Top Best Off Road Camper Trailers

Top 30 Best Off Road Camper Trailers – Rugged Rolling Camping Storage

Jack Kerouac wasn’t the only restless soul to take to life on the road. Man wasn’t meant to be confined year-round and he, along with his best friends and loved ones, deserves a little freedom behind the wheel.

Off-road campers may seem like relics from your grandfather’s era, but they’ve been given a huge (and decidedly mod) upgrade thanks to tastemaking road warriors.

While investing in an off-road camper is no small decision, it needn’t be an unpleasant one. With artisans and manufacturers alike producing newer, more streamlined, and more improved models every day, you’ll have no shortage of tempting options to choose from. To say nothing of their toughness and ability to conquer any terrain, off-road campers are specially designed to fit your needs at half the cost of yesterday’s RV.

Expertly designed with both road-appeal and performance in mind, off-road campers are surprisingly easy to set up and likewise break down, some in under ten minutes in fact. Safety and shelter aside, off-road campers promise all or most of the conveniences you expect in life such as bedding arrangements, water, cooking utilities, and protection from the elements and outdoor pests.

With an off-road camper you’ll spend more time savoring the great wide open and less time fretting over roadside motels and unexpected hazards. Superior to a standard camping tent and infinitely less cumbersome and gas-guzzling than an RV, an off-road camper is practically a tiny house on wheels. You’ll reap all the benefits with none of the stress.

No matter the season, don’t let questions of comfort and reliability stop you from taking to the open road. Experience and exploration are in your blood, and fortunately modern man has found a way to make your and your family’s adventure all the more accessible.


1. Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp Off Road Camper


RV Business Magazine’s 2017 RV of the year, Basecamp reminds us that getting back to nature is a beautiful thing. This lightweight Aluminum “Room with a view” expresses a panoramic front window that surrounds you with the great outdoors as you travel down the road of adventure and exploration.


2. Big Woody Campers

Big Woody Campers Off Road Camper


Now, this is camping in comfort! For those of us who prefer to feel pampered, rather than roughing it, this compact lap of luxury in the shape of a Teardrop is sweet. Add a bottle of your favorite wine to its own wine rack and enjoy watching a DVD while camping in style.


3. Bivouac Camping Moab Fort

Bivouac Camping Moab Fort Off Road Camper


Pack up the family, and hit the road without a care, because this line of M.O.A.B trailers is built for transport, shelter and sanctuary! A rugged expedition trailer that easily sets up for sleep within minutes, this one is an adventure to add to a long list of memories to be had!


4. Colorado Teardrop Canyonland

Colorado Teardrop Canyonland Off Road Camper


For those who love a queen-sized bed for sleeping, The Colorado Teardrop Camper can accommodate! But don’t underestimate this line of Campers that are rugged with a heavy-duty axle for times when you want to go off-road. Hit the road with attitude then sleep great at the end of the day!


5. Conqueror Uev 440 Extreme North America

Conqueror Uev 440 Extreme North America Off Road Camper


This is the Monster truck of Campers that includes Military specs, taking off-road camping to the extreme. Equally impressive inside, this camper boasts carpet on floor, roof insulation and a minibar bottle holder. Make it an off-road man cave or a family outing that sleeps 4 and Get ‘r done!


6. Cricket Off Road Camper

Cricket Off Road Camper Trailers


Bring your outdoor adventure in with the Cricket Camper that adds integrated plumbing and electrical systems to its design. Gaze in awe through a panoramic-view picture window, as the Cricket Camper is a Caravan with a view that includes 4 swing-windows with shades and screens and 5 mesh windows.


7. Gxv Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle Off Road Camper

Gxv Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle Off Road Camper Trailers


Exercise your attitude with the Turtle model expedition vehicle. Think large and in charge as you hit the road with this world travel cab that includes a roof top LED light bar and LED off-road driving lights. Enjoy the AC and Shower accommodation that eliminates the need for a motel.


