Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

70 Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas – Luxury Interior Designs

Our ancient forefathers around the world took painstaking care to appoint their bathing & spa facilities with only the most stunning tiles, patterns, and inlaid designs, to say nothing of the vibrant array of colors.

A clean and simple space was far from enough; bold hues, intricate schemes, and sprawling mosaics turned a room of everyday use into a luxurious retreat and place of repose. The question, therefore, is: why not do the same for your own bathroom?

From the classic blues and grays of the Pacific to supersaturated Miami tones, these bathroom shower tile ideas are a reflection of your self-care M.O., the colors and textures and sheer inspirational vibes that get you moving in the morning and contribute to your overall well-being. Undulating wave patters evoke a sense of calm and fluidity, while dramatic hexagonal rug layouts add edge to an otherwise overlooked abode.

You can even choose to combine materials, such as marble and tile, for an unforgettable palatial effect. Just as the ancient haute monde understood, your place of cleansing is also your place of purifying; where there is beauty there will no doubt be physical and spiritual restoration.

The opulent homes of today may sport showers fit for a king, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that much-deserved bit of sumptuousness. It’s time to take your standard shower tile into the realm of the elite, and what better place to start than the floor you stand on and walls you gaze at every day?

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Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Ceramic Tile

Large lustrous quadrat shaped floor-to-ceiling marble tiles adds a luxurious ambiance to this bath-shower combo. Nearly colorless but unmistakably pristine white, the illusion of space is achieved by being minimalist and embracing contrasting metallic fixtures like the mammoth rain shower head for superior water flow. Palatial bathrooms such as this often feature natural materials and exquisite marble is no exception.

Bathroom Shower Floor Tile

The micro hexagon shaped tiles emanate an aquatic vibe with amazing impact in this retro styled bathroom. The geometric black and white palette adds dimension without distorting the space. Unembellished argent fixtures combined with crescent architectural design creates a supernova affect. Bathing or showering in this backdrop is much like being in a contemporary setting with loads of nostalgic appeal.

Bathroom Shower Floor Tile Ideas

Open free-frame shower designs are one of the most suitable designs for fast paced lifestyles. The open rectangular shower tray makes it easy to step in-and-out. Multiple tones of gray elongated subway tiles invokes the feeling of a leisure setting with sprinklings of bold elegance. Modernistic honeycomb shaped floor tiles merge flawlessly with the large mat grey vanity for ample storage space. A French pane window adds the perfect dose of unrestricted natural light.

Bathroom Shower Ideas Tile Hexagon Floor

Bathroom Showers Tile

This walk-in shower has the allure of a sophisticated wet room. The choice of mosaic stone slabs fits this natural themed shower setting perfectly echoing the elegance of a sophisticated wet room. The rain shower head guarantees a refreshing shower while the finished dark wood settee adds an eco-friendly type ambient.

Bathroom Showers With Tile

Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Design Inspiration

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas Images

Over sized black sleek floor to ceiling tiles are among the most accommodating and popular choices for bathroom shower décor today. This is due to the color’s affability and capacity to add personality and style to any bath or shower layout. The shower design features towering glass doors to optimize the overall space comfortable enough for standing or sitting while showering. Contrasting zig-zag laid black bordered white tiles upgrades the handsome design to one of opulence and refinement.

Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tub Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Wall Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Wall Tiles

Bathrooms With Tile Showers

This matte finished small-scale shower space provides a waterfall like experience due to the large rain shower head. Large charcoal gray slabs balanced with lighter hued floor tiles creates a serene ambiance. The glass partition culminates a feeling of spaciousness in the shower area. It’s a clever use of architectural design for small spaces.

Bathroom Tiled Shower Ideas

Herringbone designs – recognized by rectangular pieces arranged in an uneven zig-zag configuration – installed in this shower area are constructed from steel grey tiles accented by brass fixtures. A decorous ensemble inspired by regal influences yet remains unpretentious. This type of bath design is best suited for homes centered around straightforward interior design with neutral tones and baroque accents.

