Las Vegas Travel Guide

The Men’s Las Vegas Nevada Travel Guide

In the middle of the night a mysterious glow reigns over the Nevada desert. It’s the town where buildings soar into the sky as if they had no limits. Where flashing neon signs light up the anticipations of the people nearby. And where the summer sun sparkles and reflects pools of cool relaxing relief.

It’s the travel destination most men admire, or perhaps dream about while reclining back into their office chairs at work. As Sin City holds no limits on entertainment, but rather aims to excite all men who visit. It’s the perfect break from the ordinary, and offers men the freedom and anonymity to pursue the nightlife without having to worry about what time it is.

Las Vegas being the popular travel destination that it is, offers a remarkable experience that will leave you in astonishment. All it takes is a single footstep into the heart of the action, the strip, and you’re quite simply put, bewildered. Because when you’re in a city that never sleeps, surrounded by the best the world has to offer, you start building memories that never seem to fade away. And with so many opportunities waiting, the moments you’ve been dreaming to pursue finally become yours for the taking.


Best Las Vegas Hotels

1. How To Pick The Best Las Vegas Hotels

With over 150,000 guest rooms available and waiting to house your Las Vegas antics, plus 25 of the world’s largest hotels, in order to put the odds in your favor you need a solid Vegas hotel guide. Not to mention while Vegas may be known as a party destination and a traveler’s playground, you certainly don’t want to get stuck with the wrong crowd. So let’s breakdown your travel style and find some of the best Las Vegas hotels to accommodate your needs.


Best Hotel Aria Las Vegas

1.1 The Best Of The Best

If you’re looking for the best Vegas has to offer, and want a hotel with top honors and perhaps a five diamond status, we’d recommend the following choices: Aria, Cosmopolitan, or the Palazzo. All three hotels are among the most expensive on the strip, however the price tag warrants the incredible experience you’ll have during your stay. You’ll find what these share in common is fantastic pools, restaurants, nightclubs, and of course, their all close to the strip.


Aria Hotel
Palazzo Hotel
Palazzo Hotel
Cosomopolitan Hotel
Cosmopolitan Hotel

In terms of each hotel, Aria is perhaps our number one choice (check it out at During our stay we found that aside from service was that phenomenal, their rooms are extra clean, well designed, and super comfortable. However keep in mind that since it’s a new hotel it’s expected for the most part, yet for the moment and foreseeable future it remains king. As far as room sizes go at Aria, they are quite standard however it’s an ample among of space.

If you’re looking for a room that can sleep a party of five or more, you might want to consider the Cosmopolitan or Palazzo. Their rooms are built on a slightly larger size thanks to their condo styles and bigger suites. Yet no matter which hotel you choose, all three have fantastic vibes and great atmosphere, which makes any choice a wise gamble.


Upscale Budget Friendly Vegas Hotels

1.2 Budget Friendly And Upscale Las Vegas Hotels

Perhaps you don’t need the best of the best, and are just looking for a Vegas hotel to rest at without breaking the bank. There are plenty of places that come to mind that are both budget friendly and upscale, and these include: Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, and Mirage.

MGM Grand Hotel
MGM Grand Hotel
Planet Hollywood Hotel
Planet Hollywood Hotel
Mirage Hotel
Mirage Hotel

For starters there’s Planet Hollywood (see it on here). The perks are great food choices, comfortably sized rooms, and a well designed casino. This hotel features restaurants like Earl of Sandwich, Pinks, and a handful of bars to grab drinks. And speaking of bars the crowd it attracts is most notably younger, which means the price and vibe are excellent. Not to mention, it’s also located at the middle of the strip, which makes it easy to walk around and explore Vegas outside of the hotel. However there are some downsides such as the pool which is not quite spectacular, but if you can overlook that then it’s a great choice.

Next up there’s the MGM Grand hotel and perhaps what stands out the most is it’s known for the Wet Republic. Aside from simply being an excellent pool party spot, they also have some newly remodeled rooms in their towers. Make sure to check their Terrace suits which feature a massive balcony overlooking the strip.

