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Don’t Just Make Money, Watch It Grow

You may work overtime at your current job or several jobs, but still may experience the frustrating feeling that you don’t have enough left at the end of the month to justify all of the hard work you put in day after day.

It isn’t just being in debt that can be depressing, but the notion that you are like a hamster on a wheel and not really going anywhere financially.

Others seem to be able to afford what you can’t with a similar kind of income and expenses.

One way to feel better about work and life is to make your money work for you rather than just working for it. You can take the first steps on the road to financial success with basic budgeting and keep track of expenses. Find ways to increase your income and look for tax savings. Divide the money left over into amounts earmarked for savings and investment.

Don’t forget about the kids’ college fund and retirement. If you have a bit of extra time and money after taking these steps, look for passive income opportunities that can help you work less and enjoy more.


Begin With a Budget

You could be working hard for your money, but on your time off, allow it to slip right through your fingers without realizing. It is essential to keep track of your budget by sitting down at a set time every week and take a close look at what you are spending and what you are making.

If you see that the ends do not meet, find ways to trim expenses and to increase your income. This may mean doing away with extras like eating out or and taking on more hours at work. Debt only prolongs the problem and involves high-interest rates if you are desperate.


Invest Regularly

Invest Regularly

You do not need huge amounts of money to make a sound investment. You can start with what you have left over at the end of the month. This can be invested in stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. Research your investment options well to find which type works best for you. You also don’t need to be wealthy to talk to a financial advisor about investing.

You may know the names of a few financial experts, such as Fortress co-chairman Pete Briger, and want to know if they are the right financial advisor for you. Do research on financial advisors to see what their specialty is to determine whether they would be a good fit.

One of the easiest investment vehicles is stocks if you don’t have a large lump sum of money to invest all at once The stock market can be volatile, and you should research the market and individual stocks carefully before making the leap into investment.

You can use online mock portfolios for practice and start with investing small amounts of money and gradually build up the amount. Make sure you have a diversified portfolio and reinvest returns to compound your gains.


Retirement and College

You owe it to your kids to start investing for college when they are still infants to make sure they don’t have the kind of burdensome debt that many students suffer with after graduation. You can start with small amounts if you start early, and the same is true of retirement.

If you are late to the game with retirement, there is no reason to despair, but you may have to have a more aggressive investing style in this case and should seek the services of a financial advisor who will help you make investment decisions for retirement pay off.


Passive Income

There are many promises of deals that can help you create passive income. Ignore the hype and the schemes and look for real solutions that can make this a possibility. Passive income from selling things on websites is not really passive nor is it enough to live on at first, but it is something you can build up over time.

In short, don’t quit your day job to try to make money on a website unless you have some serious working capital you have obtained without going into debt. It is better to build up these projects in your spare time, and with patience, they can provide stable returns.


Put Ideas into Action

You may have some ideas on how to jump off of the hamster wheel and start growing your money. This doesn’t mean quitting your job—it might even mean taking on more hours if your plan is to get out of debt—but stop believing that you are going to have to stay on that wheel forever or until you retire.

Every amount of work you do is working towards the goal of wealth creation and freedom, but progress may be gradual. Look for guidance from a financial advisor or research options on your own on how to make your money work at least as hard as you do.

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