Giving Back

Helping men become gentlemen of greatness.

What we do: We're changing the world as gentlemen with one helping hand at a time.
It is not about our reach, instead it is about the principal of using the resources we have access to. Small wins for us equate to giving back to our community, and making a positive impact on the men around us. We love getting involved, taking action and being the pioneering leader for recognizing outstanding individuals, organizations, charities, entrepreneurs, and others. Philanthropy is in our character as gentlemen. Our passion for enhancing the lives of men, brothers, fathers and husbands is unparalleled. In return, our values are displayed through charitable contributions, educational resources for men, and personal achievement recognition. At Next Luxury, we understand the difference between giving a hungry young man a fish, and teaching him how to fish for himself.
Simply put, we care about making men’s lifestyles better.