Moving on there’s the Mirage hotel, it’s central to everything on the strip and offers some great rooms. It has a large pool however it does come with a slight downside, because if you enjoy the club vibe you won’t find it here. On the other hand if you’re looking to lay out pool side and relax this would be an ideal choice. Yet it really just depends on your travel style, because if clubs are not at the top of your must have list, then it’s a perfect place.


Cheap Las Vegas Hotels

1.3 More Budget Friendly Las Vegas Hotels With Value

If you’re looking to save even more and are sticking to a solid budget plan, you’ll want to make sure the hotel’s price tag is worth it. Some Vegas hotels might be cheap, however it could be a mistake that ruins the Vegas experience all together, and what is that really worth? So to avoid the hassles, check into the Imperial Palaces, Ballys or the Flamingo.


MGM Grand Hotel
MGM Grand Hotel
Planet Hollywood Hotel
Planet Hollywood Hotel
Bally's Hotel
Bally’s Hotel

They are not the nicest, but you have to consider their age as these hotels are older. However for the most part they offer standard rooms with plenty of spaciousness for the night. And if you’re just looking to go out with some friends and stay out on the strip all night at clubs, bars, or casinos, their great choices.

Yet now that we have talked about two solid choices let’s cover the places to avoid. These would include hotels like the Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Luxor, New York, New York, and Riviera. Most are simply just located way too far away from the strip, and the people staying at them are not exactly the greatest. Yet what do you expect to find with the price tag so low? Mostly old folks and tacky people, as these places tend to attract those types. But if you can look past the atmosphere and out dated rooms, there are some small perks that can be found like Monte Carlo’s lazy river.


Best Las Vegas Nightclubs

2. Finding And Getting Into The Best Las Vegas Nightclubs

You’re in Las Vegas, it’s the undisputed nightlife capital of the world, and your focus is to make the most incredible and memorable night possible. How do you plan to do that when there are an endless number of nightclubs waiting to draw you in? You’ll need a Las Vegas club guide to make sure that the only thing spinning is the DJ, not your head. Yet before we get started let’s cover some of the basics, like bottle service, dress code, and a few other important things to keep in mind.


Group Of Guys Las Vegas

2.1 Going With A Group Of Guy Friends To A Vegas Nightclub

You’re trying to get into a Vegas nightclub with a group of guy friends, and you find yourself stuck waiting outside. If you keep waiting chances are you may never get inside. Well that is, unless your good friends with a promoter, but in most cases let’s assume you’re not. So how is it done?

For starters talk to the concierge at your hotel, it’s as simple as giving them a quick phone call to chat. We’ll cover bottle service a bit further in the article; however keep in mind it’s often in the $400 range for a fairly decent bottle. Another idea is to take advantage of eating dinner at Tao, because while it might be an added cost, it gives you access to the club without waiting or paying extra to get in. Plus the cost of dinner starts to seem reasonable once you consider the challenge of fighting 400 other people in line vanishes away.

Now let’s say you’re not interested in getting bottle service or grabbing a bit to eat, you’re going to need to split your group up. You’ll want to line up as two guys and wait for the bouncer to get more women before they let you in. Now your group of ten guys will be going in as groups of 2 women with a bachelor. Not to mention there’s always the option of going over to the regular line and finding women so you can enter in as a group of four.

As well you can always tip the bouncer, however keep in mind it really depends on the nightclub. Some clubs are not only strict about the dress code, but also the ratio of guys to girls. Perhaps the strictest one you’ll find would be XS, so keep that in mind.


Las Vegas Bottle Service Guide

2.2 How To Avoid Long Lines At Nightclubs With Bottle Service

So you’re interested in getting bottle service, but how does it all work and is it worth it? Well for starters give the front desk a call, they’ll explain it for the most part. Or contact the hosts for the nightclub and try to negotiate the rates a bit. But whatever you do, please avoid any VIP services, because they accomplish nothing outside of the range you can do yourself. Regardless, it’s going to run your pocketbook anywhere from four to five hundred dollars per bottle. And in case you’re wondering those bottles are fifths.

