Piston Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Piston Tattoo Designs For Men – High Horsepower Design Ideas

When it comes to piston, you might be surprised to know they generally account for sixty-percent of the overall engine fiction. It makes sense when you consider this critical component often lives in a 600 degree fiery torment with over ten tons of force being applied every 0.02 seconds!

Aside from just residing in the cylinder, which can reach pressures of 1500 to 2200 psi, the piston and it’s rings have various tough jobs to handle.

First, it must prevent the transfer of combustion chamber gas to the crank by sealing.

Second, the rings must transfer heat from the piston to the cylinder wall.

And lastly, regulate oil consumption.

If you’re curious to know more about the rings themselves, dig into Tokai Seiki’s history when he began producing them for Toyota. There’s a great write-up I did on his famous failure in business here.

However, it’s been said that the piston tells quite the story about the engine.
If you look at any two-stroke for example, and discover scoring on the piston or cylinder walls you’ll get a fairly good indication of how the owner cared for the engine.

With that said, 60 high horsepower piston tattoo designs for men featuring modern machinery at its finest! Each masculine idea with give any automotive or motor enthusiast a surplus of great ideas.


2 Stroke Piston Men's Tattoo On Chest

Arm Sleeve Car Engine Piston Tattoos On Males

Automotive Themed Piston Tattoos For Men On Leg

Black Pistons Tattoo On Men

Broken Snapped Piston Men's Tattoos

Checkered Flag And Piston Tattoos For Men

Chest Creative Piston Men's Tattoo

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Cool Crosshead Piston Art Tattoo For Men

Deflector Piston Guy's Tattoos

Engine Piston Tattoo Ideas On Men

Engine Tattoos Of Piston For Males

Forearm Automotive Design With Piston Men's Tattoo

Forearm Skull Car Piston Tattoo Ideas For Men

Forged Piston Design For Male Tattoos On Shoulder

Harley Davidson Engine Piston Tattoos On Guys

Harley Engine Piston Tattoo On Men

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Internal Combustion Piston Ideas For Men's Tattoos

Leg 3D Mechanical Piston Tattoo For Men

Male Tattoo Designs With Pilot Skeleton Piston

Manly Ink Tattoo Ideas For Men With Pistons

Manly Piston Body Artwork For Guys

Man With Tattoo Of Piston Head And Skull On Back

Man With Tattoo Of Race Car Piston

Man With Tattoo Of The Slipper Piston

Man With Tattoos Of Trunk Head Style Piston On Ribs

Masculine Men's Piston Tattoo On Chest Torn Open

Masculine Tattoo With Piston

Mechanical Piston Tattoo Design For Men

Men's Piston Combustion Tattoo Designs On Legs

Men's Piston Flaming Tattoo

Men's Piston Tattoo On Outer Forearm

Men's Piston Tattoos Sleeve

Men's Skull Piston Tattoo

Motorcycle Piston Engine Tattoos On Men

Motorcycle Piston Guy's Tattoos With Gears

Motor With Piston Men's Tattoo

Oval Piston Men's Tattoo

Piston Crown Ideas For Male Tattoos On Bicep

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Piston Skirt Art For Men's Tattoo Ideas On Upper Arm

Piston V8 Engine Tattoo For Guys

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Shoulder Men's Pistons Tattoo

Simple Piston Men's Tattoos

Skeleton Bones Motor Tattoo With Piston For Men

Skull Engine Tattoo Designs Of Piston On Males

Skull Engine Tattoo Piston For Guys

Small Cool Male Tattoo Of Pistons

Small Men's Tattoos With Piston And Skull

Small Piston Male Tattoo

Sound Wave Piston Tattoo On Man

Tattoo Of Hot Rod Piston On Man Flaming

V6 Piston Design For Men's Tattoos

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