BlackJack Strategy Techniques

The $120,500 BlackJack Strategy – Pro Reveals His Best Techniques

A few years ago I met a man in Las Vegas who was attending the same conference as I was. Naturally, we’d later become Facebook friends, and during the time frame he started sharing these incredible Blackjack stories. They were absolutely fascinating and I grew incredibly curious like many others to discover what his secret of success was.

BlackJack Chips
The paychecks and chips he would proudly snap a photo of were far from the average amount most people cheer over. No $100 wins, $500, $1,000 or even $10,000; his winnings were more to the tune of $100,000 or more each time.

Now consider this.. Imagine walking into a casino for a weekend and walking out with an extra $100,000 in your pocket. What would you spend on it? Would you stay another night at the hotel and risk more, or head home? Would you go out Las Vegas style and party the night away?

All provoking questions, but perhaps the biggest of them all…

What are these BlackJack techniques in the first place?

I’m not much of a gambler myself, and if you’re not either that’s okay too. But if you do happen to end up giving it a try at some point in your life, it might be helpful to have more than luck working for you.

One of the best pieces of advice I can tell you from my own experience is to double the second stack, otherwise you’ll have little to no chance of getting ahead.

I’ll let him tell you the rest; here are the techniques everyone has been asking him for.

Techniques Straight From The Pro

Blackjack Best Techniques

1. Never be afraid to lose all of your money. When you play cautious or careful you’ll only end up facilitating your own loss.

2. Avoid drinking too much when gambling. Of course everyone knows this, but they will always be giving you free booze all night long when you are gambling.

3. I prefer 6 deck shoes, versus 2 decks. I also prefer to play alone or with one other person who knows how to play Blackjack.

4. Always play by the book; hits, doubles and splits. My exceptions: I double all 11’s even against the ace. I will take even money when Blackjack against the dealers ace. I deviate from the book on 12 vs 12.

If I know there are a lot of face cards left I won’t hit. If I know face cards are running low I will hit.

5. One of the greatest keys to playing the game successfully is your money management. When you start out take your money and split it into two separate piles. For instance, assume you bring $2,000 to the table to gamble with. You’ll want to start out with $1,000 and proceed to play with $25 per hand.

Keep playing $25 per hand unless you have exhausted the $1,000.

If I lose that $1,000, I will go ahead and take the other $1,000 and start playing $50 per hand this time. You can also divide your money into three of four plies and here’s why. The more piles you begin have, the better your odds are at getting through and surviving the bad streaks.

If you have to advance onto the next pile, make sure you always double your initial bets and play that increment with each starting bet.

Here’s how it works: Pile one equals: $25. Pile two equals $50. Pile three equals $100. When you hit a streak you will win back what you lost and make some. It’s similar to doubling down however you are doubling down or a sessions and not on an individual bet.

Understand what I mean? The following step is just as important.

6. If you’re not willing to increase your bets when you are winning, you will never make monkey. When I have a great run going and good things are happening, I’ll raise my bet by 1 unit. For example, if I’m playing $1,000 per hand, I’ll add in a second $1,000 chip to my bet.

Should I win that bet I’ll take back the $1,000 and place another $1,000 on my bet. At this point I will have $3,000 out there. When I win that I’ll increase another $1,000 for a total $4,000 bet. I’ve had runs where I’ve built it to $10,000.

If I lose a bet at any level of the game I will start over at one unit and wait for the next opportunity to arise.

Not to mention, I’ll also start raising when I win a hand I should have really lost. Let’s say the dealer has a 10 and I have a 16. I end up pulling a 5 and making 21, now that’s a hand I should have lost. So I’ll take the win and add the chip to my next bet.

This step is incredibly important if you want to win big money.

7. When I start playing it’s with one hand, but when I lose I begin playing with two hands. In the chance that the cards are running bad, I’ll occasionally add in a third hand or back it down to just one hand.

More than often, I prefer to play 2 hands.

8. When getting Blackjacks, keep the extra payout separate and don’t bet it. You will be surprised at how much this will be at the end of the game. It also comes in handy if you exhaust your bankroll.

9. If you are losing don’t press your bets. Bad streaks happen and you’ll burn through your money fast.

10. If losing, get the hell away from that table and look for a new table. Take some time to break, regroup and grab something to eat. Keep an eye out of dealers with fewer chips, those are the ones that have been paying.

10. When winning continue to play until you take a bad beat. Once that happens, walk away with your profits.

11. Be willing to get aggressive with your play when you are ahead and up. Last night I had already received a check for $100,000, and thought to myself: Why not risk $25,000 of it. I got a marker for $23,000 and began to play $5-10,000 per hand. Within a matter of 20 minutes or less I had $135,000 sitting in front of me.

I paid back my marker and got another check for $100,000.

12. Only tip when you are winning and be sure to be kind to your dealer. They can make your experience a lot more enjoyable, not to mention fun. If the dealer does make a mistake, don’t take the money. Make sure they are aware they accidentally paid you in mistake.

If you’re like me and believe in karma, then do good by others and good things will come your way!

13. Good luck!

Disclaimer: Persons who gamble on the basis of this information do so at their own risk and with full knowledge that predictions and techniques can turn out to be wrong. Next Luxury is not liable for any losses incurred as a result of the information or recommendations. In otherwords, gamble at your own risk; not responsible for inaccuracies or errors

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