Tips For Planning The Ultimate Bachelor Party

7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party

You only get one chance to throw your best friend a bachelor party that he will never forget. Whether he’s the type of guy who loves video games and staying close to home, or he loves parties and celebrations…

You need to find a way to incorporate everything he loves into that one night or weekend.

Some guys might love going all out with a trip to Vegas, while others may want to spend the night in a hotel just a short trip from home.

No matter where you plan the bachelor party, make it a night that no one will ever forget.


Think About Budget

As much as you might want to plan a weeklong trip in Hawaii or Las Vegas, you always need to think about your budget and the budgets of both the bachelor and all his friends.

Contact each of the guys he wants to invite in advance to find out how much they can afford to spend. This is especially important if the group plans on covering the groom’s expenses.


Keep His Wishes in Mind

Choosing the wrong destination for the bachelor party may end with the groom changing his mind about his best mind. If you pick a destination based on your own wishes instead of what he likes, he’ll spend the night feeling uncomfortable and wishing he was anywhere else in the world.

If he wants to spend the night playing board games and having a few beers, don’t feel as if you should drag him to a strip club or a bar. Some guys prefer spending their nights hanging out with friends and talking instead of recreating The Hangover films.


Decide on Length/Duration

Bachelor Party Venue

Bachelor parties once took place over a single night. Guys got together, went out for a few hours and made it home later that same night. There are now destination bachelor parties, sometimes called stag weekends, that take place over a full weekend or a few days.

Spending a few days together gives you the chance to play golf, see movies, go skydiving and do anything else he always wanted to do. Depending on the wishes of the other guests, you might even have an open weekend that lets guests come for a single night or spend the whole weekend together.


Create A Schedule

Create some type of schedule that isn’t too rigid or inflexible. The schedule should cover all the events you want to do over the course of the night or the weekend. This lets everyone in your party know when you need to leave certain venues to do all the activities on that schedule.

While some guys skip planning a schedule, this is a big mistake. You might spend so much time at one bar on your pub crawl that you never make it to the most important pub on your list.


Leave Room for Unexpected Events

Your schedule should always be flexible. There may come a time when you find something great that you want to do that isn’t on your schedule. What happens if you stop by a bar on your night out and run into Gene Simmons from KISS? If you stick too closely to that schedule you might miss out on meeting him and getting your picture taken with the singer.

Being flexible also lets you take advantage of unexpected deals that might spring up. You never know when you might find a deal on a rafting trip or a fishing trip when you arrive at your destination.


Choose a Venue

One of the most important things you need to decide on is your venue. Check with the chamber of commerce and official websites of the city you want to visit. You might check other sites like Steve Wynn’s website to see venues that are open in Las Vegas and other cities.

If you travel away from home, you might look for a hotel that has enough rooms available for all guests. Even if you stick close to home, having a few hotel rooms ensures that everyone stays safe and doesn’t drink and drive.


Consider Food and Drinks

Bachelor Party Food

No matter where you go, you also need to plan for food and drinks. For a quieter night, you might feel the hotel room bathtub with ice, some energy drinks, soda and beer. You can order in from room service or order pizza delivered right to your room.

If you want to enjoy an exciting night out on the town, look at the top bars and restaurants within walking distance of your hotel. Plan on having a few drinks and appetizers at one bar before hitting up a restaurant for dinner and doing somewhere else for dessert or a few more drinks. The concierge at your hotel can recommend bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

A bachelor party gives the future groom a chance to let it all out and have some fun with his friends before the wedding day. Choosing a venue, thinking about budget and creating a schedule are some simple tips you can use when planning a quiet night or a more exciting party.

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