a military style inspired stocking is sure to grab anyone’s attention. Made with some of the toughest material, the tactical Christmas stocking by Blue Force Gear is durable and has ample amount of space for stocking stuffing.

7. Camosock Army Christmas Camouflage Tactical Stocking

Army Christmas Stocking Camouflage Fabric


With the US Army and an American flag on it, the stocking is one hundred percent American. Made of cotton and nylon, this stocking is incredibly well tailored to give you a beautiful and unique stocking that your man will love!

8. Green Camouflage Tactical Stocking

This eighteen-inch camouflage stocking is perfect for sons, husbands and just any man in the military. If you want to get a matching pair for a woman in your life, or even for yourself, the product also comes in a pink camouflage pattern as well.

9. Northlight Camouflage Christmas Tactical Stocking

A good budget option for a Christmas stocking, the Northlight Camouflage Christmas Stocking is another camouflage option that you can go in for. It has a faux fur cuff, which adds a nice unique touch to the stocking.

10. OC Tactical Rhodesian Camouflage Christmas Stocking

Oc Tactical Rhodesian Camouflage Christmas Tactical Stockings


For a man who wants a Christmas stocking that is made of pure heavy duty military grade material, the Rhodesian Camouflage Christmas Stocking is the answer. The stocking comes with its name tag as well to write your name on.

11. SKD Multicam Christmas Tactical Stocking

Skd Multicam Christmas Tactical Stocking

For a cool utility Christmas stocking, this multicam one from SKD is a good choice. The product comes in a pair, so you can give one to another member of your family, or keep it for yourself for double the Christmas stuffings!

12. Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Christmas Stocking

Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Christmas Stockings


If you want a lot of options and patterns in Christmas stockings, and not just the regular camo choices, then these tactical Christmas stockings are the way to go. Wilde Custom Gear’s tactical stockings arrive with a cool 100d Cordura construction with a laser cut MOLLE panel. You’ll also find a nice hand tag and vlecro topper for nametape or patches. From classic black to Kryptek, Wilde Custom Gear offers countless manly tactical options.

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