Apartment Decorations For Guys

30 Apartment Decorations For Guys – Manly Home Interior Design Decor

Your home shouldn’t be a dried up and dusty, barren wasteland where you stay just long enough to warm up a TV dinner, gobble it down and split.

It should be a gentleman’s retreat that invites friends and family, or even better your Saturday night date, to come in and bask in the depth of your fascinating personality.

Each piece in your apartment should be a unique conversation starter that showcases your love of your hobbies, your favorite books or interesting facts that you love to discuss.

After all, your home is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a reflection of everything that makes you, well…you. Your choice of background pieces and forefront displays almost say more about you than you can say yourself.

This list of 30 interesting apartment decorations for guys additions is tailored to cover a wide range of styles and tastes to give you the most inspiration possible. You can use the guide to help you transform your humble and boring abode into a luxurious get-away that displays both your style and status. Choose between steampunk designs and simple wooden displays, functional furniture and whimsical art.

Is your apartment missing out on macho? Are you needing a few tips for sleek and classy decor? Perhaps your apartment has all the warmth of a newly sterilized surgical suite? Whatever your need, we will help you find some of the most interesting accents available so you can share your personality with all who enter your home. Whether you’re a fan of nautical adventures, classic sci-fi or 1940’s cinema, this list will have something to suit your taste and style.

Men’s Apartment Ideas

1. 48 Inch Wood Airplane Prop


Deco 79 Traditional Wooden Airplane Propeller Decor, 5" H x 48


Love the aviation look? Then you’ll like this cherry wood brown wood airplane prop by Deco 79. With an antique charm, faded red stripes and raise black center bolts this propeller at the touch of masculine the decor to any guy’s apartment. Each arrives with a generous length of 48 inches and a width of 5 inches.


2. Abbott Collection Small Gold Twig Wall Hook

Abbott Collection 92-WH/07 Small Gold Twig Wall Hook


It’s hard to imagine a classier way to hang your keys or display your small trinkets. Measuring a little over half a foot, it would look stunning displayed above your Torre & Tagus Twisted Branch Antique Bronze Tree in a way that really ties the room together.


3. Abstract Canvas Wall Art

Abstract Canvas Art - Aged Wall - Giclee Print Modern Wall Decor | Stretched Gallery Wrap Ready to Hang Home Decoration - 32x48 inches


No guy’s apartment is complete without some cool abstract canvas art on the wall. Let’s face it though, it’s tough finding artwork that isn’t too feminine or too bizarre. And if you adult, things like posters of superheroes, cars and half naked models, like the ones used to have a college, just like a cut it. Luckily a little class and fine art isn’t going to cost you too much. Take for instance the Giclee print by Wall 26, at 32” x 48” this piece is rather affordable when you consider under a hundred dollars and comes with a generous size.


4. Aviation Aluminum Egg Chair

Add an iconic piece to your apartment interior with the aluminum a chair by English Classics. Each arrives with a handsome aluminum aviation frame and supple leather finish. It’s perfect for any gentleman looking for a mix between modern and retro. And while the style swings back and forth in time, so does the chair itself. Each features a 360° rotating action alongside back and forth tilting.


5. Creative Co Op Hand Carved Mango Wooden Dice

Creative Co-Op DA0725 Hand Carved Mango Wood Dice


Do you like to gamble? Or perhaps you just want to show off your love of quantum physics by hinting that God really does play dice with the universe? Your friends will love this over-sized brown and black solid wooden dice by Creative Co-Op for the Urban Homestead collection.


6. Design Ideas Doodles Brooklyn Bridge Wire Model

Brooklyn Bridge Wire Model, Design Ideas Doodles, Brooklyn Bridge Replica Statue of New York City (14 Inches)


Nothing says New York like the Brooklyn Bridge, and now you can bring New York home to you. At just 14 inches tall, the steel replica comes completely assembled, so you can set it up and enjoy it right away.


7. Design Toscano Empire State Building Statue

Design Toscano Empire State Building Statue, Bronze


Good things do come in small packages. This hand-cast miniature of the Empire State Building stands at just over one foot tall, but packs all the classy style of downtown New York into your living room. Each piece is slightly different because they are all hand carved from crushed stone bonded by resin.


