Rat Rod Interior Ideas

Top 50 Best Rat Rod Interior Ideas – Retro Automotive Designs

The rat rod’s origins may be rooted in the days of Bonnie & Clyde, but its thoroughly modern sensibilities make it the ideal 21st century auto icon.

A force of form, function, and individual edge, the rat rod’s interior says just as much about the driver as its hand-forged body.

Thanks to a show-stopping catalogue of ideas and inspirations, the rat rod’s interior can be outfitted to suit any personal taste and signature style. Junkyard lounge or Bond-worthy abode, steampunk or understated mod–the rat rod once again proves that a road warrior’s performance never suffers for a bit of panache. From limitless upholstery materials to inlaid features and creative implements, the rat rod’s interior m.o. can be as raw or refined as the driver himself.

Today’s modern man moves fast and sets the bar high. He and his gear are one and the same, and the rat rodding enthusiast’s vision doesn’t stop when the doors slam shut. His rat rod interior is his command center and domicile, so why would he neglect such a sacred compartment? The average bystander may only catch a glimpse of the rat rod as it speeds past in a blur of auto artistry, but driver and passenger both know where the real magic–and muscle–happens.


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