Best Luggage Tags For Men

Top 20 Best Luggage Tags For Men – Safeguard Your Suitcase

Your airport journey doesn’t have to strip you of your masculine coolness if you simply have the right tools at your disposal.

Travel is vital to crafting a gentlemanly worldliness and developing a man’s repertoire of fascinating stories.

Yet as any traveler knows, the airport can be an unpleasant and chaotic place. This environment can make it hard for a gentleman to remain calm and composed. Eliminate unnecessary stress and wasted time at baggage claim by choosing the right luggage tag.

Black bags are the luggage of choice for modern men crafting a sleek, cool look. Due to this, baggage claims are rife with black bags and it’s easy to spend what feels like hours trying to differentiate between them. Eliminate wait time with a distinctive luggage tag. Whether classy cognac leather or bright blue PVC, there is a range of options to make your bag stand out.

Quality luggage tags also offer security. Every time a man flies, he puts his most vital belongings in the hands of unknown airline workers. While they do their best, sometimes accidents happen and luggage is lost. In that case, it is absolutely crucial that contact information is connected to the bags with a luggage tag.

Use our list of best luggage tags to choose the right one for you. Whether you’re going for rugged, modern or bold, there is a quality tag to suit your style and traveling needs.

Best Luggage Tags For Men

1. Proud Guy Business Card Holder Tufftaag Travel Id Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags Business Card Holder TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag in Many Color Options


These ProudGuy TUFFTAAGs live up to their name. They are constructed from reinforced aluminum with a thick steel cable and screw closure, ensuring a long lifetime through years of travel. Use one of your business cards for unexpected networking opportunities, or use the printable ID the company sends you upon purchase.


2. Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Leather Luggage Tag

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Luggage Tag (Tan)


Rawlings crafted a luggage tag perfect for baseball fans. It’s constructed from Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove leather and features the distinct red Rawlings patch. It comes with a belted attachment loop, and your information is protected in a pocket hidden under the patch.


3. Talon Tag Stainless Steel Privacy Luggage Tag

Two Privacy Luggage Tags Stainless Steel Metal ID Bag Tag With Lifetime Never Lost Guarantee


This tag is not only sophisticated and stylish, it’s one of the most durable on the market. Talontag has forged their luxury luggage tag from high quality stainless steel, for a sleek, strong look with an insert to keep your information private. It comes with two loop choices, black leather or steel cable, and a lifetime replacement guarantee.


4. Rawlings Rugged Leather Luggage Tag

Rawlings Rugged Luggage Tag, Cognac


This cognac leather luggage tag is created in a vintage style to add serious style to your bags. Rawlings Rugged used 100% baseball glove leather for this tag which features a snap closure to protect your information and a belted loop for secure connection.


5. Incase Travel Luggage Tag

Incase Luggage Tag


Incase has designed this luggage tag for the modern man in mind. The material is durable 300D heathered weave Ecoya eco-dyed poly and imprinted with the Incase logo. Its cool gray color is offset by a classic black strap, and its dedicated card sleeve is protected with a magnetic closure.


6. Maxwell Scott Personalized Duffel Bag Leather Luggage Tag

Maxwell Scott Classic Italian Leather Luggage Tag - Ledro Brown


This tag from Richard Maxwell will impress your fellow travellers with its personalization feature. Their expert embossers can emboss up to five initials in a range of colors upon the sleek black Italian leather. It also features the Richard Maxwell label, a flap to protect your ID card, and a buckle strap to securely fasten it to your bags.


7. Swiss Gear Jumbo Luggage Tag

Swiss Gear Jumbo Blue Luggage Tag - Designed Extra-large To Be Easily Spotted on Luggage Carousels


Swiss Gear has long been known for their quality travel gear. Their extra large luggage tag makes it easy to spot your bags. Constructed from rugged PVC, it will last you through countless trips. This flexible tag comes in four bold colors, and identification can be written directly on the back of the tag.


8. Travelon Luggage Tags

Travelon Luggage Set of 2 Tags, Black, One Size


These distinct Travelon tags come in bright colors and are constructed from durable hard plastic. They feature an unique swivel opening to reveal your information, hiding everything but your name from plain view. The tags come in two-packs, allowing you to keep track of several bags at once for a great price.


