Best Carry On Luggage For Men

Travel With The Best Carry On Luggage For Men

I’ve never been a fan of traveling around with a giant suitcase and having to push my luggage around the airport. Chances are most men are not up for the idea either. Plus there’s always the time spent at check-in, which can change your vacation, business trip or conference travels into a hassle. On the other hand, if you glance at travelers who have racked up airline miles, you will notice their best strategy simply involves traveling with the best carry on luggage. It is a more practical, stylish, and convenient approach to reaching your destination.

Plus keeping in mind the idea that bigger is not always better, what is the best carry on luggage for men? Of course, you will need luggage that is stylish, roomy, and can store all of your necessities for ease of convenience. With hundreds of carry on luggage choices for men, finding the perfect one to travel with can be extremely difficult. Not to mention you will have to consider the size of your travel bag due to airport regulations. Perhaps one of the most significant things you should consider is the overall style of your luggage. You will want bag, briefcase, backpack, or suitcase that matches your appearance and displays the right impression of you and your purpose.

/// Consider The Different Luggage Choices For Men

No matter where you are headed around the world, you can always find luggage to fit your particular destination. Let’s cover all types of carry-on luggage choices available in our guide so you can discover all of the options. The best choices for men would include any of the following travel items below.

1 The Best Carry On Bags For Men

Bags: Dopp Kits, Garment, Weekend, Carry-on, Laptop, and Messenger Bags.

Dopp Kits

Tumi Alpha Bravo Riley Dopp Kit For Men

Starting with Dropp Kits, you will find these smaller bags are particularly useful for storing your manly personal care items. These bags are perfect for any toiletries such as aftershave, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cologne and any other items you want to travel along with. Dropp Kits will help protect these vulnerable items and keep your electronics and clothes out of harm’s way.

Messenger Bags

Best Men's Messenger Bag

If you are looking for a bag that is easy to carry and fits snugly around your hip while you walk through the airport, then laptop and messenger bags are your best choices. Theses bags have ample space for storing items you need to access on the fly such as your laptop or paperwork from the office. Yet while suited for the businessman in mind, there are a wide range of styles to choose from depending on your distinctive style.

Garment Bags

Mulholland Simple Garment Carry On Bag

For men who wear suits and require crisply pressed shirts, you may want to consider traveling with a garment bag. These bags offer an effective way to hang your clothing upright during your trip. In most cases, airlines can also assist you in hanging up your garment bag during the transit.

Weekender Bags

Bes Men's Weekender Bag Luggage

If you are headed to the beach, you will need a bag that can match your everyday lifestyle. You will want to travel with a weekender bag as your carry on luggage. More commonly associate with road trips and expeditions, these men’s bags still serve a practical use at the airport. They provide generous amounts of room to store your personal items and casual clothing without taking up too much space.

Carry On Bags

Tumi Best Carry On Bag For Men

Perfect for short trips and those looking to save on checked bag fees; carry on bags are the ideal choice when traveling light. In essence, these are more refined and easier to move around in comparison to a full-sized suitcase. You will typically be able to fit everything you need inside for a two to three day trip.

2 The Best Men’s Carry On Backpacks

Backpacks: Common and Frame Pack.

You do not have to be back in school to recognize the practicality and ease of wearing a backpack around. Many men you will see at the airport will commonly be traveling with these in addition to a second bag for clothing and shoes. Backpacks are ideal for when you want to keep your personal and valuable items separate from your clothing. However, if perhaps you have a more adventurous destination in mind, you might want to consider upgrading to a frame pack. Better suited for longer trips where heavier gear can cause more strain on the back, these bags incorporate hard frames to relieve the stress. 

Men's Goruck Civvy Kit Bag

Herschel Supply Co. Crest Carry On Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Parkgate Backpack For Men

3 The Best Carry On Cases For Men

Cases: Suitcases And Briefcases

Every male at some point has seen the overwhelming influence that briefcases have for enhancing a man’s style. It is the businessman’s choice, packing superior protection for your valuable office documents and electronics. In a similar manner if you are looking to make a bold impression of being a hard worker you can elect to go with an upright suitcase. While they closely resemble briefcases, these suitcases can range widely in size. Some will even feature rolling wheels over the traditional carrying handle. All in all, if you are looking for a stylish way to travel on a long term trip and the best carry on luggage for men, these should be at the top of your list.

Men's Rolling Suitcase

Carry On Briefcase Luggage For Men

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