Bathroom Tiled Showers

Traditional meets contemporary. This beige hued shower ensemble – with a convenient step for easy entering and exiting – and double sink vanity provides both comfort and practicality. The layout is unassuming yet awash with style and elegance. An amalgam of countrified impressions and innovation makes this bathroom design ideal for rustic or modern furnished homes. Functional features like sconce lighting and double sink vanity adds practicality and amenity to complete the look.

Bathroom Tiled Showers Ideas

Oh…those red lips! Industrial chic is the perfect words to describe this ultra modern walk in shower with a subway-ish feel for impact. The double seating and chalk-white mosaic tiles complemented by contrasting shades of gray, are arranged flawlessly to depict the most enticing red lips on this side of shower heaven. Ultramodern glass doors amplifies the space and fits perfectly with the overall progressive allure of this ultra chic shower stall.

Bathroom Tile For Shower

Tumble marble decked out in beige elicits a laid back down-to-earth ambiance to this walk-in shower setup. There’s a spa like refreshing vibe that promises to make showering an otherworldly experience. Additional amenities like the vanity storage and latrine enhances the space making it even more functional. Adjustable shower heads, seating for additional comfort, and recessed lighting heightens the ambient calm of the space.

Bathroom Tile Ideas For Showers

Contemporary shower stalls don’t have to be glossy white to be effective. Dark is also gratifying. This ultra sleek walk-in shower has a manlike appeal with staid brushed tenebrous hued stone and mosaic floor tiles. The ambiance is surprisingly placid. Geometric shapes in basic squares, a monochrome color scheme, and simplistic decorative components makes for a soothing rain shower experience. The stand alone wood sitting piece tops off the look by adding an organic touch.

Bathroom Tile Patterns Shower

Wouldn’t you just love to get soaking wet in this full marbled wet room? The 21st century trend for full bathrooms and showers is heading away from all-out albescent walls and floors in favor of stones with warmer accents and shades like travertine stone like you see here. The molding at the top works and complements the tile configuration brilliantly. Brushed brass fixtures adds a romantic feel and elusive glamour to the design’s restorative charm.

Bathroom Tile Shower Designs
Natural stone displays are not only for a home’s exterior curb appeal. Organic matter like stone is also a stunning backdrop to any washroom blueprint. This shower space impersonates the ultimate in luxury on par with any exclusive hotel or villa. Constructed by means of pressurization and subterranean heat, the natural stone easily creates a supreme showpiece. The rustic appeal of the design along with the additional features like distinctive porthole windows, elongated relaxation bench, and multiple shower heads delivers the consummate showering experience.

Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

This shower stall oozes glamour. Pearl white and slate-grey mosaic tiles are fitted throughout the kaleidoscope in broad contrasting stripes. The clean layout is highlighted from floor to ceiling adorned with molding near the upper surface for flawless symmetry. The vertical tile design visually elongates the shower while the high pressure shower head guarantees an invigorating wash. The innovative design pattern crafted with mosaic pieces adds a unique touch that awards this shower cubicle an allure of its own.

Bathroom Tub Shower Tile Ideas

Black Pattern Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

The sui generis herringbone tile configuration is reminiscent of vintage Paris apartments back in the day. Herringbone is truly romantic and it’s little wonder that it works just as well in a shower as anywhere else in the home. Sleek azure hued oblong shaped subway tiles accentuate the nostalgia and affluence of years gone by. The marble seating area and floor adds seamless grandiose aspects while managing to maintain a low-key ambiance.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Showers

Ceramic Tile For Bathroom Showers

Cool Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Dark Grey Black Bathroom Tile Showers

Grey And White Hexagon Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Grey Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Grey Wood Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Light Grey Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Luxury Bathroom Shower Tiles

Luxury Grey Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Master Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

An unbeatable shower tub combo that merges classic black and white. The coupling effectuates a sensational menage that exudes class and style. Honeycomb fashioned ebony hued tiles are highlighted with glimmering sterling borders. The intact scheme emits a contemporary aesthetic ambiance executed through a warm subtle use of dark shades burnished by elucidating white wall and tub. A rain shower adds to the overall calm bathing experience. 

