Top Travel Coffee Mugs For Men

Top 9 Best Travel Coffee Mugs For Men

It’s early in the morning; you know that your freshly brewed coffee will take some time to cool before it touches your tongue. You’ll also need to keep your coffee while on the daily commute and on the way into work.

To ensure that your morning starts off right chances are you’re going to need find one of the top travel coffee mugs for men out there. Fortunately for you, a lot of these coffee mugs feature a masculine design with polish steel and black plastic to cover up the left over coffee stains.

Now the question is which mug do you go with to safely transport your dark roasts and exotic blends in the morning. You can base your choice of purchase on the design and get a mug that’s sleek, has a stainless steel designs and is generally attractive to reach for. But the foremost thing to consider is which plastic or steel mug is going to be guaranteed not to leak.

You certainly don’t to get coffee stains on your shirt nor do you want them on your car seats either. However not to worry, we’ve put a handful of the most popular and top travel mugs to the test and discovered the best choices for the java-loving male in mind.

Top 9 Best Travel Coffee Mugs For Men 

1. Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Vaccuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 20 oz, Black


This ultra-sleek travel mug for men boasts a 100% leak-proof lid with a patented design and can keep beverages hot for as long as six full hours, and cold for as many as 18. The lid hinges open easily, allowing for a thorough cleaning and it is entirely dishwasher-safe. Even with its comfortable rubber grip, the contoured body of this mug will fit perfectly into a standard car cup holder.


2. Zojirushi SM-KHE36NL Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG Stainless Steel Mug, 16oz, Smoky Blue


This all-black design sets the standard durability and features a wide-mouth opening, maximum capacity, a unique closing lock to prevent accidental spills and a sleek, compact design. It stows easily, washes easily and can help hot and cold beverages maintain their temperatures for hours, given its stainless steel vacuum insulation. Best of all, the mug surface is corrosion-resistant and it repels stains and foreign substances.


3. Copco 2510-9963 Acadia Reusable To-Go 16-Ounce Mug

Copco 2510-9963 Acadia Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug with Non-Slip Sleeve, 16-Ounce, White/Brown


For the men who are environmentally-conscious and responsible, this mug is the perfect low-cost option. It boasts a very simple design and easily replaces Styrofoam cups and other disposables. Men can take advantage of a chocolate brown, slip proof grip, double-wall insulation for preserving drink temperatures and a quarter-turn lid that prevents spills and leaks.


4. Thermos 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

Thermos 16 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler


The Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler by Thermos is made with durability in mind. The interior and exterior are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, making it virtually unbreakable. This is the perfect cup for tea lovers as it has a built-in hook for loose-leaf infusers and tea bags. It can keep beverages hot for five hours and cold for up to 9. It is also dishwasher-safe and surprisingly easy to clean.


5. Bubba 34 oz Travel Mug Classic Blackbubba Classic Insulated Travel Mug, 34 oz., Black


This is the ideal travel coffee mug for the discerning male who likes his beverages to look just as good as he does. Constructed from a combination of durable black plastic and stainless steel, it features matching trim on the lid and handle and an attractive embossed design.

This coffee mug can keep beverages piping hot for as many as three hours and cold up to 12. Best of all, this option has a 34 oz. capacity, which is perfect for carrying cold treats or massive quantities of your favorite coffees or teas.


6. Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

BODUM 11100-01BUS Bistro Double Wall Insulated Travel Press, 15 Ounce, Black


If you are ready to brew your tea and coffee and sip it directly from the brewer, this is one of the best ways to get a fresh, rich taste without a lot of hassle. A dark roast will never taste as fine as when it is enjoyed from this mug.

This design is constructed from BPA-free plastic and silicone, and features a double-plastic wall and a non-slip grip. People simply add coarse ground coffee or teas leave, and pour in water and then they can enjoy a delightful beverage in just four minutes.


7. Trudeau Board Room Travel Mug

Trudeau Board Room 16-Ounce Travel Mug, Black


Sophisticated and stylish, this mug is great for men who love looking good while sipping their favorite beverages. Its leather-like accents are eye-catching and entirely washable, making it easy to keep this container in top condition. It has a stainless steel interior and exterior and a patented lid for providing users with the perfect sip.


8. Thermos 14-Ounce Insulated Travel Mug

Thermos 14 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler, Stainless Steel


If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight travel mug, this is it. It has a tight closing stopper to prevent leaks and spills, a comfortable, rubber inset inside of the handle and the ability to keep drinks hot for one hour and cool for several. This mug fits most standard cup holders and comes with a five-year warranty against defects.


9. Thermos E10500 16-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug

Travel mugs like this one are essential for coffee drinkers who value flavor and freshness. This mug features double wall vacuum insulation which keeps brewed beverages tasting great and helps them maintain an optimal temperature. It has an 18/8 stainless steel design, both inside and out, which makes it virtually unbreakable.

It also has a stainless steel carabineer and safety loop for easy attachment to hiking gear and other travel equipment. Best of all, the unique design of its leak-proof lid makes it possible for users to take sips of their favorite brews from any direction.

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