The next thing to consider is how many people are in your group, for example let’s just say its 9 total. Most Vegas nightclubs set a limit on the minimum number of bottles purchased, so you may need to pay for around 3 bottles. Not to mention what is often the case, is the less bottles you buy the worse your table location. And while you might have already spent close to $1,500, there’s also the added cost of keeping the table throughout the night. This can run anywhere up to $3K to $4K as you’ll have to continually buy more bottles to avoid the club taking it away. However keep in mind a $4K tab isn’t too much to be ashamed of, considering you have just made it a million times easier to have more fun and attract more women. Plus there’s always the money you’d plan on spending anyways, with things like a $20 mixed drink, cover, and beers in the $13 range.

There are also some more important tips to keep in mind because it does not end there. Be ready to shell out some more dough as you’ll need to tip people like the host, security, and waiters. Not to mention set aside another 30% for the added taxes and tips when it’s all said and done. And if you happen to end up visiting a Vegas nightclub on a popular night with popular DJ’s, don’t expect these prices to be anywhere near the standard. It’s going to cost a lot more to get into the nightclub, so plan in advance and take note of the current events.


Men's Dress Code Vegas Nightclubs

2.3 Dressing Appropriately To Meet The Dress Codes

In order to get past the bouncer and into any Vegas nightclub the first thing you’re going to have to figure out is what to wear. Dress code rules for guys can be strict and unless you personally know someone working there, don’t expect to waltz your way in wearing a t-shirt. Yet just by following a few simple tips and guidelines, your chances of getting inside increase tenfold.

The simplest look you should be going for is with a nice dress shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Take the dress shirt two buttons down, roll the sleeves up a bit and you’re good to go. Keep in mind the jeans we mentioned shouldn’t be baggy ones, nor ones that have any tears, ruffs, or fading. To finish this look off you’re going to need a combination of nice shoes and a stylish belt. Of course you could dress up a bit more, ditch the jeans and wear some nice dress pants instead, however let’s stick to the basics for now.

When you’re trying to pick out a dress shirt the most important thing on your mind should be to keep it simple, and asking yourself, will I stand out wearing this? If you wear a plaid button down chances are you’ll get inside, however don’t expect women to flock towards you. What is often the case is the guys who have birthdays or bachelor parties will often dress in nice jackets. Not to mention even the men walking around that don’t have tables or bottle service are going to be wearing jackets as well. And if you’re thinking of doing the same, please make sure your jacket is the right size. While not all the girls will mind a badly fitted jacket, most will definitely notice it, and you miss out on a lot of attention that you could be getting.

Another tip that goes hand in hand with the dress code is to consider the fact that people working inside the club will be wearing dress shirts themselves. You certainly don’t want to look like an employee, so make sure whatever shirt you wear stands out a bit, but of course without being over the top.

Moving onto the shoes, the most important rule to keep in mind is to avoid wearing anything with a white sole. Even if they are some ultra-fashionable shoes, or sneakers with a high price tag, it doesn’t matter. Unless you have a table or a connection on the inside, you’re limited to black soles and some nice leather dress shoes.


Best Las Vegas Nightclubs For Men

2.4 What Are The Top And Best Las Vegas Nightclubs

Marquee Nightclub
Marquee Nightclub
Tao Nightclub
Tao Nightclub
XS Nightclub
XS Nightclub

You’ve picked out an appropriate outfit for the club, and are ready to go out with the gentlemen in your group and meet women. Which brings you to lining up bottle service, however with more than a handful of Vegas nightclubs to choose from, what is the best choice? Of course you’ll want a place with the hottest women, the best music, attendance, and atmosphere. Yet without ever stepping foot inside, you might be making a bad gamble by picking the wrong one. To get around this dilemma, follow our guide below and scour our list of top Las Vegas nightclubs.


Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas

2.5 Marquee Nightclub At The Cosmopolitan

Located inside Cosmopolitan, doors open at 10PM, and the cover prices are $30 for men, $20 for women, and free for locals. You’ll want to head on down if you’re staying at the Cosmopolitan and are a fan of electronic music. Not to mention, you’ll also get a complimentary plus one if you’re staying there, and a lesser wait in line verses the regular guest list. However it’s per each key card so make sure you grab a few extras down at the concierge desk. Yet as far as Marquee goes it’s a spacious nightclub with indoor and outdoor areas like most Vegas nightclubs. The dance floor is on the smaller side, but there’s still ample room to move around have a great time. On the other hand there are a lot of bars located throughout the club so getting a drink is never an issue. And as far as prices for drinks go, it’s pretty much the standard Vegas rate. For the age group Marquee offers a younger college aged crowd and up, which is expected since it is a relativity new nightclub.


Wynn XS Nightclub Las Vegas

2.6 XS Nightclub At The Wynn

Located inside the Wynn, doors open at 10PM and the cover prices are $30 for men, $20 for women, and free for locals. XS is one of those nightclub experiences that you never forget; in fact you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy it. The scenery is excellent and so are the people. Plus it attracts a younger crowd with only a small fraction of the occasional older group of attendees. Not to mention with a $100 Million price tag and gold-plated everything, would you expect anything less than luxurious?


Venetian TAO Nightclub Las Vegas

2.7 TAO Nightclube At The Venetian

Tao, located at the Venetian, opens their doors at 10:30PM, and has a price of $30 for men, $20 for women, and is free for local industry. It’s one of the nightclubs were you spend most of your energy moving around as it has limited dance floors. However don’t confuse this with the nightclub’s size as this place quite is enormous. In fact it’s one of the places where you can hit on women, move to another dance floor or room and literally never see them again. And while you’re in motion, you’ll find Tao often plays a great mix of music with most of it being the top 40’s. As far as the crowd goes, it’s packed full of younger people which should make it a favorite on your list if you’re in that age group.


Best Las Vegas Pools

3. The Guide To Attending Pool Parties In Las Vegas

Pool parties are the perfect place to cool down from the hot Las Vegas sun, and if you’re with a group of guys make sure you go to one. This is where you’ll have the best chances to find women to hang out with. You’ll often find bachelorette parties in the tune of ten to twenty girls grouped together. These women are looking for the exact same thing your friends are, simply another group to party with later in the night. And if you have solid wingmen and interesting guy friends it will be a breeze. However there’s also one more important key to having fun at a pool party and it means getting a Cabana.

Cabanas make it super easy to attract women who are interested in drinking with you and meeting up later on. Plus being in the desert sun makes things get hot fast, so you’ll come to love the shade. But before you get one, consider that you should plan to spend the majority of the day at the pool. As most cabanas have a minimum spend, so you’ll want stay longer to get a decent value out. This means you’ll need to pony up around $1200 to get one. However in case you’re not familiar with how it works, that amount goes towards a credit for things like food and beverages. But just keep in mind $1200 is quite conservative in terms of pricing. If you get cabana on a weekend such as a Saturday, expect that price tag to reach at the very least $2500. However if you aren’t to concerned about the ridiculous price tag, grab a cabana at Encore beach club, Marquee Day Club, or Wet republic during their top parties on Saturdays.

If perhaps your wondering what the competition will look like once you get there, it’s a pretty solid mix. You’ll find both average men and shredded men make up an equal percentage. There are plenty of average guys with bellies that don’t lift weights or hit the gyms. So there’s no reason to assume you’ll stand out in a negative way, nor excuses to feel self conscious. On the other hand if you happen to be a bodybuilder you can always get a good pump in before hitting the pool. Most hotels charge $25 per day, however for the most part they tend to have excellent gyms suitable for almost everyone’s needs.