Modern Black Shower Tile Ideas

Navy Blue Tile Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Painting Shower Tiles Bathroom

Pebble Tile Bathroom Shower Walls

Popular Bathroom Tile Shower Designs

Porcelain Tile For Bathroom Shower

Shower Bathroom Tile

Shower Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Shower Tile Ideas Small Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Small Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Subway Grey Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Tile Bathroom Shower Ideas

Tile Bathroom Shower Wall

So bright, so pretty, so enticing! This gable roofed floor-level shower is the epitome of modern architecture. The unconstrained layout is easily accessible and merges effortlessly with the floor space. There’s an infinite amount of inspiration built into every square foot. The inspired Azul Crystallino flower patterned black and white floor tiles, brisk natural light, and floating vanity, this cheerful space is a burst of energy for any home decor.

Tiled Bathrooms And Showers

When you have a bathroom with an enormous window where no one can see you and there’s a view, you want to soak uninterrupted for hours. This bathroom is really cool and hip (see some more cool bathrooms here). It’s like a favorite hangout spot minus the regulars.  The charcoal grey stand alone tub adjacent to the glass partitioned shower is the ideal setting for relaxation. The octagon shaped shower stall aggrandized with a visually pleasing accent wall is stunning. A pewter pendant lamp completes the look.

Tiled Bathroom Showers

Tiled Bathrooms Ideas Showers

This urbanized wash area is quite impressive. It has all the hallmarks of a contemporary work of art amalgamated with the practicalities needed to experience a refreshing shower. The Bardiglio inspired marble is an acquired taste and has a variety of subtleties like the varying greyish tones, tinctures, and undefined lines. A rain shower fixture and floating vanity highlights the room’s cosmopolitan undertones.

Tiled Shower Ideas For Bathrooms

Tile For Bathroom Shower

This large shower and tub area has an elusive vibe. It’s subtle beauty is intermingled with a stoic type appeal, but it’s all good. The design is beautiful, practical, and spacious, yet uncompromising. Calacatta Michelangelo marble and chandelier  breathes luxury while the porcelain white stand alone tub exudes a soothing energy. The actual wash area is designed for sitting or standing while the body embraces the affects of an energy inducing shower.

Tile For Bathroom Showers

Tile For Bathroom Shower Walls

Tiles For Bathroom Shower

A private elegant space designed for alone time to freshen up and prepare for the day or a restful night. The eye-catching element is the shower floor’s distinctive two-dimensional geometric design complemented by a high powered adjustable shower head for an invigorating wash. Beautifully designed marble inspired by Nero Marquina pearl grey motifs are visually fascinating.

Tiles For Bathroom Showers

Tile Shower Bathroom Ideas

Tiling Bathroom Shower

Tiny Hexagon Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Unique Bathroom Shower Tile

Unique Bathroom Tile Shower

White Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

White Marble Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

White Tile Bathroom Showers

Wood Look Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile FAQs                                                                                                         

What type of tile is best for a shower?

Ceramic tiles are the best tiles for your shower hands-down for a number of reasons. Their versatility and aesthetic appeal provides a host of styles and patterns to complement the tepidness and consequent value of your home. 

Not only that, ceramic tile include non-slip properties beneficial for both wet and dry environs. It is also said that using ceramic mosaic tiles for shower floors enables more traction due to their size and greater number of grout lines. Quarry and porcelain tiles, which are also part of the ceramic tile menage, are equally ideal for damp and moist areas. 

Additionally, ceramic tile flooring is watertight and shields against moisture that can devastate the framework underneath. Another beneficial characteristic that makes ceramic tiles the best flooring for your shower are their resistance to mold and bacteria buildup in wet areas. 

Other advantages of ceramic include:

  • Zero Allergens – Ceramic tiles are resistant to dust mites, fungi, and various sources of irritation.
  • Zero Formaldehyde – Ceramic tiles contain no formaldehyde which has been linked to respiratory illnesses.
  • Zero Destructive Organic Alloys – Ceramic tiles are void of dangerous gases referred to as VOCs known to cause nausea and other irritations.
  • Zero Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – Vinyl, laminate flooring, and some wood contains PVC. 
  • Zero Plastic – Ceramic tiles contain no plastic; thereby, incorporating eco-friendly properties. 

When it comes to constructing your shower, you want style, beauty, and practicality. With ceramic tiles you get not only that but an endless choice of hues, contours, and motifs that will make your shower stall a splash!

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