Top Best Money Making Ideas Ways To Make Extra Money With Side Jobs

Top 70 Best Money Making Ideas – Ways To Make Extra Money With Side Jobs

These are trying times for every man, no matter his profession or walk of life.

We all desire the stability, peace of mind, and freedom that the 1% enjoys, but in the absence of that one-in-a-million prestige, there are a number of side jobs to alleviate the burden of making ends (barely) meet.

The best off-the-clock-but-on-duty side jobs allow you to benefit from your own individual skill set. From auto repair assistance to music, language, and targeted-subject tutoring, your own abilities will not only be of value to others, but put some much-needed funds back in your wallet as well.

Many take on part-time work as freelancers in their field of expertise, or put their vehicles to use as independently licensed chauffeurs. Reasonably-priced handymen are still a rarity and worth their weight in gold, as well as reliable consultants, so why not step in and reap the rewards?

Success is often a matter of thinking outside the norm and as an individual. Just as your place in the world is unique and of value, so too are the ways in which you can earn a second income and finally rest easy. You may not reach the 1% ranks right away, but by examining your own talents and tools of the trade and marketing them to the right people, you can be well on your way to enjoying a better quality of life.

With that said, go ahead and explore these top 70 best money making ideas below. You’ll find numerous great ways to make extra money with side jobs.


1. Start a blog.

Start A Blog Money Making Ideas

Anyone can start a blog these days and for only a few dollars a month. Domains (.com) run around ten dollars per year while hosting can cost you about five dollars or less per month. WordPress, the free blogging platform that millions of bloggers around the globe use, takes only an hour or less to understand the basics.

Regardless if you are into the history of vintage cars or mastering waves while surfing, you can quite literally write about anything you wish.


2. Start a podcast.

Grab a microphone and you’re good to go.

While popular podcast programs like the Joe Rogan Experience may feature thousands of dollars in audio and video recording equipment, you can get by with much less. In reality, gear doesn’t matter, your ideas do. My personal favorite microphone to record with is the Audio-Technica AT2020. It works via a simple USB port that plugs into your computer and costs under a hundred dollars to own.

When it comes to sharing your podcast there are all sorts of different places to host it: Youtube, iTunes (Podcasts Connect), SoundCloud, Podomatic, PodBean and beyond.


3. Start a YouTube channel.

Start A Youtube Channel Money Making Ideas

Let’s face it, the numbers are in your favor. YouTube receives an estimated 30 million visitors per day; some of which will ultimately end up stumbling across your video uploads. If you want to build up subscribers around a giant community, while getting paid to do it, YouTube is the answer.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert on everything or anything for that matter. All it takes is a willingness to experiment alongside investing time into editing video and audio clips together. Of course, owning a camera helps too. It doesn’t even have to be a 4K video camera or the latest and greatest piece of tech. In reality, your iPhone or old digital camera from ages ago will get the job done. Check out Casey Neistat’s channel for inspiration.


4. Import and resell overseas products

Resell Products Online Money Making Ideas

AliExpress, DHGate, and Alibaba are gold mines for finding products to buy and resell at a markup. Take for instance a simple hair comb. You may purchase them directly from the manufacturer overseas for 50 cents or less each, then turn around and sell them to US customers for 5 dollars or more each. When it comes to sellers who do this on Amazon, there are countless, many of which make seven figures a year operating online stores.

Before buying from these places, understand that shipping times from China to the US can take a long time. 30 to 60 days to receive a package is reasonable. Product quality isn’t always the best and some sellers will refuse to give out samples to low volume buyers. Even after you find the perfect product at the perfect price, sometimes it won’t be such a hot seller. In reality, you’ve got to experiment and uncover what the market wants.


5. Buy and resell products from local auctions

Big brands like Amazon, Home Depot, and others sell off their returned, defective, etc. items to big auction houses, who in turn, offer them for bid to customers like you. Many of these items are in pristine, brand new condition but auctioned without a factory box, or with a missing instruction booklet. Some products are in need of a repair or severely defective, which means you’ll have to spend time inspecting items before you buy.