Best Las Vegas Pool Parties

3.1 The Top And Best Las Vegas, Nevada Pool Parties

Grab a towel and splash your way into our list of the top Las Vegas pool parties. You’ll soak up the hot desert sun, guzzle down some drinks, and party alongside some of the hottest women in the country. So take notes and we’ll keep you from sinking to the bottom. Check out Tao Beach, Encore Beach Club, Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Rehab at the Hard Rock, Bare at Mirage, and of course the Wet Republic.

Bare Pool
Bare Pool
Cosmopolitan Boulevard Pool
Boulevard Pool
Encore Beach Club
Encore Beach Club
Rehab Pool
Rehab Pool
Tao Beach
Tao Beach
Wet Republic Pool
Wet Republic Pool


Relaxing Pools Las Vegas

3.2 Other Relaxing Las Vegas Pools Worth Mentioning

If you’re simply looking to just relax at the pool, a few more suggestions come to mind. First there’s Mandalay Bay, which features a gigantic wave pool and sand terrain. Its atmosphere is almost beach-like, plus there’s also lawn chairs to complement the theme. On the downside it can get quite busy, which makes it harder to meet new people, but for the most part it’s a great choice. Next there’s Aria, which offers a few large pools to choose from. For the most part it doesn’t get too crowded, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to simply relax.

The last two mentions are our top choices being the Bellagio and Palms Place. The Bellagio has a handful of smaller pools and quite a few large ones, which lets you meet people easier. And since everything is so well laid out, you might not think it’s overly crowded. Moving on there’s the Palms Place, which has two oversized pools and a bar located right in the center. It’s a fantastic atmosphere, and there’s often some great parties going on such as the “Ditch Friday” party.


Meeting Women In Las Vegas

4. Meeting And Picking Up Women In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a playground filled with gorgeous women just waiting to head back to your hotel room, but where do you pick them up at? Well you could always venture out onto the strip, and pick up women through a little something called “conversation”. However if perhaps you’re just interested in having fun with no strings attached, here’s the fastest way to do it in a city full of women.

But before we tell you how, it’s highly suggested that you avoid going through this route all together. It’s simply not worth it when you look at the reality of the situation here. The women in Las Vegas are not all gold diggers, and if we had to estimate it, we’d assume there’s around ten percent that are. 90% of the women you meet in Vegas aren’t even like that, instead their simply looking for a genuinely fun and honest time out on the town. So yes, there’s money hungry women out there that fit the perception of Vegas, but no matter where you travel to, you’re always going to come across them. So simply keep that in mind. We’ll let you decided, but if you’re looking to fit the profile and attract these kinds of women keep reading this section.

Take a visit to one of the nightclubs we’ve mentioned above, and find one that suits you or appeals to your group of guy friends. Get dressed in a well-tailored suit and head on over the shorter VIP or guest line if you can’t afford the perks of bottle service. Once inside kindly mention your profession if asked and have a business card ready. It could be anything from a high end real estate broker, to a fitness center or car dealership owner. Basically anything in general that you think may have an appealing income or status. Remember, these types of women aren’t looking for love, their looking to brag about being with a wealthy or famous man.

In the mean time you’ll need a table, which means you’ll want to dance with older women who already have one reserved. Simply take in the nightlife experience with them for a bit, and ask them if you they want you to walk them back to their table. If the answer is yes, you’re now sitting at a table with bottle service, and just took care of the expensive cost of drinks for the night. From there it’s all on you, because we could talk about getting women from inside of the club to your hotel room, however we just got you a table and drinks, what more could you ask for? If you really want to learn where to go from here, take a glance at our men’s dating advice and you’ll find something that fits this profile.

Yet keep in mind visiting Las Vegas is all about simply letting go. In fact we wrote an article about how to travel alone and meet women. You should be aiming to have fun, have no worries about picking up women, and walk around with confidence. Remember it’s your trip, you didn’t solely travel to Vegas to get laid, and you’re going to there because you planned on having a good time.


