Helle Norway Knives Utvaer Arv Knife Review

Helle Norway Knives – Utvaer and Arv Knife Review

Inspired by the wild mountains, fjords and open seas, the story behind each Helle knife beings in Norway during the 1930s.

At the time, two brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle could be found in the forge of their father’s farm constructing farming tools among other instruments.

While the unemployed team of two started their business during a period of looming economic depression, it didn’t discourage them from dreaming.

After a journey to Oslo by bicycle, they began to sell their knives at 40 ore each. Years later, they would expand into table knife production, and eventually, towards the 1970s, offer sports knives and forged knives for silver cutlery.

Surprisingly, you’ll even find in today’s modern times, Helle has stuck to their core idea of creating knives that are worth cherishing for a lifetime. A closer look at the company will reveal their commitment to old-world craftsmanship hasn’t changed at all. Still located in the Village of Molmedal, which has a mere 500 or so inhabitants, every piece is expertly produced by hand. About 20 or so of those people work in the Norwegian factory, which by the way, was built on a Viking boat burial site.

With each knife going through up to 45 different manual operations, you can expect nothing short of the most exceptional quality. From the Alden fishing knife to the Viking all-purpose knife, each is made to withstand the strains and stresses of a knife that’s actually used.

If you think about it, it only makes sense that functionality match the beauty, considering that most farmers were so poor, they could only really afford just one knife. Why not make something as incredibly beautiful as it is durable?

For the past 80 plus years and counting, Helle has been creating some of the finest and world’s best foraging, all-purpose, hunting, fishing, etc. knives. They’ve even developed their own triple-laminated steel featuring a brittle layer between two softer, more pliable steel layers.

Not to mention, the handles are crafted from a species of native Norway curly birch. If that wasn’t impressive enough, you might be pleased to know that the leather sheath work is done in-house too. In other words, no two knives are alike.

With that said, go ahead and explore my Helle Utvaer and Arv knife reviews below. You’ll find two stunning tools that will last through a lifetime of adventure.


Quick Highlights:

Utvaer Knife

Cutting Into Wood Log With Helle Utvaer Knife

– Named for the westernmost collection of islands where Norway encounters the North Sea
– 160 gram weight
– Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade material
– 3 mm blade thickness
– 100 mm blade length
– Curly birch and vulcan fibre handle material
– 110 mm handle length
– Genuine leather sheath material
– 50 gram sheath weight
– 2014, art number 600, Jesper Voxanaes design
– Drop point Scandinavian ground blade

Arv Knife

Helle Arv Knives Reviews

– 88 gran weight
– Drop point, triple laminated stainless steel blade
– 2.6 mm blade thickness
– 87 mm blade length
– Curly birch, staghorn antler and leather handle material
– 104mm handle length
– Nordic style, rich tanned genuine leather sheath
– 26 gram sheath weight
– 2016, art number 14, Helle-design
– Deeply contoured wood handle for confident control


Helle Utvaer and Arv Knife Reviews

Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives In Tube Packaging

Outer Tube Package Helle Arv And Utvaer Knife Box

Designed By Les Stroud Helle Utvaer Knife Tube

Included Package Tubes Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives

Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives Stunning Polished Handle Details

Bottom Helle Arv And Utvaer Knife Leather Shealths

Helle Knife Sharpening Factory Process

Helle Unique Knife Steel With Razor Sharp Edge

Dedication To Craftmanship Helle Knives Company History

Helle Handle Polishing Oiling And Griding Factory Process

Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives Finely Sharpned Blade Edges

Raw Steel Formed Knife Blade At Helle Factory

Helle Quality Lifetime Warranty Made In Norway

Helle Knife Functionality And Purpose Explained

Helle Factory Stamped Cut Out Knives

Leather Sheathed Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives

Helle Tanned Leather Sheath Treated With Saddle Grease Factory Process

Helle Norway Knives Brochure

Leather Sheaths Helle Arv And Utvaer Top

Blade Close Up Helle Utvaer Knife

Helle Arv Knife Blade Close Up

How To Sharpen Helle Knife With Diamond Tool Or Wet Stone

Rear Pressing Knife End Helle Factory

End Of Handles Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives

Beautiful Wood Handle Details Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives

Mirror Polished Blades Top View Helle Arv And Utvaer Knives

Helle Knives Maintenance Instructions Handle Sheath And Blade

Get a grip on the Utvaer knife and chances are you’ll never want to let go.

Inspired by the westernmost collection of islands where Norway meets the Sea, the Utvaer holds a rather interesting story. According to Norwegian sagas, these islands were a place for Vikings to gather while sharpening their swords/knives on the rocks.

Beyond the name and history lesson, each features a 110mm curly birch and Vulcan fiber handle that’s remarkable to hold. Obtaining that perfect, precise level of grip is a nearly effortless process thanks to the excellent full tang design.

In addition, you’ll find a 4-inch drop point, Scandinavian ground, Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade with a thickness of 3mm. To protect this magnificent piece for years to come, a genuine leather sheath comes included.

For skinning to bushcraft, regardless of how you use it one thing is true: The Utaver is a testament to Helle’s dedication to functionality, splendor and exceptional forte.


Cutting Into Wood Log With Helle Utvaer Knife

Helle Norway Knives Review Utvaer Slicing Through Tree Bark Outdoors

Helle Norway Sharpening Wood Stick Into Spear Outdoor Field Test

Helle Utvaer Knife Review Tinder Wood Shavings

Helle Utvaer Review

If you were to pass down a beautiful knife to the next generation, the Arv (aka inheritance) would be it.

With curly birch, staghorn antler and leather fused as one to form the handle, the Arv is absolutely stunning to see in person. Of course, holding the deeply contoured wooden handle in your hand (medium fit) is quite a pleasure too.

Paired to the handsome handle, you’ll find a drop point blade crafted from Helle’s own, triple laminated stainless steel. You’ll also see a brilliant, razor-sharp Scandinavian grind to make easy work of hunting, bushcraft, carving, etc. tasks. To carry on the beauty on forward, you’ll find an elegant tanned leather Nordic inspired sheath.

After having a chance to review the Helle Arv, I’m beyond impressed at just how practical this knife is. For a tool of such exquisiteness, I love to use it as much as I like to look at it.


Knife Review Helle Utvaer

Helle Arv Knives Reviews

Helle Utvaer Knife Removing Tree Bark Outdoors

Review Helle Arv Knife


Helle Knives - Utvaer - Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel - Traditional Fillet Knife - Made in Norway




HELLE Knives - ARV - Triple Laminated Stainless Steel - Traditional Field Knife - Made in Norway




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