These products can be won at auction and then resold either locally in person or offered for sale online at places like eBay.


6. Drop Shipping

Many companies offer drop shipping services these days, but you’ve really got to look around to find them. How drop shipping works is simple: A customer buys an item from your store, you notify the drop shipping party of the sale, and the drop shipper ships the item directly to the customer. Of course, you’re on the hook for handling customer service, attracting new customers and so on.

While drop shipping my sound like a dream, it does come with some downsides. For one, you’re stuck waiting on the drop shipper to mail out items, and any delay can be out of your control. Shipping expenses can chew into profits deeply, and branding/promotional material is non-existent when it comes to packaging.


7. Be a driver.

Uber Driver Money Making Ideas

Join Uber or Lyft and drive people around town with your car. Factor in wear and tear on your vehicle, fuel costs, maintenance, insurance costs and so on before giving it a go.


8. Be a writer or copywriter.

Writer Money Making Ideas

Consider writing your own eBooks or Kindle books and putting them up for sale. These short books or guides can be on any topic imaginable from pure fiction to strictly educational.

If being an author doesn’t interest you, then consider being a ghostwriter. Services like HireWriters or Textbroker will pay you to write on a wide variety of subjects and topics. They are the middlemen who can connect you with businesses and companies in need of writers. These two, for example, handle all the payments, disputes and so on, so you can focus on writing while they ensure everything goes smoothly between the two parties.

Beyond basic writing services, copywriting is where the real extra side hustle money is made. It’s not unheard of to see freelance copyrighting professionals earning thousands of dollars per project and upwards. Big brands have been known to shell out five-thousand plus for those really juicy in-depth articles.


9. Transcribe audio

Transcribing Money Making Ideas

If you lack creativity but still want to write, then transcribing might be a great side job for you. If you’re not familiar with transcribing, how it works is simple. You listen to a recorded piece of audio and type the words out into a document.

To get started with this money making idea, check out a company like TranscribeMe.


10. Be a freelance coder or programmer.

Website Coder Programmer Money Making Ideas

Code websites, desktop applications, excel formulas and beyond in your spare time for extra cash.
If freelancing isn’t for you, then code your own app, site or software. Offer the finished product up using a subscription model at a low price (say $5 per month), draw in 100 users and you’re making an extra $500 per month, every month.

Another money making idea to consider is web/application security testing and hardening. You can also hop into the world of paid malware removal too if that’s your thing.


11. Be a freelance graphic designer or illustrator.

Let’s face it, people are always in need of artwork for logos, flyers, business cards, websites, etc. You can go your own route as a freelancer or consider giving places like 99Designs a try.

Another option to consider is licensing your artwork and designs through places like the Envato Market. There you can offer PSDs of website designs, logos, business cards, etc. for any price you wish. Normally, these sort of these things are priced anywhere from one dollar to fifty dollars. While this may not seem like a lot of money, when you consider that hundreds or thousands of people could buy your design, it adds up fast!

If those money making ideas above aren’t your cup of tea, then perhaps consider giving illustrating a shot. Custom cartoon and comic characters can fetch a pretty penny due to the amount of creativity involved.


12. Voice over talent

Voice Over Money Making Ideas

From business line voicemail recordings to deep and dark movie introductions, voice-overs are a great way to make extra money. All you need is a microphone and an upbeat tone.


13. Complete online surveys

Answer questions and give your opinions for cash. Most online surveys take five minutes or less to complete, but certain ones will pay you for month-long programs.

My personal favorite is one I used back in college to earn extra money, it’s called: SurveySavvy. They’ve been around forever and have consistently paid on time. Best of all, the longer you are with the program and the more surveys you complete, the more opportunities they send to your email inbox.

You can also give Vindale Research and Ipsos I-Say a try as well.


14. Get paid to test websites

Spend five minutes to an hour testing out a website’s functionality. Give your options, feedback and first impressions and get paid. While you browse each website your screen will be recorded and shared as a video for the paying client to review.

Best of all, aside from being a great work from home job, it requires virtually no experience. If you found and can read this money making ideas guide, then you’ll do just fine!