8. Highland Expedition Outfitters T3

Highland Expedition Outfitters T3 Off Road Camper Trailer


The T3 overland trailer is the Terminator of Campers. With its base model and optional parts, HEO allows you to be the architect of your own off-road dream that supports our great Nation. All-American made parts built and assembled in Cosby TN, this is patriotism with pride, comfort and durability.


9. Inkaoutdoor Venture Ohv

Inkaoutdoor Venture Ohv Off Road Campers

Checkout the OHV and XC to find the right Venture for your Adventure. This modern teardrop camper leaves little doubt that you are no longer limited to the small-box Jeep style trailer. A proven and award winning Air-suspension, or Axle-less off-road suspension, gives you choice without worry when hitting the open road.


10. Kakadu Camping Inc Bushranger 200 Xt Off Road

Kakadu Camping Inc Bushranger 200 Xt Off Road Off Road Camper


The Bushranger 200 XT off road Trailer with upgrades and attitude has arrived. The independent and progressive Axle-Less suspension easily moves over rough terrain with incomparable stability you can count on. Make life easy by utilizing the Gas strut lift kit and enjoy effortless cargo loading and unloading. Too cool!


11. Lead Day Motorsports The Extreme Off Road

Lead Day Motorsports The Extreme Off Road Off Road Camper


Experience the extreme with an off-road vehicle that includes options like 4×8/5×8/5×9. Then go incognito in black with a curbside door, front and rear jacks that includes smooth ride Leaf spring w/shocks. Unleash the road warrior in you with a 2×3 steel frame and two windows with a roof vent.


12. Manley Orv Explore

Manley Orv Explore Off Road Camper


Sleep under the stars in comfort as this trailer has options that include a roof top tent with a 3” mattress. These Military-strength trailers are shipped 100 percent fully assembled and delivered to your home your business or you can pick it up at your local terminal. Morv makes it easy.


13.Moby1 Xtr Off Road

Moby1 Xtr Off Road Camper

The XTR is a fully self-contained teardrop trailer that allows you to Camp, Tour and Explore without spending a massive amount of time loading and unloading your gear. Enjoy an off-road and adventurous lifestyle that you can make long term or just as an escape from the daily grind.


14. Opus Off Road

Opus Off Road Off Road Camper Trailers


Head out and enjoy the great outdoors with a camper that sleeps four and has phenomenal upgrades. A slide out kitchen, slide out storage with an additional fridge and double beds, providing comfort with an all-terrain chassis, off-road ready tires and independent coil suspension to follow you wherever you may roam.


15. Oregon Trail R Terradrop

Oregon Trail R Terradrop Off Road Camper


Enjoy the Teardrop design that boasts remote controlled LED ground effects and galley RGP lighting with a refractor strip light inside. You can plug in your USB device and utilize a 155 amp Extreme battery. Plenty of room and masterful cabinetry with heavy duty undercarriage and tires made for off-road.


16. Patriot Campers X1

Patriot Campers X1 Off Road Camper


Named the Australian Camper of the year 2014-17 the X1 just keeps getting better. This soft floor adventure trailer will keep your feet happy for that hike in the woods and beyond. Setup in minutes and a 5 year structural warranty lets you rest easy for another day of off-road exploration.


17. Ruger Trailers

Ruger Trailers Off Road Camper


This trailer does Colorado proud as Denver’s first choice when shopping for a rugged yet durable off-road trailer. LED D.O.T. approved submersible lights and safety chain that won’t let you down no matter the terrain. & enhance your outdoor experience with a variety of options that include automotive enamel finishing.


18. Schutt Industries Xv 3

Schutt Industries Xv 3 Off Road Campers


X your next Venture with this exciting utility trailer that has front wheel jack, rear adjustable vertical stabilizers and more. Enjoy the power distribution center, battery and charger and lighted license plate mount on tailgate. Get technical and progressive with options to spare and see where the adventure takes you.