8. Eames Lounge Chair

Mid Century Modern Lounge Chair with Ottoman,Mid Century Recliner Chair - High Grade Leather - Black Palisander Wood Lounge Chair Replica (Black Palisander)


When it comes to cutting ultimate bachelor pad, man cave or apartment there are a few items can top the classic Eames lounge chair. The style is quite simple put, unforgettable to all wondering eyes.

Each arrives with a beautiful wood grain finish alongside handsome soft leather for the ultimate in comfort. Now, there are a lot of reproductions out, yet it’s rather difficult to find one that’s really well-made. Luckily Urban Finishings delivers big on craftsmanship without cost you a pretty penny.


9. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Best Home Fashion Kitt Fox Faux Fur Lounge Throw Blanket - 58


Meet the throw blanket on steroids. This giant throw is absolutely no joke when it comes to manly decorations. In fact it will most likely be one of the best purchases you ever make.

Not only does it look luxurious, but it’s also downright, incredibly comfortable. Wild Mannered offers their unique blanket in everything from Amber to Champaign, gray snake, platinum frost and beyond. When it comes to my personal favorite, Pearl Finn takes the cake.


10. Home Organizer Tech Art Half Face Statue

Home-organizer Tech Art Half Face The Wise Beard Gift and Furnishing Article Statue Abstract Sculpture (Black)


Partially inspired by Salvador Dali and partly by the Twilight Zone, you could sit and look at this piece from every different angle for hours and never get bored. There is something about this abstract sculpture that lovingly invites you to trip out on its weird outline while trying to figure out just what you are seeing from that angle that looks vaguely like the up-side-down state of New Hampshire.


11. Hunter Retro Fan With Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed Bronze


Why just use any old fan to cool down on a hot day when you can use a retro room accent? Just one look at the oil rubbed bronze finish on the Hunter 90406 12” RETRO fan will take you back to the days of the old-school detective agency. You can imagine you are Mike Hammer waiting for the dame in distress to walk through the door while you cool off in style.


12. Imax 60070 Celio Decorative Armillary

The IMAX Celio Decorative Armillary sphere gives tribute to the wonderful world of astronomy while showing your love of fine art. Each beautifully crafted piece will be a slightly unique replica of the the tools that our ancient forefathers used to track the movement of the planets and sun across our sky.


13. Industrial Crate With Metal Frame

This tiny Industrial Crate with Metal Frame Wood Planter Box is an ideal way to display items you like, house candles or hold small plants while showing your rustic, Grizzly Adams side. The light, barn-style wood looks great with any background while the metal frame adds a touch of modern to keep things interesting.


14. Industrial Lamp With Edison Bulb And Drift Wood Base

Looxury Industrial Lamp Vintage Edison Bulb with Drift Wood Base - E27/110V/40W Bulb - Adjustable Dimmable Light - Desk Table Lamp Rustic Retro Antique Style


Made from rare and beautiful pieces of driftwood, this natural lamp may become your most talked-about conversation piece. Complete with an old fashioned Edison bulb, it is a fine tribute to the inventor himself, and will fill any room with soft, ambient light with it’s old-fashioned bulb.


15. Kate And Laurel Orbie Geometric Metal Wall Rhino Head

If you are a fan of those scary looking mounted hunting trophies, but not so much a fan of animal cruelty, now you can show your safari-loving friends that some men hunt great art while letting endangered animals continue their wild lives in peace.


16. Kloud City Industrial Style Gear Statue

Kloud City Industrial Stlye 4.75'' Round Gear Antique Handmade Wooden Vintage Design for Home , Bar Decoration Decor


Show off your steam punk side with this 4 and 3/4 inch Kloud City Industrial Bar Decoration. Made of bronze painted wood, you can put it anywhere you think could benefit from a little homage to antique machinery.


17. Marine Search Light Floor Lamp

Marine SEARCHLIGHT Replica


Practical meets industrial chic with this classy floor lamp. This hand made replica of a 1940’s marine search light is an affordable way to add a statement piece to any room. Choose two or three for a black and white movie set feel or one for your living room window so you can “keep the light on” to guide your friends to safe harbor.