Consider the following companies to earn extra money: UserTesting, WhatUsersDo, UserTest.Io, EnrollApp, UTest, UserFeel, StartUpLift, Analysia, TryMyUI, and TestingTime.


15. Create and license music.

Audio Beats Producer Money Making Ideas

Love music? Get paid to create it. Sell licenses for custom songs, hooks, beats and beyond. Take for example the Envato Market where you create a song track and offer it for sale to the world. Unlike most songs which generally retail for a dollar or less, you can charge more for business licensees, often $5 to $15 per track!


16. Take odd online jobs.

Give time and complete tasks and get paid. If you’re looking for odd small jobs that pay consider giving Reddit’s For Hire section a look. You can also try places like Amazon Turk, Task Rabbit or Agent Anything. While the pay is often extremely low, the more jobs you complete the more it adds up it in the end.


17. Take odd local jobs.

Local Handyman Money Making Home Ideas

At any given moment you’ll find thousands of listings on sites like Craigslist and Backpage with people in need of everything from movers to painters, handymen, etc.


18. Sell your stuff.

Let’s face it, everyone has too much junk! You declutter your place and still find yourself with too much junk. It truly adds up over time.

Consider having a garage sale or listing all your extra possessions on eBay or Craigslist. If you really have a lot of stuff, then consider opening up a table at the local flea market.


19. Rent out your place.

Room Rental Home Based Money Making Idea

Have a spare room? Consider listing it on places like AirBnB.


20. Do manual labor.

Yard Work Money Making Ideas

Shovel snow, cut grass, clean pools, weed gardens, etc. Offer to paint house numbers on the curb for twenty dollars apiece. Do 25 homes per neighborhood and you’re earning $500.  Do it to multiple neighborhoods and you’re earning some serious coin.


21. Sell plasma or sperm.

Get paid to donate.


22. Create your own products.

From leatherworking to woodworking, soap making and beyond, creating and selling your own products can be a fun way to get paid for your hobby. You can make everything from t-shirts to keychains, beard oil, soap bars, artwork, storage trays, and so on. All of which can be sold on places like Etsy, eBay or your own personal site.

You can also opt to use places like Teespring, Society6 or Cafepress to sell your designs on in-stock products. All you have to do is create the designs and find the customers. The above places handle the rest including shipping, packaging, merchandise, and printing.


23. Participate in clinical trials.

Make money helping medical experts test new medicines, procedures, and experiments.


24. Be a temporary pet parent.

Dog Walker Top Ways To Make Money While At Home

Consider using services like WagWalking or Rover to make money for boarding and walking dogs in your area.


25. Invest your money.

Investing Money In Stock Market Ideas To Make Money From Home

Put your money to work for you, instead of working for it. There are all sorts of routes you can choose to go with from buying individual stocks to index funds, bonds, CDs, and beyond. You can also get into things like earning dividends, day trading, binary trading, forex, and so on.

While those options can seem confusing and complex at first glance, you really can’t go wrong following Warren Buffet’s game plan. Just buy stocks from companies you love. Hold those stocks forever. Don’t sell them in a downturn, instead buy more. If you don’t wish to buy individual stocks, invest in a simple index fund.

That’s really all you need to get started. Once you get your feet wet you can branch into different things, but just get the basics down first.


26. Switch your savings and checking accounts.

Consider moving away from a traditional saving or checking account to one that pays interest. Even if you only earn a tiny percent of interest, it’s still better than nothing! Remember that compound interest adds up over time.

Another money making idea to consider is taking advantage of the paid bonus incentives banks pay for new accounts. Often you can make a cool $250 to $500 by opening a new checking or savings account and depositing your first twenty grand or making five or so automatic paycheck deposits.


27. Sell your photography and videography.

Photographer Videographer Best Ways To Make Money From Home

Upload your photos and videos to places like Shutterstock or BigStockPhoto and sell licenses to use your work.  While these places do connect you to a lot of paying clients, generally speaking, amateur work isn’t accepted. You don’t have to be a pro per say, but you must know how to use a camera and edit photos/videos to appeal to buyers.