19. “Smittybilt Scout

Smittybilt Scout Off Road Camper


This Scout Trailer kit has brake and turn signal lights with a 2” Front/Rear receiver hitch, electric brakes and a self-charging breakaway system. The take anywhere suspension will have you dreaming of the adventure that matches perfectly with a trailer that is calling your name and saying “let’s go off-road”!


20. So Cal Teardrops Teardrop Models 510 Xs

So Cal Teardrops Teardrop Models 510 Xs Off Road Camper


The 510 XS trailer in the shape of a teardrop heard the off-road Highway calls with it heavy duty old man EMU leaf springs, sprung under a 350- Lb Axle. Couples with a full size 4” thick mattress that lets you and company relax and unwind for the next day’s adventure.


21. Sylvansport Go

Sylvansport Go Off Road Camper


You know you want to Go, so do it in style with a towable pop up and unleash the adventure you have denied yourself for far too long. Go with this all-in-one trailer that will carry your outdoor gear then magically transform into a camper that sleeps up to five.


22. Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth Camper

Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth Camper Off Road Camper Trailer


The TigerMoth trailer is lightweight and rugged yet towable with many 4-cylinder vehicles. Make living off the grid a reality with built-in electrical LED lights, 12V outlets, water and you can even keep it Eco friendly with optional solar panels and a large side hatch for optimal and organic ventilation.


23. Tc Teardrop Tcteardrops Off Road Expedition Package

Tc Teardrop Tcteardrops Off Road Expedition Package Off Road Camper


These custom built campers allow you to get serious with the full off road expedition package yet leaves the door open for custom optimization requests to fulfill your heart’s desire. The package includes a Diamond-plated undercarriage (skid plate) that is only the beginning in its many impressive options and features.


24. Tentrax Off Road Tent

Tentrax Off Road Tent Off Road Camper Trailer


Explore the adequacy that comes with over 20” of ground clearance under this trailer’s off road skid plate. But this lightweight camp trailer has options like an off road 4×4 package that accommodates individual needs such as a 6-inch lift kit. Options include a 12V electrical system and custom paint.


25. Tiger Adventure Bengal Off Road Camper

Tiger Adventure Bengal Off Road Camper


It’s easy to see why The Bengal is the most popular adventure model. This vehicle comes standard with 4-wheel drive, all terrain tires an upgraded suspension system and maintenance free AGM batteries for an optimal coach powering system. Stand tall as The Bengal interior offers a height of 6-feet 5-inches.


26. To Extreme Rugged N Ready High Country

To Extreme Rugged N Ready High Country Off Road Camper Trailer


Stay rugged with the 6” high country trailer. This is an affordable off-road trailer that is perfect for smaller tow vehicles and narrower trails. Additional features include a heavy duty rack system and a hinged hydraulic lid. This trailer lets you feel free to keep it standard or customize with ease.


27. Turtleback Trailers Expedition Off Road

Turtleback Trailers Expedition Off Road Camper


Explore your rugged side with the Expedition trailer while still feeling the comforts of home with a 6 gallon water heater, shower, and slide out kitchen package. Hand crafted in Arizona with a passion for quality leaves you to the road without worry when you have a trailer like this.


28. Vmi Offroad Canyon Gen Ii 68

Vmi Offroad Canyon Gen Ii 68 Off Road Camper


Hit the road in luxury with the Canyon trailer that includes sleeping and dining accommodations, interior climate control, an insulated cabin and plenty of storage space. It’s a sweet ride that includes passenger side wall cabinet and control panel, plus a Waterproof Marine charger with shore power plug. Just wow!


29. Vmi Xtender Compass

Vmi Xtender Compass Off Road Camper Trailer


The Xtender Compass trailer boasts a bulletproof luxury in a compact. With options like a front mounted LED utility and trailer lighting this camper has it all. Get your order in and be the first to own this fully self-contained off road recreational vehicle with a little sugar and spice.

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