18. Medium Black And Gold Iron Band Decorative Sphere

Medium Black & Gold Iron Band Decorative Sphere


This sculpture is reminiscent of the sphere that atlas holds in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Perhaps when he shrugged it landed in your living room? The black bands of this sphere are touched with gold where they intersect to add even more dimensional depth to this already visually engaging piece.


19. Nautical Wood Look Resin Fishermans Buoy

Sometimes you just have to jump ship and go nautical. This Fishermens Buoy will showcase your love of sailing so beautifully that you can almost smell the salt spray on its natural rope and worn white and red finish. If fits beautifully on a book case right next to your antique hardback copy of Moby Dick.


20. New Trintec 2060 Series Instrument Coasters

New Trintec 2060 Series 6 Piece Instrument Coaster Set of 6 Coasters


Add a unique stylish statement to any coffee table with Trintec’s instrument coaster set. Each features a unique aircraft instrument dial for a cool touch of retro and industrial design. In terms of build quality, you find tough polystyrene frame alongside a rubberized antiskid base at the bottom.


21. Slpr Home Collection Faux Wolf Fur Pillow

Nothing beats a faux fur pillow, especially when it’s in Wolf. Each SPLR throw pillow is extremely soft and adds a touch of luxurious comfort to any guy’s apartment. Best of all, these decorative pillows can transform virtually any couch from bland to bold.


22. Society6 Mountain Fog Wall Tapestry

If you are training on your rock wall and counting the days till you can knock Mount Everest off your bucket list, this is the wall hanging for you. At 51” by 60” the tapestry will fill your vision with a breathtaking mountain vista while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee or read a book at night.


23. The Thinker Statue

The Thinker Statue 8688


Everyone should have a replica of “The Thinker.” Originally designed to be placed in front of a doorway surround called “The Gates of Hell,” Rodin’s classic sculpture is designed to be gazed at from below as it perches on an elevated surface.


24. Torre And Tagus Twisted Branch Antique Bronze Tree Sculpture

It’s time to add a classy piece of bronze to your living room. Crafted from light aluminum, finished with bronze and displayed on a marble base, the Torre & Tagus Twisted Branch Antique Bronze Tree will remind you of the fall landscape when the leaves have just fallen from the trees.


25. Triangle Black And White Marble Book Ends

Triangle Black & White Marble Bookends


Keep a collection of books organize with Bey-Berk’s cool triangle black and white marble bookends. Each arrives with a polished, mirror like finish and securely holds up to 8 pounds of books. While this decorative item maybe smaller in size, it certainly is big on luxurious style. Of course if you’re not into the marble finish, you can always elect to go with a pair of agate bookends for more natural look.


26. Trintec Cessna Altimeter Clock 6

Trintec Cessna Altimeter Clock 6.5" Square with Logo


If you’re in need of a clock, this is cool as it gets. The Trintec Cessna altimeter clock isn’t just easy-to-read, it’s downright awesome to look at. Each arrives with a quartz movement and takes just one AA alkaline battery to operate.


27. Wald Imports Wood Crates With Galvanized Metal Trim

Wald Imports Blue Wood Decorative Crates, Set of 3


These nesting wooden crates can be stacked away in a small space when you don’t need them, but they would look just as beautiful on display. Whether empty or full of knick knacks or fine fruit, the galvanized metal trim on these boxes brings out the natural luster of the wood to bring ambiance to your room.


28. Welland Cedar Wood Stump Stool Side Table

WELLAND Tree Stump Side Table, Live Edge Stool, Natural Edge Wood Side Table, Accent Table, 19" Tall


Straight from the design inspiration of pioneers from centuries past, this cedar wood and metal end table gives you points for style AND recycling. Each table is beautiful and unique because the wooden top is made from reclaimed cedar stumps. Polished to perfection with a natural lacquer finish, your stylish table will last for years.


29. Woodwick Mini Redwood Candle

Woodwick Mini Redwood Candle 3.4oz


Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean your place can’t smell nice. This Woodwick Mini Redwood fragrance jar candle has a wick made out of natural wood. Not only does it release a beautiful smell for up to 40 hours while it burns, it also imitates the sound of a crackling fire. This is the perfect extra something for a romantic weekend with your special someone.

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