If you don’t want to deal with a middleman, you can always open up your own photography or videography website and sell rights and license on your own.  You can sell each item individually or offer a subscription service for say $10 a month for 10 downloads a month or $20 a month for unlimited downloads and so on. What you charge is entirely up to you. On the downside, you’ll need a large collection of content to get started or a few exceptionally stunning images and video.


28. Create a mobile app or game.

While you might not invent the next Angry Birds game, you can still make money producing smaller mobile apps. Everything from a beer app to a simple stick figure game, and beyond can be a great way to generate side income. After creating, you can charge per app install, per feature upgrade or simply allow advertisers to reach your users.


29. Rent out your car

Rent Car Money Making Ideas From Home

From basic Toyota Corollas to exotic Lamborghini Aventadors, someone out there wants to rent your ride.  Find them and get paid with programs like Turbo. You can set daily rates, mile limits and more all from the comfort of your home.


30. Wrap your car.

Make money wrapping up your car and promoting brands through a service like Carvertise. Pay and sponsorships vary based on your daily route and vehicle type.


31. Start a brick and mortar business from the ground up.

Buy An Existing Business Ways To Make Money Online

Open a laundromat, small street side restaurant, batting cage, candy shop and so on.


32. Be a proofreader.

Proofreader Best Money Making Ideas

Discover writing mistakes from the comfort of your own home and get paid for it.


33. Get cash back.

If you’re already spending money on bills, groceries, and gas you might as well start earning cash back rewards. Take for instance Discover’s IT credit card which offers a 1% reward on virtually everything you buy. A quick look around and you can find numerous credit cards which offer up to 4 and 5% rewards. To double your perks consider using a service like eBates for a share of the referral sale commission.


34. Be a local delivery driver.

Food Delivery Service Provider Money Making Side Job Ideas

Deliver meals from local restaurants for companies like DoorDash and earn extra cash. Deliver small packages around town through a service provider like Amazon Prime Now.


35. Resell event tickets.

Buy seat licenses for sporting events and sell individual tickets at a markup. If sports aren’t your thing, you can always buy and resell tickets for events including popular concerts, theaters, comedy shows, and so on.


36. Collect brass.

Once Fired Brass Collection Easiest Way To Make Money

Pick up your brass and with the permission of others, brass on the floor that isn’t yours at the range. Give it a good cleaning and sell it to buyers online or locally at the gun show with a cheap booth. If you have enough time, then consider offering reloaded rounds.


37. Buy, sell and trade at local conventions and shows

Sneakers, game cards, firearm accessories, and beyond, there are numerous shows out there with thousands of buyers. If factory bought products aren’t your thing, you can always give making wood boxes for sneaker fans a try, or how about creating custom kydex holsters on the spot.


38. Model for photography shoots.

Professional Model Best Money Making Ideas

Believe it or not, but you don’t have to be overly attractive to land a gig as a paid model. The truth is, there are countless shoots out there in need of ordinary looking people. Consider those typical HR and PR images you’d find on workplace posters, brochures, and handouts. It’s almost always an average looking group of people who got paid to model for a photo shoot.


39. Be a personal coach.

Fitness Coach Best Ways To Make Extra Money

Offer private one on one lessons. Teach the art of traditional sports, piano, guitar, archery, hunting, fitness, firearms, etc. If you’re into technology you can offer services teaching anything from basic computer skills to advanced programming and coding.


40. Buy and rent out real estate.

Real Estate Apartments

Purchase a small apartment complex with multiple units or a small single family home. Recondition the interior and exterior with proper maintenance work and put your property up for rent. You’d be amazed at the proprieties you can purchase and the price when they end up local auctions. As your cash flow increases, banks will be keener to offer future loans on future rental properties.

If you don’t plan on renting you can always consider the possibility of a property value increase over time. While this strategy is rather risky given the property value can decrease, it is possible to make a profit if things go right.