How To Get Around Las Vegas

5. Getting Around Las Vegas And Finding Transportation

If you’re planning to venture out on the strip you’re going to need some wheels to get around the city. And if you’re in a big group of guys, you’ll need something that can fit a lot of passengers. At first glance you might consider the easiest route of simply hopping in a few separate cabs, however you’ll get more value when you go with a limo. For even bigger groups of guys with women who want to tag along, opt for one of the massive hummer limos.

Yet if it’s only a smaller number of passengers you’re going out with, perhaps if you’re traveling alone, you’ll be fine with just one taxi. However one of the most important things to avoid is the private taxis, which are typically 5 to 6 times the normal price of what a cab fare should be. You’ll often see these located in the underground area of the hotels and pulling up near the sidewalks. Regardless if you ride in a regular taxi, you’re looking at around $15 per trip, as 3 or 4 miles on the congested strip can really add up fast.

Another great option to keep in mind is simply getting a 24 hour shuttle pass. These are only $7 dollars, and they go up and down the entire strip. They’ll stop every ten minutes, and almost every destination is within walking distance.


Top Steakhouses Vegas

6. The Best Las Vegas Steakhouses, Restaurants And Food

With all the fun you’ll have in Las Vegas chances are you’re going to get hungry. So why not chow down at some of the best steakhouses and restaurants? If you hadn’t planned on eating until you’re in a food comma, think again, there are always the buffets calling your name. Vegas is the place where your taste buds go crazy, because it’s not just the people. And with famous chefs from around the world ready to cook whatever your stomach desires, you’ll want to know the best places to eat in Vegas.


Delmonico Steakhouse Vegas Steakhouses: Dress sharp when going to the steakhouse. and kick start the night with a juicy steak, fine cigar, and cognac or bourbon. Some recommendations worth the price tag are Delmonico’s Steakhouse, Lawry’s Prime Rib, Homestead Steakhouse, and Bally’s Steakhouse. A few other choices are Wynn at Wynn and Nine at the Palms however these two are more or less considerably average for the price tag.


  Sandwiches: Earl of Sandwich is located right at the front of Planet Hollywood and offers the best of both worlds. Its open 24/7, has value-priced $5 range sandwiches, and the food of course is absolutely delicious. This might be perhaps the best food you’ll discover in Las Vegas, and if you’re thinking of skipping it, you’re be missing out big. So pass the buffets on by and grab a few sandwiches here to chow down. Try the tuna melt, turkey or cranberry as we highly recommend any of those. Another mention includes Carnegie deli at the Mirage which is open 24 hours a day. Perhaps one great choice would be the BLT sandwich because you’re in for a surprise when you see it. They tend to deliver huge portions, and usually it’s nothing short of nearly a pound of bacon on the BLT sandwich.


Grimaldis Pizza Vegas Pizza: Who doesn’t love hot fresh and cheesy pizza? If you’re in the mood for an excellent pie then make a stop at Grimaldis. Their away from the strip so getting there can be quite a hassle, but in the end the pizza makes it worth it. Also sample some slices at D.O.C.G. at the Cosmopolitan, and try the pizza at NOVE Italian at the Palms.


Guy Savoy Restaurant French: Interested in luxurious fine dining featuring French cuisines? If so head on over to the Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace, or Joel Robouchon at MGM Grand.


China Poblano Vegas Chinese: Craving noodles? Check out the China Poblano at the Cosmopolitan it’s an interesting mixture of Chef Jose Andres’ take on Chinese and Mexican food. There’s also Beijing Noodle # 9 at Caesars Palace.


Holseins Burgers Vegas Burgers: Just want something American without getting too fancy? Head on over to Holsteins and chow down on some juicy hamburgers. Other mentions include The Barrymore, BLT Burger, Strip Burger and Burger Bar. Plus don’t forget about In-N-Out Burger which boasts hand-cut fries and real ice cream shakes. And if you really want to go all out, you might consider stopping by Le Burger Brasserie and paying $777 for a Kobe beef burger. Of course you get a few bonuses along with price tag such as Maine lobster and a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne. However if you’re expecting real Kobe beef don’t go, because if you’re not already aware, real Kobe beef is not being imported into America.