9. Tac Shield 2 Inch Wide Stealth Gear Men’s Luggage Tag

Tac Shield 2-Inch Wide Stealth Gear Tag (2-Pack), Grey


These slim tags make it simple to spot your bags with a range of colors. TAC SHIELD’s tags are easy to attach with a pull through method, and unlike other tags, these are completely silent. For identification, embroider or write your name on the slim tag.


10. Tile Mate Apple Iphone Suitcase Finder Luggage Tags

Tile Mate (2016) - 1 Pack


The ultimate in high-tech trackers, Tile Mate connects to your phone through Bluetooth, and in emergencies, you can activate a ringtone to locate your bag. Too far away to hear it? Don’t worry– you can see where it was last using GPS, or enlist the help of the 5 million strong Tile community.


11. Fossil Navy Luggage Tag

Fossil Men's Passport and Luggage Tag Gift Set Navy, One Size


With your privacy in mind, Fossil has created a luggage tag that will hide your information from all eyes. This leather tag features a snap closure to keep the ID window out of sight. Its distinctive blue hue will ensure that you can spot your bags from across the room.


12. Izola Travel Luggage Tag

Izola went the extra step and included a passport holder with their luggage tag. The products are constructed from heavy duty canvas in your choice of color, with unique slogans embroidered on. The luggage tag features a brass buckle and keeps your information hidden under a flap.


Saddleback Leather Luggage Tag

Saddleback Leather Co. Strong Full Grain Leather Luggage Travel Bag Tag Stainless Steel Hardware Includes 100 Year Warranty


For a masculine cowboy look, opt for this tag from Saddleback Leather. It’s crafted from two pieces of full-grain boot leather, features a bold buckle on the loop, and covers your information with a secured leather flap. This luggage tag will last you years of hard-core travelling.


13. David Hampton Richmond Leather Luggage Tag

David Hampton Leather Luggage Tag Cocoa Richmond


For a luxurious leather tag, look to David Hampton Richard. Handcrafted from eco-friendly Richmond leather, this tag is both rugged and soft. The inside, which is protected with a leather flap and snap closure, is fully lined in white and blue striped cotton.


14. Coach Rip And Repair Luggage Tag In Sport Calf Leather

COACH Men's Rip and Repair Luggage Tag Black/Saddle


Coach has outdone themselves with this unique, sporty luggage tag. Crafted from iconic sport calf leather, the black leather is offset by distinctive tan or blue baseball-stitched Rip and Repair detailing. This tag will mark you as fashionable yet sporty, and will inspire envy in all your fellow travellers.


15. Trask Jackson Norwegian Elk Leather Men’s Luggage Tags

Trask Men's Jackson Luggage Tag Black Norwegian Elk


This handsome luggage tag conjures images of rugged mountain men with its all natural Norwegian elk leather construction. The classy Trask logo is gently imprinted on the protective flap, and the tag features two distinctive metal snaps that lend a modern feel to the rich leather.


16. Victorinox Deluxe Tracking Id Luggage Tag

Victorinox, known for its Swiss Army knife, crafted this tag from aluminum with a steel cable to maximize durability. Emblazoned with the Victorinox logo, it makes a statement of ownership at once classy and dangerous. It also comes with a lost bag recovery system that returns any bags free of charge.


17. Proud Guy Tufftaag Personalized Suitcase Luggage Tag

Another TUFFTAAG favorite, this luggage tag is crafted from indestructible PVC for a flexible, yet durable feel. It comes with a high-grade stainless steel cable threaded through a reinforced metal eyelet for extra protection. Simply write your information on this sleek tag for easy identification.


18. Tumi Camden Leather Luggage Tag

TUMI’s Camden luggage tag is modern and clean, constructed from durable, water-resistant leather. It comes in three distinct colors for easy identification and hides your information under a flap secured with a snap closure. The brand name is imprinted on the bottom in bold, modern typeface for another distinctive detail.


19. Coach Men’s Luggage Tag In Refined Pebble Leather

This fashionable Coach tag is crafted from refined pebble leather, and is sure to make your bags stand out. The design is clean, simple, and modern with great texture. Nothing less is expected from the Coach brand, which is sure to add an air of style to your travels.

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