41. Affiliate marketing and abridging traffic.

“Affiliate marketing is dead”, well sort of. The industry that was once booming out of control has finally settled down significantly. While people aren’t making millions of ringtones these days, there are still hustlers out there making seven-figures by pumping out travel, insurance, loan, etc. leads.

To get started, you’ll want to find an offer and network through a directory like HasOffers. Once you know what you’re going to promote, you’ll need to drive traffic. This could be through Facebook ads, direct traffic buys from popular websites and so on. From there, you’ll need to optimize landers and boost conversions through split testing and creative strategies.


42. Get a remote job and work at home.

Virtual Assistant Money Making Ideas

When it comes to money making ideas, remote jobs are king. They allow anyone to earn extra cash at home while still wearing their PJs. Where in the world do you find them?

Check out places like Virtual Vocations, Working Nomads, We Work Remotely, Stack Overflow, Remotive, Remote OK, PowerToFly, Jobspresso, Indeed, GlassDoor, FlexJobs, AngelList, ZipRecruiter, and Fancy Hands.


43. Flip used cars.

Flip Used Cars For A Profit Ideas To Make Extra Money

Purchase used cars at auction and recondition them. Larger local dealerships complete the same process only instead of one car at a time, they purchase and sell cars by the hundreds every single month. As you sell more and more cars, you can grow from a small individual seller into a dealer with your own lot and service bay.


44. Become a professional speaker.

Professional Speaker Top Money Making Ideas

Earn extra cash or a full-time income giving presentations and speeches at corporate and convention events. While you may think that you must be an industry expert on a given subject, the truth is you don’t have to be an expert on anything. There are countless motivation and empowerment speakers out there who make thousands of dollars per event. Much like comics, they tell engaging stories or lessons they have learned in life.


45. Be a salesperson.

Direct Sales has been around for years, and this money-making method isn’t going anywhere any time soon. While some go-getters go as far as starting their own direct sales companies, there are many already available that you can choose from.

Although companies like Mary Kay and Avon can make direct sales appear to be ventures for ladies, there are many network marketing companies that are filled with men, such as Herbalife, Melaleuca, and Primerica. Decide what type of products you are passionate about, and choose a direct sales company that offers those items.


46. Teach English or a foreign language.

Teach English Money Making Ideas

Are you bilingual? Being able to speak multiple languages is a valuable skill to have as people are always traveling or moving from place to place. That said, even if you have minimal knowledge of a language, you can teach what you know to others.

You don’t have to be completely fluent to share what you know. Inform your customers of what you are able to teach, and decide which age groups you are comfortable teaching. Determine what would be a fair price, and begin to rack up money with each teaching session!

47. Buy an existing business with traditional or start up financing.

Financing For A Real Business Start Up Quick Ways To Make Money

Is there a local coffee shop, book store, thrift store, or restaurant that you love frequenting and have had your eyes on for a while? Buying this business may be your solution. If you have pretty decent credit, you will be able to go to your local bank for a loan to buy the business.

Before you get the loan, however, you will have to determine how much capital you need to raise. After you have negotiated with the business owner and have decided on a price at which he’s willing to sell, decide how much of your own money you can put towards buying the business and how much you will need to borrow. Then hit the road, and head to the bank!


48. Peer to peer lending.

Earning interest with peer to peer lending can be a steady flow of income for you. There are a few sites online that will allow you to loan to people with the click of a button; these loans earn you interest.

With online p2p lending companies, you can decide how much you are willing to loan out and can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a good investment. P2p lending companies offer an average return of 5-9% and anything you invest will be a stable investment, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing any money.


49. Crowdfund real estate.

Real Estate General Investor How To Make Money From Home

See the potential of real estate but not interested in actually getting into the business for yourself? You can still get a piece of the pie by joining crowdfunding sites that are specifically geared towards helping property owners achieve their dreams.

Sites, such as Realty Shares, will allow you to invest in someone’s dream for a small amount of money. By investing on a crowdfunding site, someone is able to buy a building, and you are able to receive ongoing interest payments.


50. Be a tutor.

Tutor Money Making Ideas

You don’t have to be some kind of super-genius to tutor students, but you do have to want to make a bit of cash.