Cheap Food Vegas Cheap Food And Drinks: If you’re looking to save a few bucks on food and drinks you’re in luck. But keep in mind while these aren’t the greatest places, they still let you chow down on a budget. Starting off there’s the Stage Door Casino and Bar, which is located at the back of Flamingo and Bills. If you go there, you’ll usually find some budget friendly deals like a hot dog and a beer for around $2 dollars. Plus there’s also Ellis Island where you can find a stomach filling $7.99 steak special. It comes with a salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a 22 oz beer brewed on the spot. Not to mention, it’s open 24 hours so grubbing down on a budget is always possible no matter what time it is. You can also grab some cheap BBQ and baby back ribs at Ellis Island, so it’s the best of both worlds.


The Best Las Vegas Attractions

7. The Best Las Vegas Attractions

Perhaps nightclubs and pool parties aren’t your thing, and even if they are there’s still more to Vegas to explore. Las Vegas is full of incredible attractions and there are plenty of opportunities to experience, you just need a tour guide. And that’s where we’re here to help, so take a look at guide of some of the best things to do in Las Vegas.


Fremount Street Las Vegas Nevada

7.1 Visiting The Older Parts Of Las Vegas At Fremont Street

Don’t think the main strip is where all the action is at, instead take a trip down to Fremont Street. It’s located in the older area of Vegas however it lets you get away from the new strip’s tourist trap and offers a solid value. To get there just grab and all day bus pass and head on down. Once your there you’ll find a lot of free outdoor performances, like musical events, magic shows, costume people, and a massive light display similar to Venice beach. Not to mention, perhaps the best part is how cheap it is when compared to the new Vegas strip, as drinks and food go for a much cheaper rate.


Exotic Racing Las Vegas

7.2 Exotic Racing

If you like fast cars, adrenaline rushes and burning rubber on a motor speedway, then a trip to Exotics Racing. They’ll take you on a ride of a lifetime in high-end ultra-sporty exotic race cars. Plus they provide all the extras like the racetrack, instructors, insurance and of course even the helmets. And starting at $199 for five laps there’s some value to it considering you’re whipping around in cars exceeding $100K price tags. In fact there are 13 exotic cars available to put your down to the floor in. You’ll find Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Mclarens, Nissan GT-Rs, Aston Martin, Audi R8’s, and many others.


Stratosphere Sky Jump

7.3 Stratosphere Sky Jump

Every wanted to jump off a building that’s 108 stories high but were not willing to deal with the consequences? Now you with the Stratosphere Sky Jump, and seventeen seconds of pure free falling excitement. Touted as being safe, it’s held a perfect safety record among the perhaps thousands and thousands that have experienced it. And speaking of the experience there’s no bungee cord so you might be surprised when you find out it’s more like a controlled descent. But for every descent on down you’re looking at around $110 each time, however they do give discounts for same day rejumps at the tune of $50 each.


Pole Position Race Way Las Vegas

7.4 Pole Position Race Way

If you like go karts that reach speeds near 45 miles per hour then this is your place. Races cost $25, however you can get day passes for $150, and there’s often discounts if you go as a group of friends. And even if you’re not the best go kart drivers you’ll find that the track officials can be quite lenient on the rules. Drifting and smashing into each other aren’t recommended or allowed, however they seem to understand that common adrenaline rushes can make this avoided at times.


New York New York Las Vegas

7.5 New York New York Rollercoaster

Don’t want to leave the Vegas strip but still want to experience a thrill ride in the form of a rollercoaster? Head on over the New York New York rollercoaster and you’ll be taken up 203 feet in the air, and brought back down at over 67 miles per hour. Each ride is quite reasonable price wise at just $14, however if you opt for an all day pass it goes up to $25. And while you’re there, you won’t be able to miss the enormous collection of arcade and claw machines located at the entrance.


