No Photo Digital Smart License Plate Frame

The No Photo Digital Smart License Plate Frame Promises No Camera Tickets

($200) Buy It Here

Proudly made in the USA, the No Photo license plate frame gives daily commuters and occasionally race track drivers on the street their freedom back. Yet regardless of how you drive the No Photo has you covered from red light and speed ticket cameras. With two immediate lateral xenon flashes to overexpose and whitewash your license plate from cameras, it’s a one of a kind smart digital frame. The No Photo frame is controlled by a microprocessor and only operates only when a camera flash is detected. In return, during a camera flash the on-board processor analyzes it, and flashes the exact amount needed to over expose the camera. And even with distances of up to one hundred feet in the daytime, it still performs and distributes the correct amount every single time.

No Photo License Plate Frame

The No Photo frame itself does not violate any legal laws since it’s not restricting the view of the plate or covering it, considering it’s not even a thin transparent cover. And while we don’t advocate anyone running red lights, there have been plenty of accidental reports where the cameras themselves have been faulty. Not to mention the Federal Highway Administration has shown an overall increase in the number of accidents, in addition to more rear-ended accidents due to camera installation. Lastly, at $200 it does offer some value consider the average ticket is around $125.

NoPhoto Digital Smart License Plate Frame

NoPhoto License Plate Frame





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