Many tutors charge $20/hr to tutor students. Decide on a rate that you are comfortable with and a grade level and subject that you feel you are an expert in.

Tip for tutors: Sometimes you may come across a problem that you don’t remember how to solve. Simply skip it, refresh your memory of it later, and go back to it during your next tutoring session.


51. Strip gold off computer parts.

Your old computer parts can rake you in some serious gold. Literally. The act of stripping gold off of computer parts could be a very lucrative money-making activity for you. Just ensure that you are stripping in a safe manner.

Although there are many ways to recover gold from electronic parts, you should ensure that you are using the best method. Using unsafe methods could result in health hazards such as breathing in unsafe vapors.


52. Play poker or professionally gamble.

Let’s face it: gambling is one of those activities that sometimes gets a bad rep. However, matched betting is a very popular way to multiply your money.

If you are one of those people who are just lucky or if you are familiar with methods of winning such as the Martingale strategy, sign up for an online matched betting site. One perk of these sites is that some of them offer bonuses when you sign up at a particular level.


53. Start a mobile car detailing business.

Car Detailing Easy Ways To Make Money

Hard work pays off, right? Detailing cars can be as simple as giving it a quick wash. However, don’t low ball yourself when it comes to setting prices; ensure that you are getting paid a decent amount of money for the work that you do.

If you take your detailing business a step further and offer to wax cars, vacuum them, or more, inform your customers that each extra service will cost them a little extra. If you were to detail cars for 20 hours each week and average $20/hr, that’s a cool $400/week working only part-time!


54. Be a backcountry / backpacking guide.

Backcountry Guide Ideas To Make Money

Being a backpacking guide is a great option if you love the outdoors and enjoy having an adventure. To do this job, you will need basic camping skills such as pitching a tarp, starting a fire, and knowing which items to pack into a backpack.

Aside from the obvious items such as food and water, you should also make it a priority to pack a liquid-fuel stove. That is, if you’d like to eat more than just smores and roasted hot dogs. You can plan the backpacking trips to last three nights or longer.


55. Sell your artwork.

Do you have a knack for drawing? If so, draw some pictures, and sell them. Break out the pencils or the paint, and get started.

Making posts on social media can help you to attract customers. Decide on a price for your drawings, and begin raking in some cash! If you are one of those people who like to draw but don’t believe that you are particularly talented, post your drawings online, anyway, to see if they will sell. Chances are, there will be someone somewhere who can envision your drawing hanging in his home.


56. Be a virtual bookkeeper.

If you are very organized and possess decent math skills, perhaps you should consider being a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is in high demand, and business owners don’t always have the time nor the skills to keep track of their own books. This is where you would come in.

Although bookkeeping is closely related to accounting, it is considered to be an entry-level position, meaning you won’t need a degree or years of training to perfect your bookkeeping skills. Steps in starting a bookkeeping business include opening a P.O. box, deciding which niches you’d like to serve, and deciding how much you would like to charge your clients.


57. Start a paid private club with dues.

Are you sociable, a good networker, and organized? If so, starting a social club may be the thing for you. Picking a niche is key when starting this type of business.

When picking a niche, choose a hobby or activity that you enjoy or that you know would be lucrative. You could choose to start a club that caters to sports lovers, music lovers, entrepreneurs, or artists. Based on the niche you choose, the activities that you could offer your club members are endless.


58. Open an outdoor archery / firearm practice range.

Outdoor Range

Opening a shooting range could provide people with fun as well as target practice. Shooting ranges help people learn how to properly shoot and allow them to brush up on their shooting skills.

Practice makes perfect. Whether one is seeking to learn to shoot so he’ll know how to properly protect himself or whether he just wants to hone his skills for hunting season, most people in the world use guns or want to use them; therefore, opening a shooting range could be a good business investment.


59. Be a freelance interior designer.

If you’re into completely transforming rooms and homes, you could become a freelance interior designer. What makes this career path so exciting are the facts that you are your own boss, you get to choose who you work with and when you work, and you decide how much you earn.