Las Vegas Grand Canyon

7.6 Take A Helicopter Tour Of The Grand Canyon And Strip

Take a helicopter tour and witness the beautiful grand canyon, desert mountains, and of course the Las Vegas strip scenery. You’ll see other incredible sites such as Lake Las Vegas and Mead, plus the Hoover Dam. Not to mention there’s also a champagne picnic at 3,200 feet just below the rim. And since most will carry along six people, there’s room for your group of friends to tag along. As far as prices and places go, there are a lot of them and prices vary, however plan to spend around $500 and upwards to take flight.


Vegas Shark Tank Reef

7.7 Shark Tank Reef

Located at the Mandalay Bay hotel the shark reef aquarium is a marvel of exotic creatures from sea turtles to piranhas, and so much more. You’ll marvel at the majestic two-thousand plus underwater animals housed in over 1.6 million gallons of water. To access this underwater world you’ll find the cost is reasonable at $18 for admission. However once inside there’s a nice collection of sharks and stingrays on display to put your mind at ease. You’ll have the opportunity to pet manta rays and soak up some facts about the endangered species being housed inside. So take rest from the hot Vegas sunshine and simply relax while the fish swim around you.


Grand Canyon Skywalk

7.8 Grand Canyon Skywalk

Experience the view from the top of the Grand Canyon by walking over a glass bridge that’s hanging over 4,770 feet above the floor. You’ll get an incredible vantage of the surroundings and see things such as Eagle Point and the Colorado River in the distance. Plus at nearly 1.6 million pounds you might be mesmerized as to how exactly it holds up.


Las Vegas Off Road ATV

7.9 ATV Off-Road In The Grand Canyon

Take an off-road ATV adventure in the desert and ride along the gullies and sand dunes at high speeds. You’ll wander out far without having to repeat the same terrain, and roam freely. There’s also time to refuel with a quick bit to eat during lunch and refreshments to keep you hydrated.


Go Shopping

7.10 Go Shopping

There’s a vast amount of malls, outlets and unique shops that cater to everyone’s budget in Vegas. From the bargain obsessive to the ultra high spenders on the hunt of elusive luxuries, everyone’s shopping experience can be an enjoyable one. No matter what you’re looking for, chances are Las Vegas has it for sale. So take a moment to visit the Crystals at the City Center, The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, or the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. However that’s just to name a few, if you were to dig around you’ll find there’s thousands of places to shop at.


Vegas Architecture

7.11 Admire The Architecture

Wander out into Vegas and spend some time marveling at the mega structures and modern, massive skyscrapers. You’ll become intrigued as to how they were built and come to appreciate the hard work put into building them. And even if you’re not a fan of the new architecture you can always stumble across some of the older landmarks in Vegas. Granted their a bit harder to find considering Vegas is a town that is always in constant development, however there’s quite a few left. To find these buildings that haven’t been imploded to make room for tourist attractions, you’ll need to take a venture downtown. Some of these places will include the Golden Gate Hotel, The Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, and the Huntridge Theater just to name a few.


Las Vegas Nevada Strip

7.12 Walk The Vegas Strip

Perhaps one of the best attractions to Vegas is simply grabbing a drinking, and taking a long walk down the Las Vegas strip. Along the way you’ll hear the mix of musical notes flowing throughout the street as you make your next footstep. Around you will also be the endless swarm and sea of other people moving their way along the path. You’ll stumble across the Bellagio fountains and glance in awe, or perhaps venture into a store or restaurant and pick up something to your liking. Yet all in all there’s simply so much to explore while on the strip, so step out from the indoors and venture onwards into the sun.


Bellagio Fountains

7.13 Watch The Bellagio Fountains

Built on an eight acre lake, the Bellagio fountains run every half hour and give off a marvelous dancing water performance. It’s definitely one sight in Vegas that you simply don’t want to miss. Not to mention for what it’s worth, the price tag of being a show makes it even more worthwhile to go see. And if you do happen to witness it, make sure you do so at night when the fountains are illuminated with spotlights and brilliant colors. You’ll also be able to watch different shows throughout the night, with each of them last around twenty minutes.

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