If you have an eye for improving things, decide which types of projects you’d like to take on. Most interior designers choose only one niche, such as hotel interior designing or residential interior decorating. To become a successful designer, familiarize yourself with the ins and outs, such as building your clientele, being able to work within a client’s budget, and knowing how to use a computer to aid in developing blueprints.


60. Start up a crowdfunded project or product.

For years, crowdfunding has been helping people reach their goals. No matter what you may need cash for, there are always people who are willing to help fill that need.

If you have an idea for a project or product that you know without a doubt could be a real winner, start a GoFundMe account to raise money for a prototype, for marketing, or anything you may need to get that product up and running.


61. Get sponsored as a professional athlete.

Sponsored Professional Athlete Money Making Ideas

Are you a professional athlete seeking to make some side dough? Seeking out a sponsorship with companies could be just what you need.

Many celebrities and athletes are famous enough that companies would like for them to be the faces of their brands. A good example of this would be Cameron Hanes and Under Armour. If you have a knack for staying fit and are interested in a particular shoe company, sportswear company, wellness company, or any such company, seek them out, and ask for a sponsorship deal. These types of deals are win/win.


62. Participate in and win competitions.

Poker Player Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Are you particularly good at something that you enjoy? You could turn your hobby into a money-making machine.

One example of a hobby that earns people money is poker. This game is often played just for fun, but if you are an excellent poker player, you should consider doing it professionally. Play for real money. You could play face-to-face with others in tournaments or play in online tournaments. Poker is one game that can really help you rake it in!


63. Rebuild trails outdoors.

Trail Management Money Making Ideas

If you are the outdoors type, you could consider rebuilding trails. There are many companies that pay a part-time to full-time income to those who want to work in the fresh air.

Aside from offering a full-time income, companies such as The Professional Trail Builders Association often offer meals and room in board in addition to weekly pay. You would have to do a bit of training prior to working amidst saltwater lakes and beautiful, year-old trees.


64. Be a domainer.

Being a domainer is similar to real estate and stocks in that it is all about buying low and selling high. Domaining is an income stream that usually doesn’t take a lot of skill to learn.

There are many ways that you can profit from domaining, and while some of these methods are simply immoral, some of them are downright illegal. Some immoral or illegal ways of profiting that you should avoid include domain hijacking, cybersquatting, and typosquatting.


65. Be a myster shopper.

If you choose to become a mystery shopper, you can earn a decent part-time income. This is a job that you can do in your spare time.

Generally, mystery shoppers are asked to visit certain stores, make a purchase, and go home. The shopper’s main task, however, is usually to pay attention to the staff so that later he can report on how well or poor the customer service was. Although shoppers are paid for their time, they are also reimbursed for the items that they purchase.


66. Repair mobile phones or computers.

Computer Recycling Making Money From Home Ideas

Become Mr. Fix It by repairing phone screens and computers. With the constant rise in technology, there is a growing need for technicians.

You can look online to learn how to remove viruses, fix cracked screens, and to figure out why a computer is operating at a slow pace. Your customer base will range from children who often easily crack screens to teenagers to seniors, so you don’t have to worry about running low on clientele.

67. Create custom handcrafted knives and blades.

Knife Maker Ideas For Side Jobs To Make Extra Money

Because knives are used for everything from cooking and hunting to opening boxes and defending oneself, they will never become obsolete. You could earn money by creating custom knives and blades.

We are in the Age of Information. Because of this, there are many videos and websites that were specifically created to show you how to customize blades and knives. Spend a bit of time learning this craft, and you will have a valuable skill for life that you can monetize.


68. Invest in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Investor Business Ideas To Make Money

Investing in cryptocurrency has proven to be a very lucrative finance move for many people. While some people invested in Bitcoin when it was two bucks a coin and became millionaires and multimillionaires, it is still possible to multiply your money with Bitcoin even at its current price.

While you may opt to purchase only a fraction of a Bitcoin, there are other altcoins that are very inexpensive. Some even cost less than a dollar. While you may have to hold on to these digital currencies for five or more years to see a profit, cryptocurrency is a proven way to grow your money.

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